Tyler McPeak


  1. WORKOUT13 300x12022 Back/Tricep/ForearmT-Bar Corner Rows - 2 warm up sets 15 reps, 3x8-12 2 drop sets on last set
  2. Wide Grip Pulldowns - 4x10-12 one drop set on last set
  3. Reverse Grip Cambered Bar Rows superset seated row - 3x10-12 one drop set on last set of cambered bar rows
  4. Deadlifts superset standing rope pulldowns - 3x8-12 finished off with last set of dead lifts 405lb for 8
  5. Reverse Grip Pulldowns superset Seated Row Machine - 2x12
  6. Straight Bar Pressdowns superset Reverse Grip Barbell Curls - 4x10-12
  7. Rope Standing Ext - 2x15

I did cardio this morning on an empty stomach. 30 minute dog walk.


*Pre-Shoot* 2/22/2011

  1. FOODLOG56 300x12020 *Pre Shoot* 2/22/20119:45am Dog Walk
  2. 10:20am 54g whey,1/2 cup oats
  3. 12:30pm 10oz chicken, 6oz sweet potato
  4. 3:30pm 12 egg whites 1 yolk, 1/2 cup oatmeal
  5. 4:30pm Apple
  6. 5pm Workout
  7. 6:40pm 54g whey, 1/2 cup oats
  8. 8pm 10oz chicken, 8 asparagus spears
  9. 10pm 10egg whites 2 yolks, 4 asparagus spears

Chest/Side Delt/Bicep/AB/Calve

  1. WORKOUT13 300x12021 Chest/Side Delt/Bicep/AB/CalveIncline Hammer Strength Press - 2 warm up sets 3 working sets 2 drop sets on the last set. 3x5-12
  2. Incline Barbell Press - 3x10-12 2 drop sets on last set
  3. Cable Flys - 3x15-20
  4. Flat Smith Machine Press - 3x6-12 1 drop set on last set
  5. FST Technique Flat DB Flys - 5x12
  6. Standing DB Lateral Side Raises - 4x10-12 2 drop sets on last set
  7. Seated Hammer Strength preacher curl - 3x12 2 drop sets on last set superset rope crunches
  8. Standing Concentration Curls superset rope crunches 2x12
  9. Standing Calve Raise - 5x12-15 superset bodyweight standing raise
  10. sit ups on decline bench - 2x15

Very high volume and very intense workout.  Had an awesome pump throughout the whole routine.. I didn't want to stop icon smile Chest/Side Delt/Bicep/AB/Calve   I decided to take my afternoon cardio off.  The only cardio I did for today was a 30 minute walk with the dogs this morning when I woke up.  Another day down....another day closer to my shoots!


*Pre-Shoot* 2/22/2011

  1. FOODLOG56 300x12019 *Pre Shoot* 2/22/201110:30am Dog Walk & Jump Rope 10minutes
  2. 11:20am 1/2 cup oats, 54g whey,6 asparagus spears
  3. 1:30pm 1/2 cup brown rice, 10oz chicken
  4. 3:30pm 1/2 cup brown rice, 12 egg whites one yolk
  5. 4:30pm Workout
  6. 6pm 54g whey, 6oz sweet potato
  7. 8pm 10oz chicken, 6 asparagus spears
  8. 10pm 12 egg whites 2 yolks

Superset Your Way to Fat Loss

SUPERSETTING Superset Your Way to Fat LossSupersets are two exercises performed back to back without stopping. It takes a while to build up the endurance necessary to do a lot of supersets, but this kind of conditioning develops in time if you keep working on it.  There are two ways you can perform supersets.  You can do the same muscle group such as incline barbell press with flat db fly (Chest) or you can do 2 different muscle groups such as a standing bicep curl with a tricep pushdown (Bicep and Triceps).   I suggest when doing supersets that you pick the more demanding exercise to perform first and the less demanding second.  In a study from Syracuse University, researchers looked at two types of strength training to see which style burned more calories.  The researchers compared superset training to traditional strength workouts.  Study participants completed two strength-training workouts, separated by at least seven days.  Their workout consisted of 4 sets of six exercises, and they performed 10 reps of each exercise.  During one week they trained using supersets.  One week later they did traditional resistance training.  Subjects in the above study who used supersets had a faster workout as+- the superset sessions took less time to complete, but more importantly, researchers found that markers of energy metabolism such as excess post exercise oxygen consumption (EPOC; A MEASURE OF RESTING ENERGY EXPENDITURE AFTER EXERCISE) were higher, blood lactate measures were higher, and total energy expenditure for the workout was highter.  This means supersets lead to a super metabolic rate for burning fat! Also I find that doing supersets pumps more blood into the muscle at a faster rate which means a quicker and fuller pump.   More blood to the muscle equals more nutrients to the muscle which leads to new growth and progression. So next time you hit the gym make sure to give supersetting a try and  enjoy the benefits!

References: Muscular Development Volume 3 Number 48 March 2011
Arnold Encyclopedia



  1. WORKOUT13 300x12020 Legs/CardioLeg Ext warm ups 4x15 very light
  2. Leg Press superset Hack Squats - 4x12 2 dropsets on the last set of leg press
  3. Squats superset stationary reverse db lunges - 4x10-12
  4. Leg Ext FST-7 - 7x12
  5. Seated Calve Raise - 4x12
  6. Step Mill - 30minutes

11 Days To Go…

With just 11 days to go till Brittany Walker and I shoot at the Arnold Classic weekend there is no more days off.   A few things will change with my nutrition that you will be able to see on my daily logs starting today.  I will be cutting out red meat, boca burgers, ground turkey, and sauces.  I incorporate asparagus with a couple of meals every day to help flush out any water and keep my water levels low.  As for carbs they will still be relatively high compared to when I previously got ready for my shoots in NYC (first weekend of December 2010).  I will start using the sauna after my workouts to help thin the skin.  This is always my favorite time when getting ready for a shoot because my focus level is at an all time high.  I look forward to seeing everyone at the Arnold!  If you're there make sure to say hello!  I will be filming new videos over the next 11 days so make sure to check those out as well!  Here is a picture from my Costco trip this past weekend.  The only other thing I got was a box of 7 1/2 dozen eggs.photo47 300x225 11 Days To Go…



WORKOUT13 300x12019 ARMS/CardioMy Sunday started off with a great run on the treadmill on an empty stomach for 25 total minutes.  I did several sprint intervals and one mile for speed which I did in 6 minutes to end the workout off.  A couple hours later was my first arm workout at the new gym and my training partner Ron joined.  We blasted arms for about an hour and did my favorite cardio machine afterwards which is the stepmill.

  1. 21's with the straight bar superset seated cable machine overhead ext - 4x21 on curls and 4x12-15
  2. preacher curl machine superset rope cable press downs - 3x8-12 2 drop sets on last set
  3. incline db curls (very low incline almost laying down flat) tri set seated barbell partial curls & dips  - everything 3x8-12
  4. preacher curl machine (a different one at a different angle) fst style - 4x10-12
  5. decline straightbar skull crushers superset standing db hammer curls - 3x12
  6. stepmill HIIT 20 MINUTES


  1. WORKOUT13 300x12018 Shoulders/RUNSeated DB Overhead Press - 3x5-12 3 dropsets 12 reps on each drop
  2. Standing one arm db lateral raise - 3x10-12
  3. Plate front raises - 3x12
  4. chest on incline bench reverse lateral db raises - 4x12 2 drop sets on last set
  5. hexagon bar shrugs - 4x12
  6. treadmill run - 3 miles in 23 minutes 2 minute cool down
  7. biked to and from gym total 3 miles


  1. FOODLOG56 300x12018 2/17/20119:30am - Dog Walk Cardio - 30 minutes
  2. 10:15am - 54g whey, 1 banana
  3. 11:20am - 9oz beef, 1/2 cup brown rice
  4. 1:20pm - 10oz chicken,1 tbsp almond butter
  5. 3:15pm 2 boca burgers, 1/2 cup brown rice
  6. 4pm workout
  7. 5:30pm 54g whey, 1 banana
  8. 7:30pm - 6oz chicken,1 boca burger, 1.5 cup broccoli
  9. 10pm - 10oz chicken, 8 asparagus spears