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Nutrition Advice From a Natural Professional Bodybuilder

If you have been following my blog for a while now you will often see me speak about my good friend and old training partner Matt Liller.  He is a Scivation sponsored athlete and a Musclemania Natural Pro.  As you can see by these images he obviously knows what he's doing.  The last time we had spoken was over Christmas break in

Universe Weekend 2010 - Earned Pro Card

Roanoke,VA when we got a couple of workouts in.  After training with him and my other good friends Ben Bowles and Chris Edmonds, which are also bodybuilders, I was easily influenced to start training as a bodybuilder again.  For the past couple of days Matt and I have been shooting emails back in forth to get my diet down to a T.  Since I'm preparing for what I feel is the most important shoots of my life (at the Arnold Classic weekend) I want to be in the best condition I've ever been in.  With his guidance I am fully confident that I will be absolutely shredded.  I've never been this meticulous about everything and I'm looking forward to seeing the end result!

Golds Gym Roanoke,VA Dec 27 2010

He is the definition of dedication and discipline.  When I told him that I've been having several cheat meals every weekend his response was that he went for 16 weeks without a cheat.  This is pure motivation and inspiration for me.  Matt will also be at the Arnold working the Scivation booth.  We will also be filming a workout video.  To learn more about Matt make sure to check out his youtube channel and his most recent interview with Simply Shredded


Stair Climber/Treadmill

Today I decided to give my body a much needed break from the weights and just do some cardio.  I did 30 minutes on the stair climber.  I did a few high intensity intervals but it was mostly low intensity.  After that I walked on a treadmill on speed 3.5 and incline set on 15.0 for 20 minutes.   Tomorrow is Leg day then I'm filming my shoulder workout on Saturday.  2 full days of rest for my upper body and I'll be hungry to get in there and get an intense shoulder workout video.  Here is another picture from my most recent Greg Vaughan shoot in NYC.

Greg Vaughan NYC December 4 2010



  1. 9am 1/2 cup oats one scoop whey, 1 banana,one scoop whey shake
  2. 10:30am dog walk 40 min
  3. 11:15am 9oz chicken 2 tbsp acv, 3.5 oz sweet potato
  4. 2pm 10 egg whites 4oz chicken omelet, 3.5 oz sweet potato
  5. 3:45pm 54g whey shake, 1/4 cup oats
  6. 4:30pm workout
  7. 6pm 54g whey
  8. 8:30pm 9oz chicken 1tbsp hummus, 8 asparagus spears
  9. 10:50pm 12 egg white , 27g whey,1/4 cup sliced almonds

Number 3

Number 4