Tyler McPeak

Food for Thought 3



I planned on splitting up quads in the am and hams in the afternoon but my schedule did not allow me to train twice today.  I had a great workout but had a slight pain in my right knee that comes and goes and for some reason today it was irritated.  I started to feel it on squats and then on my last set of lunges.  I went on to do standing one leg leg curl and I couldn't complete a set.  At that point I ended my leg workout and just did some abs.  My point here is to listen to your body and be very in tune with it.  I could have pushed through the pain if I wanted to but that would only lead to more of an injury.  Despite the knee issue today I still managed to have a good one.

  1. Leg Ext - 4x15,12,12,10
  2. Squats - 5x12,10,8,4,10
  3. Leg Press - 4x12,12,10,8 (worked up to 8 plates on each side for last set)
  4. Walking Lunges - 3x20 steps each way total of 40 steps each set
  5. Lying leg raise - 2xfailure
  6. Rope crunches - 2x12

Here is the combo of  what I'm currently seasoning all of my meats with. I do not use any seasoning with sodium.

Black Pepper, Mrs Dash Table Blend, Basil Leaves



  1. 9am - 1 cup oats, 54g whey, 1/2 grapefruit
  2. 11am - 10oz ground turkey, 6oz sweet potato
  3. 11:30am workout
  4. 1:30pm - 10oz chicken, 1 cup brown rice, 1/2 avocado
  5. 4:20pm - 8oz chicken, 10oz sweet potato
  6. 5pm - workout
  7. 6pm - 54g whey, 8 oz sweet potato
  8. 7:45pm - 8oz chicken, 1/2 cup oats, 1/2 avocado
  9. 10pm - 8oz chicken, 8 almonds

Drago 9 months old