Tyler McPeak

-Workout- ARMS/ABS

Thursday, November 18, 2010
so my new supplement cocktail came in the mail today from bodybuilding.com store and i LOVE IT! today was a carb up day for me also so that always helps get me pumped too. carb sources were sweet potato,oatmeal,1 apple. here’s the routine

- preacher curls superset cable kickbacks 4×12
 - seated partial bb curls superset straight cable pressdown 3×12-15
 -standing close-grip bb curl superset skullcrushers 3×12
 - one arm standing preacher curl superset dips 3×12 and failure for dips
 - rope crunches 4×12
 - oblique side cable crunches 2×12

no cardio today. i’ll be filming a at home ab routine and then filming my chest routine saturday!


food log wednesday november 17

1. 8:30am 1/2 cup oats w/ one scoop whey,one scoop whey shake
2. 11am 2 grilled turkey patties,1/2 grapefruit
3. 1:40 2 tilapia fillets,1/2 cup oats w/one scoop whey
4. 3:15 50g whey shake,1 banana
5. 5:15pm 2 grilled turkey patties,1/2 avocado on top
6. 8:30pm 6oz chicken breast,8 asparagus spears

Top 20 Belly-Busting Fast-Food Meals

bf31511475607f5ccb1c235c451d5766 Top 20 Belly Busting Fast Food Meals

i remember the first couple years of when i first started working out on a consistent basis and was just trying to gain weight fast food was my nutrition plan lol. everyday right before training i would go to mcdonalds because it was right beside the gym (lancerlot,vinton va) and have 2 double cheese burgers at the time they were 1$ a piece and i had no clue about nutrition so to me it was a win win situation. this morning i came across this article and wanted to share with everyone. needless to say i DO NOT eat fast food daily anymore but i do like an occasional big mac every once in a while. so here is the top 20. just be aware next time you want fast food what exactly your putting into your body...it's JUNK!

20. Big Mac - McDonald's
Calories: 540
Saturated fat (g): 10
Cholesterol (mg): 75
Sodium (mg): 1040
Sugar (g): 9

19. P’Zone Pizza-Cheese - Pizza Hut
Calories: 630
Saturated fat (g): 11
Cholesterol (mg): 65
Sodium (mg): 1480
Sugar (g): 3

18. KFC Famous Bowl - KFC
Calories: 700
Saturated fat (g): 8
Cholesterol (mg): 55
Sodium (mg): 2260
Sugar (g): 3

17. Supreme Croissant - Jack in the Box
Calories: 540
Saturated fat (g): 13
Cholesterol (mg): 88
Sodium (mg): 1062
Sugar (g): 6

16. Big Philly Cheesesteak 6" - Subway
Calories: 520
Saturated fat (g): 9
Cholesterol (mg): 90
Sodium (mg): 1570
Sugar (g): 7

15. Grilled Stuft Beef Burrito - Taco Bell
Calories: 700
Saturated fat (g): 10
Cholesterol (mg): 60
Sodium (mg): 2100
Sugar (g): 6

14. Quarter Pounder with Cheese - McDonald’s
Calories: 510
Saturated fat (g): 12
Cholesterol (mg): 90
Sodium (mg): 1190
Sugar (g): 9

13. Breast-Leg-Biscuit - KFC
Calories: 620
Saturated fat (g): 11
Cholesterol (mg): 160
Sodium (mg): 1580
Sugar (g): 2

12. Burrito (Steak, Cheese, Rice, Black Beans) - Chipotle
Calories: 830
Saturated fat (g): 10.5
Cholesterol (mg): 95
Sodium (mg): 1570
Sugar (g): 1

11. Whopper - Burger King
Calories: 670
Saturated fat (g): 11
Cholesterol (mg): 75
Sodium (mg): 1020
Sugar (g): 11

10. Jumbo Jack with Cheese - Jack in the Box
Calories: 620
Saturated fat (g): 15
Cholesterol (mg): 65
Sodium (mg): 1250
Sugar (g): 10

9. Sack of 4 Cheeseburgers - White Castle
Calories: 680
Saturated fat (g): 16
Cholesterol (mg): 60
Sodium (mg): 1320
Sugar (g): 8

8. Chipotle Steak Taco Salad - Taco Bell

7. Breast-Leg-Biscuit - Popeye’s
Calories: 640
Saturated fat (g): 15.5
Cholesterol (mg): 271
Sodium (mg): 1940
Sugar (g): 2

6. Large Beef n’ Cheddar - Arby’s
Calories: 650
Saturated fat (g): 11
Cholesterol (mg): 105
Sodium (mg): 2200
Sugar (g): 10

5. Double Double with Onion - In & Out Burger
Calories: 670
Saturated fat (g): 18
Cholesterol (mg): 120
Sodium (mg): 1440
Sugar (g): 10

4. Bread Bowl Pasta - Domino’s
Calories: 670
Saturated fat (g): 22
Cholesterol (mg): 115
Sodium (mg): 1780
Sugar (g): N/A

3. BK Quad Stacker - Burger King
Calories: 930
Saturated fat (g): 28
Cholesterol (mg): 190
Sodium (mg): 1740
Sugar (g): 8

2. SuperSonic Cheeseburger - Sonic
Calories: 980
Saturated fat (g): 24
Cholesterol (mg): 165
Sodium (mg): 1430
Sugar (g): 13

1. Baconator Triple - Wendy's
Calories: 1330
Saturated fat (g): 38
Cholesterol (mg): 345
Sodium (mg): 3150
Sugar (g): 11


-Workout- shoulders/forearms/abs/jumprope

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

  • rope front raises superset bent over db laterals 4×12
  • standing db laterals 3×12
  • standing overhead cable laterals (for rear delt) superset upright rows 3×12
  • standing closegrip bb shrugs
  • db shrugs 3x 20,15,10 superset standing bar ab crunch 3×12
  • reverse wrist curls superset underhand wrist curls 3×20-30
  • jumprope 10 minutes

i’ll be going to the gym here in a bit to do some more cardio. light jog for 20 minutes and some additional ab work also filming a at home ab routine tonite for my youtube channel!


food log tuesday november 16

  1. 5:15am 1/2 cup oats w/ one scoop whey, one scoop whey shake
  2. 8:30 am 4 skinless boneless chicken thighs,1/2 grapefruit
  3. 11:30am 2 grilled turkey patties,1/2 sweet potato
  4. 2:30pm 50g whey shake
  5. 5:30pm 2 grilled turkey patties,1/2 sweet potato
  6. 7:30pm 50g whey shake,1/2 grapefruit
  7. 10pm 2 tilapia fillets 1 cup broccoli

Basic grilled or baked chicken salad

photo Basic grilled or baked chicken salad

Preheat oven 375
Cut excess fat off chicken thigh or breast
Add any no sodium spices (mrs dash)
Cook for 25 min
If grilling same prep but grill each side for 8 min after 16 min it might need 3-5 more min depending on the thickness of the chicken
Meanwhile get your salad and veggies ready
I like to dice and tomato,onion,artichokes
2 tbsp extra virgin olive oil
2 tbsp red wine vinegar
1 tbsp Dijon mustard
Dash garlic powder,basil,pepper
Once chicken is ready chop it up add to salad and enjoy!

food log monday november 15

1. 5:15am 1/2 cup oats w/ one scoop whey, one scoop whey shake
2. 9am 2 oven-baked turkey patties, 1/2 grapefruit
3. 11am 6egg whites one yolk devils egg salad,1/2 cup oats w/ one scoop whey
4. 2:30pm 6oz chicken breast, salad w/ half tomato, 1/4 onion chopped, dressing
5. 4:40pm 1/2 cup oats w/ one scoop whey
6. 6:30pm 50g whey shake 1/2 grapefruit
7. 9pm 3 skinless boneless chicken thighs,6 asparagus spears,1/2 cup broccoli

-Workout- Chest/side delt/tri/ab/jump rope

Monday, November 15, 2010

another good one tonight!

Hammer press flat machine 4×10 one drop set
Flat db press 3×10 one drop set
Incline db fly 3×12
Pullovers superset pec dec 3×12
Standing lateral raise superset close grip cable pushdowns
Set one 30 reps set 2 20 reps set 3 & 4 15 reps
One arm oblique cable crunch superset captain chair weighted leg raises 3×12
Hyperext bench side crunches superset weight bench crunches 3×12
Jump rope 15min


Health Benefits of Grapefruit

grapefruit Health Benefits of Grapefruit

Grapefruit is very helpful in removing or dissolving inorganic calcium which may have formed in the cartilage of the joints, as in arthritis, as a result of an excessive consumption of devitalized white flour products. Fresh grapefruit contains organic salicylic acid, which aids in dissolving such inorganic calcium in the body. Grapefruit can help in weight loss, since it is low in sodium, high in fat burning enzymes. Low sodium intake can help flush out excess water that is caused by high sodium food. Grapefruit has high water content, and an increased water consumption can help increase metabolism. Rich source of Vitamin C, rich in lycopene (the red color/pigment), it helps to prevent the occurance of tumor and cancer.
It is a liver tonic
Helps in cases of Gallstones
Helps in cases of Cold, Pneumonia, Fever
It is a powerful drug-poison eliminator
Helps in proper digestion of food
Can help improve complexion
Grapefruit is a natural antiseptic for wounds when used externally.
Nutritive Values : Per 100 gm.
Vitamin A : Trace
Vitamin B : Thiamine .04 mg.;
Riboflavin : .02 mg.;
Niacin : .2 mg.
Vitamin c ; 40 mg.
Calcium : 22 mg.
Iron : .2 mg.
incorporate 1 grapefruit a day split in to doing 1/2 in the morning and the other half in the afternoon and nourish the health benefits!

food log sunday november 15

current food log sunday november 15
1. 9am,1/2 cup oatmeal w/ one scoop whey, 1 scoop whey shake
2. 11:15 50g whey shake,1/2 grapefruit
3. 2pm 3oz chicken 1/2 sweet potato
4. 3:30pm 50g shake ,1 banana
5. 5:30pm footlong whole wheat turkey sub
6. 8:15pm 2 turkey patties,1 cup broccoli
7. 9:15pm 1.5 turkey patties

the reason for meal number 5 was that i had been out running errands and had very low calories all day and at that point i started to fade out. everytime i get this hungry i always get heat flashes and just feel horrible. i had to pop into publix for a couple things before heading home and i was just going to get some sushi first but the selection wasn’t good. so a footlong on whole wheat sub it was. boars head turkey,tomato,lettus,onion,jalepinos,spicy mustard..delish! here is a picture of my current progress taken on saturday. i'm weighing 200lb on a empty stomach in the am. i'm going to make a few more adjustments this week to keep the progress coming along. i'm close to where i want to be and maintain.