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A fly on the Wall NYC Trip 1


NYC Day 3 food log & schedule

1. 5:45am 1/2 cup oats 1 scoop whey

2. 8:15am 54g whey 1 banana

3. 9:15am shoulders/abs equinox greenich ave

4. 11am 1.5 mile run
5. 11:45 25g whey shake 1 banana

6. 12pm 8oz chicken breast

7. Shoot 1pm-3:30pm

8. 4:20pm 2 slices of pizza half of chocolate chip brownie

9.6pm  DRINKS!

10.9pm Houstons - 2 sushi rolls,half rack ribs,fries,cole slaw,1 crab cake,1 apple cobler desert. :)

I'm a Kenny Powers fan so this was a picture I took today when waiting for the subway. The second picture is where my shoot was today.  The Standard Hotel. Last picture was the view from the Standard.  Overall an amazing and very productive trip to NYC!