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  1. FOODLOG56 300x12072 5/30/201110:15am - 10g BCAA
  2. 12:30pm - 2 chicken breasts,4 egg whites 2 whole eggs,3/4 cup oats, 1 scoop casein protein
  3. 5:30pm - 3 chicken breast, grilled onions
  4. 9pm - salmon,broccoli,grilled onions

When I started lean gains I weighed 215lb.  I weighed this morning at 205.5lb.  Here are a couple of pictures of my views from memorial day weekend.

photo201 300x225 5/30/2011

5/29 - "Party Cove" Nashville,TN

photo191 300x225 5/30/2011

5/30 - Rooftop Pool Downtown YMCA - Nashville,TN


Quick Update

I entered a Men's Health online Fittest Friends on Facebook competition this morning so when you get a chance please VOTE icon smile Quick Update and remember you can vote once a day. Check it out here

Also I just found out this morning that I'm considered one of the top 10 most inspirational physiques on the top fitness site Simply Shredded.  Make sure to check that out here

menshealth 300x282 Quick Update

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WORKOUT13 300x12072 Chest/Bicep/Abs/StepmillNo other better way to kick Memorial Day off with an intense chest workout.  My client Antonio joined me today and it was a great one.  Since I used the bigger gym today I always use stuff that Gym 5 doesn't.

  1. Hammer Strength incline press - 4x6-12 2 drop sets on last set
  2. Hammer Strength flat press - 4x8-12 one drop set on last set
  3. Incline DB Fly - 3x12
  4. Cable Fly - 3x12-15
  5. Preacher machine curl - 3x30,12,12
  6. Standing DB Curl superset rope rollups - 3x12
  7. Hanging leg raises - 3x20
  8. Stepmill - 20 minutes
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  1. FOODLOG56 300x12071 5/29/201112:45pm - 2 chicken breast, 1 cup brown rice, 1 sweet potato,1 banana
  2. 6pm - 1 chicken breast, 3/4 cup oats
  3. 9pm - 1 chicken breast, broccoli

News Update 5/29/2011

It's been about 2 full weeks of taking on the leangains approach and only about one full week of eating extremely clean. My body is changing daily and I'm finally getting rid of my stubborn lower abdominal and lower back body fat.  I've never been able to achieve the condition of a complete six pack and I can tell I'm well on my way with this approach.  Someone commented on my video from yesterday saying that they don't think this diet is working for me that I don't look as ripped.  My response is to be patient. Just two weeks ago I was on a seefood diet.  Anything I would see I would eat lol (for my one meal warrior's diet).  I usually enjoy going out every weekend and having drinks and restaurant food.  This has been the first weekend I have not done that.  I am confident that in 15 days I will be in best condition I've ever been in.  Shortly after the Fit Body competition I might be going to Universe Weekend in Miami,FL June 18th weekend to host.  The reason it's still a might because it hasn't been confirmed yet.  June 24th weekend photographer Paul Reitz that I've shot with 2 times in NYC is coming down to Nashville to shoot me for two days. Here is picture I took yesterday at the gym.  I'm weighing 207lb on an empty stomach.

may28 News Update 5/29/2011

May 28 - Gym 5, Nashville TN

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  1. FOODLOG56 300x12070 5/28/201110:45am - 10g BCAA
  2. 1pm - 2 chicken breast, 1 cup brown rice, 6 asparagus
  3. 5pm - 1 chicken breast, 26g casein protein shake, 1/4 cup oats
  4. 8:45pm - filet,shrimp,asparagus

photo171 225x300 5/28/2011photo181 225x300 5/28/2011


Today’s Arm Workout

videos9 300x12013 Todays Arm Workout
15 days out from Bodybuilding.com's Fit Body competition I train arms and explain a couple of techniques I've been using in my workouts.

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  1. FOODLOG56 300x12069 5/27/201110:45 - 10g BCAA
  2. 1pm - 2 chicken breast, 1 cup brown rice
  3. 6pm - 1 cup oatmeal, 2 scoops whey
  4. 9pm - 1 chicken breast, 8 asparagus


  1. WORKOUT13 300x12071 Shoulders/calves/ABSseated db over head press - 4x8-12
  2. machine lateral raise - 4x12
  3. reverse pec dec - 3x12
  4. barbell front raise - 3x12
  5. smith machine shrugs - 4x12-15
  6. seated calve raise - 4x12
  7. lying leg raise superset rope crunches
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  1. FOODLOG56 300x12068 5/26/20111pm - 2 chicken breast,3/4 cup brown rice, 1 grapefruit
  2. 5:30pm - 1 chicken breast, broccoli
  3. 9pm - 12 egg whites, broccoli

I just did some light cardio.  Walked on the treadmill for 30 minutes.  Tomorrow I'm filming my arm workout and going to explain a couple new techniques I've been using in my workouts.