Tyler McPeak


  1. T-Bar Corner Rows - 2 warm up sets to 15 then 4 working sets 8-12 reps and 2 drop sets on the last set
  2. Reverse Grip Pulldowns - 4x8-12
  3. Wide grip row machine - 3x12
  4. deadlifts - 4x8-12 (225 for 12, 315 for 10, 405 for 8 and last set 405 for 8)
  5. overhand grip barbell rows - 3x12
  6. wide grip pulldowns - 3x10-12 with 2 drops on the last set
  7. I had my shake and oats and trained a client for an hour
  8. Stair climber 30 minutes

A Day in the LIFE of Tyler

4 weeks out from my shoots I show how I prepare 2 of my meals, a clip from online training consultation, and a little bit of Nashville.



  1. 7:30am 1/2 cup grits, 54 whey
  2. 10am 1/2 avocado, 12 egg whites
  3. 12:15pm 1/4 cup grits, 8oz chicken
  4. 3:30pm 54g whey 2 tsp peanut butter
  5. 5:30pm 8oz chicken, 5oz white potato, 8 almonds
  6. 7:45pm 12 egg whites 1/2 avocado

I'm still trying to get my numbers correctly.  I think in the next couple of days I'll have it dead on.  My body is changing every day thought.  Every morning I check my condition on an empty stomach and my midsection and lower back which have always been my problem areas are finally losing that unnecessary fat.  Make sure to check out my new workout videos from this weekend along with my latest interview here.  Today I'll be uploading my first Day in the Life video where I prepare a couple of meals and show a little clip of Nashville.