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INTENSE! is the only word that can describe tonights workout.  I wish I would have filmed this one but I left my camera at home.  The next few weeks I've decided to train a little heavier as well as changing up my cardio.  I'm doing less exercises but making those exercises as intense as possible.  A word of advice when training this way, and I told my training partner Ron this tonight when he was preparing for a set of leg press, is "Fight through the pain, your mind is going to want to give up before you body does. You just gotta fight through that shit and feel the pain!" Here is the workout:

  1. Squats - 2 warm up sets - 3 working sets with 2 drops on the last set.
  2. Leg ext - 3x10-12 one drop set
  3. Leg press - started with 4 plates each side for 12, second set was 5 plates each side for 12 and then last set was 6 plates each side. repped out 15 then dropped 2 plates on each side for 10 then dropped 2 more plates each side and did 10 more.
  4. Walking lunges - 1x20 steps each way total of 40 steps
  5. cable one leg glute kickbacks - 3x15 superset standing calve raise 4x12
  6. rope crunches

As far as my cardio switch up goes. I started this when arriving in NYC on thursday.  My goal then was just to get a really good sweat and to dry myself out for my shoot. It ended up producing results that I love.  So i figure I'm going to try cardio this way for a couple of weeks.  What I do is pick 3 machines either treadmill, elliptical, or stair climber.   I'll pick a different one each time to start off with so just keep the order of which you start and end with different each time.  Tonight I ran on the treadmill 2 miles in 15 minutes then did 5 minutes on the stair climber started on level 5.0 and then ended with 8.0 for 2 minutes. then finished off with level 10 on the elliptical for 10 minutes of a faster pace.  Also I've been practicing the heavy bag and this is excellent cardio.  I'll be posting a boxing cardio workout video  next week!

Here is a couple digitals from yesterday after having about 4 cheat meals.

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Chest/Bi December 5 2010

After landing in Nashville around 9:30am yesterday I rested for a couple hours. Had another cheat meal and then headed to the gym for Chest and Biceps. Here is the workout

  • Incline DB Press - 3x8-12 one drop set on the last set
  • Flat BB Press - 3x12
  • Pec Dec superset with pushups 3x12 and failure on pushups
  • One Arm DB Preacher curls standing - 3x8-12
  • Cable over head Bicep curls  - 3x15-failure on last set with drop

This is another picture of the view from The Standard.  The buildings in the very back is Tribeca (bottom of Manhattan)

The video for this workout will be up later today!

NYC DEC 2010

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