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Back/Forearm/Calve/Heavy Bag/Cardio

WORKOUT13 300x12054 Back/Forearm/Calve/Heavy Bag/CardioYesterday I was able to run for my cardio.  I have not been able to run or train legs in over a month now.  It's shocking to me how quick you start to regress when you are not able to do something.  I ran for 20 minutes on level 6.5 then walked for 5 minutes then finished off with 5 minutes on 7.0.  I'm definitely looking forward to getting my heart and lungs back into the condition they were in before this injury came about and outdoor runs.  Today had a great back workout and afterward I hit the heavy bag for the first time in a long time.  This weekend I'll be filming a descriptive video on a few new exercises I've been doing.

  1. Wide grip pulldowns - 4x20,15,12,12 one drop set on last set for 12
  2. Supported T-Bar rows - 4x15,12,12,10, on drop set on last set for 10
  3. Reverse grip pulldowns superset behind the neck wide grip pulldowns - 3x12
  4. standing db rows superset one arm standing pec dec row - 3x12
  5. standing straight bar pulldowns giant set - standing calve raise,reverse grip straight bar curls, behind standing wrist curls - 3x12-20
  6. heavy bag - 5x 1 min
  7. jump rope - 5 minutes
  8. dog walk 25 minutes
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Jamie Eason’s Protein Bars

These protein bars are a great way to kill your sweet tooth and still stay healthy.  I suggest refrigerating them before you eat them.jamie eason workout 200x300 Jamie Easons Protein Bars

Chocolate Protein Bars.

Ingredients:jamie eason choc protein bars asm 300x200 Jamie Easons Protein Bars
  1. Preheat oven to 350 degrees.
  2. Mix dry ingredients (oat flower, vanilla whey protein, baking soda, salt, baking cocoa) together in a large bowl.
  3. Mix wet ingredients (egg whites, Splenda, Berry flavored Baby Food,Water) together in a medium sized bowl.
  4. Add wet ingredients to dry ingredients and mix together.
  5. Spray cooking dish with a non stick butter spray and add batter to dish.
  6. Bake 20-30 minutes in oven.

Makes 16 squares, serving size=2 bars.

Lemon Protein Bars.

Ingredients:video jamie eason lemon protein bars asm 300x187 Jamie Easons Protein Bars
  1. Preheat oven to 350 degrees.
  2. Mix oat flour, vanilla whey protein, salt, baking soda and crystal light, in large bowl.
  3. Mix egg whites, Splenda, applesauce and water in a bowl.
  4. Add wet ingredients to dry ingredients and mix together.
  5. Spray 8x8 glass pyrex dish with non-stick butter spray.
  6. Pour ingredients into dish.
  7. Bake 23 minutes.

    Makes 16 squares, 2 squares per serving.

For her video on how to make these click here also you can find her other recipes there as well.

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FOODLOG56 300x12056 4/26/2011

  1. 10am - 1/2 cup oats, 54g whey
  2. 12:30pm - 6oz tilapia, 7oz sweet potato
  3. 2:30pm - 6oz tilapia, 7oz sweet potato
  4. 4pm - 54g whey
  5. 4:45pm - workout
  6. 6:20pm - 6oz tilapia, 7 oz sweet potato
  7. 9pm - 6oz chicken, 8 asparagus
  8. 11pm - 5oz chicken, 2 tbsp fat free cottage cheese, 6 asparagus


  1. WORKOUT13 300x12053 Arms/CardioStraight bar pressdowns - 4x30,20,15,12
  2. seated db overhead ext - 3x12
  3. skullcrushers - 3x12
  4. vbar pushdowns - 3x15-20
  5. seated db curl - 3x20,15,12
  6. standing barbell curl - 3x12
  7. standing db hammer curl - 3x12
  8. reverse grip straight bar cable curl - 3x30,20,15
  9. walk on incline for 30 minutes
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WORKOUT13 300x12052 Chest/Calves/CardioSince enjoying a good amount of delicious food yesterday at my client Kitty's house with her family I decided to go higher volume than I normally do.  From the very first set my chest started filling up with blood quick.  Both Ron and I both had a very good workout.

  1. Incline Barbell Press w/ chains - 3x15,10,8, 1 set of negatives
  2. Flat DB Press - 3x10-15 one drop set on last set
  3. Cable Fly - 4x12-15 one drop set on last set
  4. DB Pullovers - 3x15
  5. Flat Hammer Strength press - 3x12-15 one drop set on last set
  6. Seated Calve Raise - 3x20
  7. Leg Press calve machine - 3x20
  8. Walk on Incline - 30 minutes
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  1. FOODLOG56 300x12055 4/21/20117:30am - 54g whey, 1 cup oats
  2. 10:30am - 6oz tilapia, 1/2 cup rice
  3. 12:40pm - 6oz tilapia, 6oz sweet potato
  4. 3pm - 6oz tilapia, 4oz sweet potato
  5. 5:15pm -  6egg whites, 2 whole eggs, 1/2 cup oats
  6. 8:20pm - 6oz chicken
  7. 10:30pm - 6oz chicken, plate of salad


  1. WORKOUT13 300x12051 Back/Forearm/Calve/CardioWide Grip Pull downs - 4x8-12
  2. Reverse grip cambered rows - 3x12-15
  3. Narrow Grip Pulldowns  superset row machine - 3x12 one drop set each
  4. standing db rows superset standing pulldowns - 3x12
  5. hyper ext  triset reverse grip wrist curls and seated leg press machine calve raise - 3x15-20
  6. stair climber - 20 minutes (2 minutes low intensity 3 minutes high intensity intervals)
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  1. FOODLOG56 300x12054 4/20/20119:15am - 6egg whites, 2 whole eggs, 1/4 cup grits
  2. 12:15pm - 6oz tilapia, 8oz sweet potato
  3. 2pm - 5oz ground turkey, 7oz sweet potato
  4. 4:40pm - 54g whey
  5. 8:20pm - 6oz chicken, 8 asparagus
  6. 10:30pm - 54g whey

Y3T Training

The Yoda 3 Training system is the brainchild of IFBB Pro and world renowned bodybuilding guru Neil Hill. The training principles of Y3T as you know them today have been devised over many years, following a journey in search for the perfect muscle stimulation training protocol. Athletes who have used Y3T to huge effect include James ‘Flex’ Lewis, Zack Khan and James Llewellyn.nail 235x300 Y3T Training

So what exactly does Y3T entail? Y3T is split over a three to four week period. For the first week you concentrate on heavy compound movements, completing between 6-10 repetitions per set to complete muscle failure. In the second week you use a combination of compound and isolation movements with a repetition range of 10-14 per set. In the third and final week, the approach to each and every muscle group is ‘total annihilation.’ The repetition range for bigger muscle groups such as legs is between 40-80 per set. For the smaller muscle groups such as biceps the repetition range used can be as high as 25.

The fundamental difference between Y3T to any other training system is that in the third week it doesn’t stipulate exactly how many repetitions you need to do, simply because Y3T works on the principle that everyone is different. Y3T is unique from the point of view that it goes against the grain in the third week using very high repetitions which will hammer the slow twitch muscle fibers as well as your fast twitch muscle fibers. This is absolutely critical because slow twitch muscle fibers make up for a huge proportion in muscle mass, therefore by stimulating them you can be sure your capitalizing on your muscles full potential to grow. Furthermore, because of the ultra high repetitions performed Y3T promotes a leaner physique. This is achieved by a significant increase in oxygenated blood travelling through your body which instantly improves nutrient assimilation and the utilization of energy stores. Finally, Y3T significantly decreases the risk of injury be limiting super heavy compound movements to just once every three weeks opposed to every week.

Y3T also focuses on stretching the fascia, which is a collection of connective tissue fibers which wrap around your muscles. The reasoning behind aiming to stretch the fascia is that the fascia can restrict the growth of your muscles by limiting the amount of room available for developing new muscle tissue. Therefore by using Y3T you have the ability to expand your growth potential.

As a final note, it is always vital to remember that not all are born equal therefore each individual will respond better to certain types of training. Therefore by utilizing the Y3T training protocol you are attacking your muscle fibers from every angle possible which will ensure that you are stimulating maximal muscle growth.

Source - http://gasparinutrition.co.uk/y3t-training.html

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  1. FOODLOG56 300x12053 4/19/20118:15am - 6 egg whites, 2 whole eggs, 1/4 cup grits
  2. 10:20am - 5oz ground turkey, 1/2 cup brown rice
  3. 11am - WORKOUT
  4. 12:30pm - 6oz tilapia, 1/2 cup brown rice
  5. 3pm - 6oz tilapia, 1/2 cup brown rice
  6. 5pm - 54g whey
  7. 8:30pm - 6oz chicken, 8 asparagus
  8. 10:30pm - 54g whey, 8 asparagus