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VA Trip Day 3

dylan1 274x300 VA Trip Day 3

My little protege...my nephew Dylan

Another great day in VA.  It was the first time I'd slept in for quite some time and it felt awesome!  I met up with my friends and old training partners Anthony T. and Ben at the BAC to hit some arms.  I remember back when I first started working at the BAC and was still in the beginning stages of building my physique I was lucky to link up with Anthony.  He taught me a lot and  it was the first time I'd ever trained arms by supersetting them back in forth.  I woke up that next day and realized I hadn't been training intense at all because my arms were so damn sore.  We continued to train together and he really pushed me to a new level.  Last time we worked out together was in Columbus, OH for the Arnold Classic Weekend and we had trained back.  On the flip side Ben is looking HUGE and is strong as hell!  He's doing an internship on the coast of VA and came in for the weekend.  Today Ben and I are training legs and were going to get crazy with it!  Last night my sister and her husband and Dylan came over to the house and we ate and all caught up and had a really good time.  Shortly after I met up with Anthony,Josh,Fred T, and Sam downtown and had blast like always icon smile VA Trip Day 3

  1. rope pressdowns superset straight bar curls - 4x10-12
  2. straight bar skull crushers superset db hammer curls - 4x10-12
  3. db overhead seated ext superset seated hammer strength curl - 4x10-12 the last set was light for 30 reps
  4. overhead cable seated curl superset cambered bar pressdown and reverse pressdown - 3x15-20
  5. 20 minutes elliptical low intensity
  1. 54g whey
  2. 6oz chicken 8oz sweet 6 asparagus
  3. workout immediately after 50g karbolyne, 2 scoop xtend
  4. 6 oz chicken 1/4 cup cream of wheat 6 asparagus
  5. 6oz chicken about 6 pieces raw broccoli
  6. 6oz chicken about 6 pieces raw broccoli

Here is a picture yesterday after our workout.  All the cheat food definitely filled my muscles up icon smile VA Trip Day 3   I got a picture taken with all 3 of us but was with my camera and not on my phone and I don't have the cord here to link my camera to my computer so I'll post the pictures when I get back to Nashville in next weeks posts.

sidejuly23 223x300 VA Trip Day 3


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VA TRIP – Day 1 & 2

photo421 300x225 VA TRIP Day 1 & 2

Please People be Happy! Use my shoutbox for FITNESS & HEALTH questions

Wednesday was a long traveling day.  I took the day off from the gym.  I left Nashville around 8:45AM and got to Roanoke around 4:30pm.  I was exhausted so I took it easy went over to my friend Eli's house and we played some UFC on XBox.  I didn't keep up with the times when I ate but I ate every 3 hours.

  1. 1/4 cup cream of wheat, 2 scoops whey
  2. 5oz flank steak, 6 asparagus
  3. 6oz chicken, 6 asparagus
  4. 6oz chicken, 6 asparagus
  5. 2 low sodium tuna cans, 1/4 cup cream of wheat (after that long ass drive I needed a carb meal..this was when I got to my parents house)
  6. 8oz orange roughy, 6 asparagus
  7. 8oz orange roughy, 6 asparagus
photo381 225x300 VA TRIP Day 1 & 2

Deniro exhausted at the top of the mountain

I'd forgotten how good orange roughy tastes so I'll definitely be incorporating that daily once I get back to Nashville.  Not going to buy anymore here because I have to finish off the chicken icon smile VA TRIP Day 1 & 2 Yesterday for some reason I woke up at 4:50am Roanoke time which would be 3:50am Nashville time.  I was wide awake and couldn't go back to sleep so I got up did some work online and took my dogs Deniro and Diesal for a walk on an empty stomach.  A couple hours later I went out to Gold's gym and hit some Shoulders..Got an OK pump but wasn't thrilled about the workout I could tell my body was fatigued still.

  1. Seated DB overhead Press - 4x20,15,15,10 2 drop sets for 10 on last set
  2. seated hammer overhead press machine - 3x12
  3. standing db lateral raise - 4x20-10 2 drop sets on last set after the two drops i did the top half of movement (partials) with 5lb dbs for 30 reps
  4. DB front raises - 3x12
  5. TRI-SET - reverse pec dec,db shrugs, bent over db laterals - 3x12-15
  6. stepmill - 20 minutes low intensity

A couple hours after finishing I picked up my friend Josh and we met up with one of my old training partners and friend Tyler G. at the Botetourt Athletic Club (where I worked for about 4 years as a trainer) and hung out by the pool.  After leaving there I decided to take my cheat meal and have the infamous New York Pizza in Vinton. photo391 225x300 VA TRIP Day 1 & 2 Growing up we would always eat there and it was just as tasty as it always has been.  Out of all the NYC pizza I've had this can compete with it for sure.  We managed to eat a whole large supreme pizza.  I came home after that and passed out for 45 minutes.  One of my other friends Daniel D. that I grew up with just moved to a new house down in the sticks.  I tried to go down there but ended up getting lost and having no cell phone service (I need to invest in a GPS)..in the cut, in the cut... So I met back up with Josh and we went out for a bit and yes I did drink. I read yesterday someone commented about he was shocked that I drank as much as I do.  If you want to feed into what you always read about not being able to make progress with having some drinks then so be it.  I'm not promoting drinking it is just a part of my lifestyle and I could easily lie about it on here and say that I don't.  But...I do.. I like to have fun with my friends and celebrate life and success.  The only times I will cut drinking out is if I know I have a shoot a certain date I'll stop drinking 2 weeks before. Today I can't wait to hit some Arm's with my friend Anthony T & Ben...my arms should get nice and full from the pizza and ice cream icon smile VA TRIP Day 1 & 2

  1. 1/4 cup cream of wheat, 2 scoop whey
  2. 5oz flank steak,8oz sweet potato, 6 asparagus
  3. WORKOUT - immediately after 50g karbolyne 2 scoop xtend
  4. 6oz chicken, 8oz sweet potato, 6 asparagus
  5. 54g whey shake
  6. large supreme pizza (josh had 4 pieces), 1 pint of ben and jerry's ice cream
photo412 300x225 VA TRIP Day 1 & 2

When I decided to turn around lost in the country


Personal Review of some Supplements

Kyle: Hey i was wondering if your still taking jacked, tribulus and gaba, and your reviews are on them after taking them for a few weeks?

Tyler: Kyle I'm no longer taking Jack3d.  My opinion of it is that it's a great stimulant.  I went through the bottle very quickly After a few days I used 3 scoops for the remainder of the bottle.  Once it was done I ordered SuperPump Max by Gaspari Nutrition.image prod30016 450 white 150x150 Personal Review of some Supplements  I took the original SuperPump when it first came out a few years ago and this stuff is even better.  What I like about Superpump vs. Jack3d is that it actually has aminos,vitamins and other muscle building goodies.  I only take one scoop and it has been working great.  I have the pink lemonade flavor.  Also when I used Jack3d I would crash hard from it and have to take a nap everyday after my workouts.  As for Tribulus I think it helps with strength gains.  Ever since I started my whole supplement regimen my strength has been steadily going up. image 24236 450 white1 150x150 Personal Review of some Supplements Tribulus for me has been side effect free.  I took this also a couple of years back.  I think temporarily it increases your natural test production which is always a plus.  I'm still taking GABA every night before bed except when I drink (which is one to two times a week) About 10-15 minutes after taking 3 grams of it I sometimes notice a slight tingle in my hands.  Besides that it relaxes me and I've been getting the deepest and best sleep that I've ever gotten.  I used to have a hard time winding down and letting my mind rest but this has definitely helped.  Also it's supposed to increase growth hormone secretion so that's a plus as well.

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  1. WORKOUT13 300x12093 Back/Tricep/Calve/CardioReverse grip pulldowns - 2 warm ups, 4x10-12
  2. standing corner row - 3x12-15
  3. overhand grip barbell row - 3x10-12
  4. seated straight bar cable row - 3x12 with 2 drop sets on the last set
  5. standing db row superset hyper ext - 3x12 on row and 3x20 on hypers
  6. rope pressdowns superset seated calve raise - 4x10-20
  7. stair climber - 20 minutes level 4.5

Tomorrow I'll be on the road for a good majority of the day so depending on how I feel I'm not sure if I'll be working out or not.  If I don't then I'll go low carb.

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  1. FOODLOG56 300x12094 7/18/20116:30am - 3/4 cup oats
  2. 9am - 5oz flank steak, 6 asparagus
  3. 11:30am - 6oz chicken, 6 asparagus, 1/4 cup cream of wheat
  4. 12:15pm - WORKOUT immediately after 50g karbolyne 2 scoop xtend
  5. 2pm - 6oz chicken, 6 asparagus, 8oz sweet potato
  6. 4:40pm - 6oz chicken, 6 asparagus
  7. 7pm - 12 egg whites
  8. 9pm - 6oz chicken, 1/2 tbsp mac oil, 6 asparagus


WORKOUT13 300x12092 Chest/Bicep/CardioAnother great workout today!  I can honestly say that I have not experienced pumps as I am now except when I did the one cycle of gear a few years back (click here if you want to read my story of when I took steroids).  Of coarse my strength is not where it was when I did that but my mind muscle connection is always improving which now I know is more important then trying to throw around a bunch of weight and not using the correct muscles.  This is also the first time I've ever emphasized post workout nutrition (with correct aminos and carbs).  Actually this is the first time I've ever been this disciplined and doing my nutrition exactly right as well as my supplementation program and my muscles definitely feel A LOT fuller even outside of the gym.  I would always wonder why I was not getting that great of pumps and then after what little pump I did get subsided and I felt flat as a pancake all the time with no vacularity etc.

A couple of dietary changes I'm making this week is no more ground turkey.  After today no more oats.  I switched to cream of wheat.  I'm doing 3 moderate carb days, 3 low carb days then on the 6th day is when I'll still have my cheat.  On my moderate days the only change is I incorporated  carbs with my preworkout meal. On my low days I will not be doing that. My moderate days will fall on when I train large muscle groups.

This Wednesday I'll be heading to my home town Roanoke,VA and I can't wait!! I have not been there since X-Mass and I'm looking forward to seeing my family,friends and dogs up there!

  1. Incline barbell press - 4x8-12 one drop set on last set
  2. Incline DB Fly - 4x10-12
  3. Flat Barbell Press - 4x10
  4. DB Pullovers superset standing one arm db fly - 3x12 on pullover and  3x15 on fly
  5. TRI-SET - close grip cambered bar preacher curl,lying down cable curl, standing db hammer curl - 2x15
  6. stair climber low intensity - 20 minutes level 4.5
photo371 225x300 Chest/Bicep/Cardio

Drago - 1 year old

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7/16 & 7/17 2011

FOODLOG56 300x12093 7/16 & 7/17 20117/16/2011

  1. 9am  - 3/4 cup oats, 2 scoop whey
  2. 10am - WORKOUT
  3. 11:40am - 6oz chicken, 8oz sweet potato
  4. 2:15pm - 6oz chicken, 10 almonds
  5. 3:20pm - 54g whey
  6. 5:45pm - 3 chicken wraps (6oz chicken, 3 low carb whole wheat tortilla wrap, 6tbsp salsa, 5 asparagus chopped, fat free feta sprinkled)
  7. 9pm - 6oz chicken, 5 asparagus, 1/2 tbsp mac oil
photo361 225x300 7/16 & 7/17 2011

chicken wraps


  1. 9:30am - 3/4 cup oats, 2 scoop whey
  2. 1:20pm - 6oz chicken, 10 almonds, 5 asparagus
  3. 2:15pm - 54g whey
  4. 4:40pm - 6oz chicken, 3 asparagus, 1/2 tbsp mac oil
  5. 6:50pm - 12 egg whites
  6. 9pm - 6oz chicken, 6 asparagus

Something that I did on Saturday that I normally wouldn't when having something as chicken wraps is I measured everything out still.  Before I would just pile in the ingredients and use sugary bbq sauces etc.



WORKOUT13 300x12091 Leg/CardioSome new things I'm incorporating to my weekly routine is training legs twice a week.  When you train legs and train them correctly and intense it releases more testosterone which will increase overall lean body mass.  Today was tough! I woke up at 6:30am (Everyday I don't even need to use a alarm anymore my body automatically wakes up)  and went to the gym and did 45 minutes of low intensity step mill on an empty stomach.  Actually it didn't feel empty at all from my delicious cheat meal last night icon smile Leg/Cardio A few hours later around 10am I went and trashed legs.  When your training anything and you get to that 8,9,10,11,12 rep and your  mind is telling you to quit TELL YOUR SELF YOU CAN EITHER KEEP TRAINING THE SAME AND REMAIN THE SAME or fight through it and fall in love with the pain as I have.  Fighting it and pushing yourself to new limits you thought didn't exist is what will keep your physique progressing.  Every time I train and get toward the end of each set I'm always talking to myself with the music blaring in my ears.

  1. lying leg curl - 4x20
  2. seated leg curl - 3x12
  3. leg ext - 4x20,15,15,12
  4. squats - 3x12, 2 drop sets on last set. first drop set 10 reps second drop 20 reps
  5. leg press - 4x20,15,15,12 2 dropsets on last set. 15 reps on first drop then 20 reps on second drop
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7/15/2011 Cheat Meal

  1. FOODLOG56 300x12092 7/15/2011 Cheat Meal6am - 3/4 cup oats, 2 scoop whey
  2. 9am - 5oz ground turkey
  3. 11:45am - 6oz chicken, 8oz sweet potato
  4. 2:20pm - 6oz chicken, 10 almonds
  5. 7pm - 6oz chicken, 1/2 tbsp macadamia nut oil
  6. 7:30pm - WORKOUT
  7. 9:15pm - 6oz chicken, 8oz sweet potato
  8. 11pm - 12" pizza, one meat ball,ice cream, bowl of cinnamon toast crunch, bowl of granola cereal icon smile 7/15/2011 Cheat Meal

I ran out of green veggies yesterday so that's why you don't see it one my log.  I'll be switching to asparagus today.


Shoulders/Cardio 7/15

  1. WORKOUT13 300x12090 Shoulders/Cardio 7/15standing db laterals - 4x15-10
  2. behind the neck standing barbell press  superset standing db front raises - 3x10-12
  3. standing one arm db lateral raise superset one arm reverse cable lateral - 3x12-15
  4. shrug machine - 3x12
  5. 20 minutes low intensity step mill
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