Tyler McPeak

Shoulders Part 1

4 weeks out from my upcoming shoots with Brittany Walker (brittanywalkers.com) at the Arnold Classic weekend. I train shoulders and explain FST-7 technique. Make sure to watch part 2 of this workout which is my boxing routine as well as the outro to the videos.


Boxing Part 2

Heavy bag - Part 2 of my workout today 2/5/2011. 4 weeks out from my shoots with Brittany Walker (brittanywalkers.com) at Arnold Classic Weekend!


Shoulders/Heavy Bag

  1. Seated DB Press - 4x8-12
  2. Standing DB Lateral Raise - 4x12
  3. Plate front raises - 4x12
  4. Upright Row - 3x12
  5. FST-7 Machine Laterals - 7x8-12
  6. Reverse Standing Cable Flys - 3x12
  7. BB Shrugs - 3x12
  8. Heavy Bag 10 minutes

Here is a picture I took today shortly after my workout.  I'm weighing 205lb in the morning on a empty stomach.  I've got 4 weeks until I shoot and a little more to lose which will be the diets work.  I'm so excited that I'm taking my body to a new level where it's never been.  Like I said in my previous post I've never been this meticulous on a diet and I know it's going to pay off.

Febuary 5 2011 205lb



  1. 8am - 1/2 cup grits,54 g whey shake
  2. 10:30am - 8oz Chicken, 1tbsp Natural Peanut butter
  3. 12:30pm - 8oz Chicken, 1/2 Avocado
  4. 2:30pm - (Pre Workout) 8oz Chicken,1 cup brown rice
  5. 3pm workout
  6. 5pm - (Post Workout) 54g whey,1/4 cup grits
  7. 7pm - 8oz Chicken, 2 tbsp natural peanut butter
  8. 12 eggwhites,1/2 avocado

This was the first day of my preparation for my upcoming shoots with Brittany Walker at the Arnold Classic. Exactly 4 weeks to go!  I ended up having a little too much protein and a few extra grams of fat.  So I'm adjusting a few numbers around for today.  New progress pictures will be up today!