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rickday1 226x300 NO MORE GUESS WORK!

Rick Day - NYC 2008

I am extremely excited to announce that I'll be training with the top guru Hany Rambod!  For the past couple of months I had been contemplating whether or not to hire someone.  It has been a dream of mine to receive the guidance from Hany.  I had contacted him about three years ago but at the time I could not afford him.  The reasons for me wanting guidance is that for one I'll be the first to state the obvious that I've never been able to reach my full potential on my own.  My best condition to date was when I went to NYC the first weekend of December in 2010.  I liked my body fat that I achieved however I looked thin and my muscles were flat and stringy.  Every time when I prepare for something I'm always questioning whether or not I'm eating correctly or doing the correct amount of weight training and cardio.  Also another one of my downfalls is the final week of the shoots to peak my condition the day of.  Words can't describe how excited I am right now.  I contacted Hany on Sunday was filling out my paperwork by Tuesday and I'll be speaking with him on Friday to get started on my program.  So for the next four months I will not be posting my daily diet or daily workout logs.  This is out of respect for Hany and I hope you guys that follow my site will understand.  I will still be doing daily updates along with videos and answering everyone's questions along with my progress as I take myself to a whole new level.  I'm fully dedicating myself to this program and will be giving it 100 percent which means no more partying and bullshitting around.

*The program changes that I just posted a few days ago will NOT be what I'll be doing.  That is the split I did follow this week however I did not do the high intensity cardio because I'm waiting to see what Hany will have me doing.*

Hany's websites - fst-7.com

Hany 2 300x198 NO MORE GUESS WORK!

Hany Rambod

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  1. WORKOUT13 300x120108 Quads/Calves/AbsSquats - 95lb x 12, 135lb x 12, 225lb x 10, 275lb x 8, 315lb x6, 315lb x 4 then drop to 225lb for 6 another drop 135lb for 15
  2. leg press - 4x10-12 worked up to last set 8 plates each side
  3. smith machine front squats - 4x10
  4. leg ext - 3x12
  5. crunches superset seated calve raise - 4x15-20
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Questions 8/30/2011


rickday3 223x300 Questions 8/30/2011

Rick Day - NYC

Tyler, how many fats would you say you take per day? How many in the form of supplements?

Tyler - I take in about 3-6g from fish oil and flax seed oil capsules.  I don't count incidental fats that are in protein shakes etc.  Each shake I have has a total of 6g a fat.  The rest would be from oatmeal,chicken, or my other protein sources which all usually have a few grams in.

Tyler, want to thank you for everything your doing with this website, your a true inspiration! Ive been on your website since before the shoutbox and is a great addition. My question is why have you decided to do your cardio separate from weight training now? Is it due to making sure you maintain muscle due to the intensity?

Tyler - I just needed a switch up.  No other reason but that.  Thanks for your support!

Hey tyler, what are your opinions on german volume training?

Tyler - I've never tried it.  I believe it's 10 sets of 10 though.  I prefer Hany Rambod's method of FST-7. Check it out at fst-7.com

often i eat a huge lunch (very healthy food however). i leave stuffed and don't eat for another couple of hours until after my workout infact (which starts at around 6PM). after I have a small meal and whey+cratine because my lunch was so big . is this ok if i am eating withiin my macros?

Tyler - I have no idea if this is within your macros.  You didn't tell me your weight or anything else.  I can tell you this though this is something that I wouldn't do for myself.  Smaller meals throughout the day will keep a steady flow of aminos in your bloodstream.  Eating huge meals to where you are stuffed I don't believe your body can utilize that amount of food properly.  I never stuff myself except of coarse if it's a cheat meal icon smile Questions 8/30/2011

hey Ty, thanks so much for all you do... I was wondering how many grams of Carbs and Fats you recommend per day or even per meal??

Tyler - It's different for everyone.  I recommend taking in 1.5g of protein per bodypound but as far as fats and carbs go it depends on your goals,weight,metabolism,gender, etc.

would you consider a diet plan where i take 300+ g carbs on workout days and 100g carbs on non workout days carb cycling? and will this let me gain lean mass or maintain only? btw 6' 1" 168lbs and 7-8% bf

Tyler - It really depends on how your body reacts.  You have to understand that everyone's body is different and your metabolism is different from mine. So I really can't tell you whether or not this will work for you.  You will have to experiment on your own to see if it works or not.

Also, how do i know if I have enough muscle on my body to convert to six pack abs through cardio and a high protein diet? could I just be setting myself up for disappointment if I don't have enough "meat" so to speak to carve a six pack?

Tyler - everyone has abs.  it's a matter of if you have a layer of fat covering them or not.  I don't understand what you mean that you don't have enough meat for a six pack.  focus on lowering your body fat by having a proper clean nutrition plan along with cardio work for shed the fat away so you can see your abs.

after i finish HIIT on the treadmill I have bumps on my legs? they go away after about 30 minutes. any idea what this is? do you get them?

Tyler - No I do not get bumps in my legs?? you might want to go to a doctor and get that checked out that does not sound normal.

one more, what supplements you recommend to my goals? jack3d, protein, and bcaa? some fut burner?

Tyler - jack3d just seems like it's a stimulant. When I took it I would crash badly and have to take a nap almost after every workout.  I suggest getting a good whey protein and bcaa's, multi-vitamin, and creatine.  I would try everything out first without a fat burner and make sure to eat a balanced healthy meal plan.



  1. FOODLOG56 300x120107 8/29/20119:30am - 1/2 cup oats, 2 scoop whey
  2. 12:20pm - 6oz chicken, 6oz sweet potato
  3. 12:45pm - WORKOUT
  4. 2:30pm - 6oz chicken, 3/4 cup brown rice
  5. 5:30pm - 2 scoop myofusion
  6. 8:15pm - 7oz chicken
  7. 10pm - 5oz chicken
  8. 11pm - 2 scoop myofusion


  1. WORKOUT13 300x120107 Chest/BicepIncline DB Press - 4x8-12
  2. Incline Barbell Press - 4x8-12
  3. Flat DB press - 4x10-12 one drop set on last set
  4. standing Cable flys - 4x12-15
  5. standing db curls - 3x12

I'll be either filming shoulders/tri's on thursday or back/hamstrings when I'm in VA on friday.

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DB Pullovers

I demonstrate how to do DB Pullovers for Chest!


The Brute Strength Program Diet

photo621 e1314558026901 300x225 The Brute Strength Program DietI previously posted the Brute Strength Program that I had followed years back to add strength and size.  I did not follow their dietary recommendations but here is what they prescribe.

photo631 225x300 The Brute Strength Program Diet

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Program and Dietary Changes

davidvance Program and Dietary Changes

David Vance - Miami, FL 2008

This week I'll be switching up my training program along with a few dietary changes.  If you have been following my site for a while my training split has always consisted of

  1. Chest
  2. Back
  3. Shoulders
  4. Legs
  5. Arms

Sometimes Legs and arms were switched on days and sometimes I would add biceps with chest and triceps with back.  For the most part though this has been the order that I've been training my body for the past year or so.  That being said I'm excited to switch things up and try something new.  Also for the past months I had only been doing all low intensity cardio which I think has allowed me to put on all of my quality size back on (from where I had lost EVERYTHING when I decided to do fashion and battled with an eating disorder. to read full story click here) but my body is ready for change and is craving the feeling of high intensity work.  I plan on doing sprint work,stepmill intervals,stair climber intervals, jump rope, spin class, trx, and maybe some swimming as well.  My new weight training split will be

  • Monday - Chest + Biceps + Abs
  • Tuesday - Quads + Calves + Abs
  • Wednesday - OFF
  • Thursday - Shoulders + Triceps + Calves + Abs
  • Friday - Back + Hamstrings + Abs
  • Saturday - Arms + Abs
  • Sunday - OFF

Another change will be that my cardio will be seperate from my weight training.  Meaning my cardio will be done later on in the afternoon/night instead of directly after my weight training.  As for dietary changes I'll still be having my same protein sources (chicken,egg whites,whey,white fish,ground turkey) and carb sources will still be the same (brown rice,sweet potato,cream of wheat, oats) Just the timing will change a bit and no more high sodium sauces.  I've learned my my body is sensitive to retaining water from sodium.  My midsection has been a bit watery looking from having the high sodium sauces with every meal (hot sauce,cal free bbq sauce,liquid amino soy sauce) so those have got to go and I'll be using some mustards instead.

All of that being said if I feel that I'm losing my muscle mass from the cardio changes then I'll back off but my cardio workouts are going to be short.  No more 45-60 minutes a day.

Supplementation - Still no supplements except protein powders will be taken for the month of  September

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Peaches & Cream

If you have a sweet tooth like me and are looking for a healthy alternative to fix that this is a very tasty option.

photo611 225x300 Peaches & Cream

Ingredients :

  • Peaches
  • Fat Free Cool Whip
  • Lemon Juice
  • Brown Sugar Splenda

Directions :

  1. Pre-Heat oven 425 degrees
  2. place aluminum foil on baking sheet spray with pam
  3. cut the peaches in half and pit them
  4. put the peaches in a bowl and squeeze half a lemon and 2tbsp of brown sugar splenda. mix it all together
  5. bake for 30 minutes with cut side facing up
  6. once done sprinkle more brown sugar splenda if you like and add the cool whip and enjoy
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Thursday’s Shoulder workout + Friday’s Arm workout

tarricelove 199x300 Thursdays Shoulder workout + Fridays Arm workout

Tarrice Love - NYC

Thursday Ron and I headed over to Greenhill's to hit the shoulder routine I watched a video of on musculardevelopment.com.  It was the most recent Victor Martinez workout which had some new stuff that I was excited to try out.

  1. Reverse pec dec + reverse high cable flys - 4x12
  2. standing db laterals + standing db laterals partials (top half of rep) - 4x12
  3. seated db press - 4x10
  4. reverse db hammer press + bus drivers + front raises - 4x10
  5. ab machine crunches - 4x20
  6. stepmill - 15 minutes hit

Bus drivers - hold a plate directly in front of you (i used a 25lb) have a slight bend in the elbows to keep pressure off and turn from right to left is 1 rep. I'd never tried these until today and they are PAINFUL! I'll definitely be incorporating these in weekly.

Friday's arm workout was from a video I watched on flexonline.com of Phil Heath (one of my favorite pro's).

  1. cambered bar 21's - 4 sets
  2. seated concentration curls - 4x12
  3. standing db hammer curls - 4x10
  4. preacher curls - 4x10-12
  5. straight bar pressdowns - 4x12
  6. incline skull crushers + close press - 4x10-12
  7. dips - 3xfailure

For cardio later on in the afternoon I did 8 rounds of 20 second uphill sprints then jump rope and berpies with pushups.  I'll be doing a lot more high intensity cardio now.  I just got very bored with doing the low intensity all the time.  The feeling that high intensity cardio gives you is amazing.  Yesterday was a rude awakening of how out of shape my heart and lungs had gotten from doing low intensity all the time.  It's such a different condition you get your body into when you can get good at high intensity.  I look forward to reaping the benefits of being in top cardio shape again.  This upcoming week I'll be changing up my split as well.  All of these changes will throw my body into a shock and keep the progress rolling.  Monday I'll be filming my chest workout.  And later on in the week I'll be filming some other stuff too.  I hope everyone has a great weekend!  Tonight I'll be watching the UFC fights and relaxing at home.  I'm pulling for Silva and Griffin.

aug26 300x156 Thursdays Shoulder workout + Fridays Arm workout

Suzanne, Randy (one of my clients),Terrie - 8/26 Seppe's B-Day Party


"Interval Training.  Over the past few years, it has become clear that interval training is superior to steady-state cardio for fat loss.  the reason interval training is superior is because interval training burns more calories "post-exercise".  All the epinephrine, norepinephrine and growth hormone that spikes during high-intensity exercise results in an after-burn effect that burns more calories during the recovery period.  Catecholamines, especially epinephrine, have been shown to enhance fat mobilization release from both subcutaneous and intramuscular fat stores." - Oct. 2011 Muscular Development

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