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ARM B-Day Workout!

Gold's Gym 419 Roanoke,VA

Had one of my best arm routines in a while. my new supplement cocktail is definitely kicking in nicely as my strength is going up.

Standing db curl superset vbar press down 4x12-15
Preacher curl machine superset skull crushers - 3x12-15
Standing bicep normal grip with a drop set each set to  close grip superset with close grip bb bench 3x12
Freemotion cable curl superset dips 2 sets failure

Here is a picture taken after our workout me and my boy Eli Widner.


food log tuesday november 23

i was on the road for 9hrs yesterday coming to VA so that's why the schedule was off a bit. also i decided to take the day off from the gym and just get caught up on sleep which was the best idea because i felt great today and had a ridiculous arm workout with my one of my boys i grew up with Eli Widner.

  1. 6am 1/2 cup oats w/ one scoop whey, 1 scoop whey shake
  2. 8:45am 2 grilled turkey burger,1 cup sweet potato,1 cup broccoli
  3. 11:30am 3 skinless boneless chicken thighs,1 cup sweet potato
  4. 3pm 6oz chicken 1/2 grapefruit
  5. 9pm 2 baked turkey patties, 8 asparagus spears