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-Workout- Back/Shoulder/Bi/Tri/Cardio

Ron and I killed it again!  Let me let you guys know a little about Ron.  He comes from more of a power lifting back round.  He always focused on the weight and not about the mental awareness of squeezing the muscles.  So he's my protege and I look forward to getting him shredded.  He's well on his way.  Started at about 220lb and is now at 214lb.  I've got him on a nutrition plan as well.  Here's the workout.

  1. Seated Row Machine superset Wide-grip pulldowns - one warm up set, 3x10-12 one dropset on pulldowns
  2. Deadlifts superset Standing straight bar pulldowns - 3x10-12
  3. Seated Row superset overhand bb row - 2x12
  4. TRISET - reverse grip pulldowns,behind the neck pulldowns,hyper ext weighted - 3x12
  5. standing db laterals superset one arm standing db press - 2x12
  6. bb shrugs superset rope front raises - 3x12
  7. spider curls superset one arm cable pressdowns - 2x15-20
  8. concentration curls superset db kickback - 2x15
  9. Stairclimber 10 minutes 7.0 1 minute 8.0
  10. elliptical 1 minute level 18 as fast as i could

After my workout I came home and made a  flat bread pizza and crushed the whole thing :)

Paul Reitz December 4 NYC

Here is my latest shot from Paul Reitz!   More to come very soon!  Filming my Leg workout tomorrow! Happy Friday!

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Food Log Thursday December 16

  1. 5:15am 1/2 cup oatmeal w/ 1 scoop whey, 27g whey shake
  2. 9am 8oz chicken breast,3oz sweet potato
  3. 11:30am 35g whey shake
  4. 1pm 8oz chicken breast,1tbsp acv
  5. 3pm 6oz deli turkey meat,5oz sweet potato,1 peanutbutterball
  6. 4pm 1/2 cup oats w/one scoop whey
  7. 4:30pm workout
  8. 7pm 54g whey shake
  9. 9:15pm 8oz chicken breast,steamed zucchini,squash,mushroom,2 tbsp acv,1 tbsp extra virgin olive oil
  10. 10:40pm 11 egg whites, steamed veggies

Here is a picture of number 9. I'm going to start taking pictures so everyone can have a visual of my portions.