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Turkey Day Full Body PUMP



Soul Artist Management

It's official. I am no longer with Major Model Management. My agent Jason Kanner has started his own agency. Here is the link for the full story.




Today was a very very good Back/shoulder/Bi workout at Gold's Gym with my boy Eli Widner. Here it is...

  1. wide grip pulldown superset standing lateral db raises - 4x10-12
  2. bent over overhand bb rows superset reverse pec dec - 4x8-15
  3. db standing both arms db row superset hammer strength one arm row  - 3x10-12
  4. standing straight bar pulldown superset seated row - 3x12
  5. hammer strength pulldowns superset preacher curl machine 3x12

we both got ridiculous pumps...gotta love it! here is a picture from yesterday of my family. my mom,dad,megan (sister),dylan (nephew)



food log thursday november 25 Thanksgiving!

1. 9am 50g whey 1/2 grapefruit
2. 1:30pm turkey day meal I had one serving of everything including desert :)
3. 5:30 50g whey
4. 7:30 1 turkey oven baked Pattie 8 spears asparagus
5. 2am one serving of turkey day including desert

here is a picture from last night downtown Roanoke. Anthony,Fred,Holly,Josh