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NYC Day 1 Thursday December 2

  1. 4:30am (nashville time) 54g whey shake
  2. 8:15am (east coast time) 8oz chicken, 6 asparagus spears
  3. 12 pm 8oz chicken breast, 6 asparagus
  4. 12:45pm workout - 15 minutes HIIT stair climber 2 mile run 14 minutes
  5. 2pm 54g whey shake
  6. 3:30 hair trim
  7. 3:40 1 banana
  8. 4:30 shoot with rick day
  9. 6:50 directly after shoot 1 banana 54g whey shake
  10. 9pm 8oz chicken 6 asparagus

so far my trip is going great! tomorrow i shoot with greg vaughan at 2pm. I'm going to do some cardio in the morning then after my shoot hit some shoulders and abs. here is a picture i took inside the plane when i landed in ny.