Tyler McPeak

AM – Chest/Calves, PM – Shoulders/Triceps

Today I started a new 2 a day weight training split.  I've been wanting to try a split like this for a while.  Everything is trained twice a week.  My first workout was around 10:45am and my second workout was at 4:30pm.

Chest/Calves AM:

  1. Slight incline Smith Machine Press - 5 total sets (12,8,15,6,12)
  2. Incline DB Press - 4 total sets (12,8,15,8)
  3. Flat DB Fly - 4x12
  4. Seated Calve Raise - 4x12

Shoulders/Tri/Abs PM:

  1. Seated DB Lateral Raises 5 total sets (15,10,8,20,12)
  2. Smith Machine Overhead Press 4 total sets (12,8,15,8,15)
  3. Behind the back cable lateral raise - 3x10-12
  4. DB Front Raise - 3x12
  5. Behind the back smith machine shrugs - 3x12
  6. Seated Overhead Cambered bar EXT - 4x10-12
  7. V-Bar Pushdowns - 3x12 superset Rope crunches 3x12
  8. One Arm Overhead DB Ext superset sit ups on decline bench 3x12 and failure on situps
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Muscle Confusion

This involves doing a different rep range for every set of an exercise but it's not pyramiding up or down in a steady manner.  Instead, go back and forth between heavy and more moderate weight from set to set, which really stimulates the muscle in a way it's totally unaccustomed to.  If you think it sounds silly, go ahead and try it and you'll change you mind! - Sibil Peeters (Trainer of the Pro's)

Sibil Peeters

  • Set 1 - 15 Reps
  • Set 2 - 6 Reps
  • Set 3 - 12 Reps
  • Set 4 - 8 Reps
  • Set 5 - 10 Reps
  • Set 6 - 5 Reps

This is an awesome technique that I just tried out today and it fills the muscle up quick!  Make sure to give this a try in your next workout!

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  1. 9am - 54g whey, 1 cup oats
  2. 11:20am - 4 pieces turkey bacon, 4oz turkey burger, 5 oz sweet potato
  3. 2pm - 2 turkey burgers on flat bread, 1 chicken burrito, ben and jerry's icecream :)
  4. 8pm - 8oz chicken
  5. 10pm - 6 egg whites 2 yolks

My cheat meal at 2pm kept me full for most of the day.