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Chest yesterday and legs today…

WORKOUT13 300x120114 Chest yesterday and legs today...Yesterday I had one of my strongest chest days which was partially due to my cheat meal on Sunday night.  I'm still aloud to have one cheat meal a week but that might be getting changed after this week since I speak with Hany this weekend.  I worked up to 100's on db incline press and got 6 reps with 2 forced reps with assistance by my training partner Ron.  We both got a very full pump and later on that night I got a text from Ron saying that he couldn''t even flex his chest lol.  Today's leg workout was BRUTAL!  I pushed heavier today then last week and I left the gym feeling loopy and sick for a good hour after I was done.  Mentally I had to push myself to a new place today when doing squats because after the third set my mind was starting to give in to the pain and toughness but I talked myself out of skipping my 4th set and I felt better that I didn't give in.  I would have been regretting that for the rest of the day.  When your mind starts playing games with you and telling you that there is nothing left in the tank and you can't do it make yourself do it!  Tell yourself  TRAIN INSANE OR REMAIN THE SAME! My theme song when doing squats today was the new Korn song called "Get UP" definitely check it out it's a awesome workout song!

Check out the October issue of Flex to read a really good article where Hany explains some of his guidelines on training and nutrition.

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Parents Visit

photo721 300x300 Parents Visit

Grand Ol Opry

This weekend my parents had a great visit to Nashville.  Friday night we all went downtown and watched some live music.  Saturday night pretty much did the same thing except we went to dinner at Puckets and I ordered a cup of black coffee and water.  I was still able to get in all of my meals and didn't miss one.  After leaving Puckets I had brought my last meal with me in the car so I scarfed it down and we continued on to watch more live music.  After living here for a year on Sunday I finally did a couple of tourist things that Nashville has to offer.  We went to the Country Music Hall of Fame and toured the Grand Ol Opry.  I had a lot of fun spending time with them even though I told them I wasn't the funnest person to be around right now lol.  My mom asked me a few times if I was bored yet of not being able to drink or do what I want and my response was that I wasn't at all and I've never been this focused before in my life.

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Questions – 9/25/2011

jpg Tyler Davin 67 172x300 Questions 9/25/2011

An old digital from 2008 during my one and only steroid cycle - Roanoke VA at the BAC

what do u think about completely limiting carbs if i want to get my body fat down which is my #1 goal while preserving muscle
25 September 2011

Tyler - Good luck preserving your muscle mass with eliminating carbs.  That is going to be very hard to do.  I've done extremely low carbs and zero carbs before and it made me have no energy and my muscles were very flat.  I would get light headed just by standing up a lot of the times.  My suggestion is to keep you carbohydrates moderate.  Eat them with your first meal and then around your workout and make sure to do cardio.

Loving the site. I wanted to ask if you were still including brown rice in your diet and what do you think about purchasing a rice cooker and storing/using it for a wk???
25 September 2011

Tyler - thanks Ken! i am still having rice. I don't use a rice cooker though but i'm sure it's a great option. I just cook mine stove top 2 cups (dry) at a time.

what is a good way to measure body fat? i have heard of bodpod, but it is expensive.
24 September 2011

Tyler - there are some decent inexpensive digital ones.  Fattracker is believe is what one of them is called. around 50-60$. 

Also, what do you think of using whey right before doing cardio on a fasted stomach? thanks
24 September 2011

Tyler - Keep the whey for directly when your done.  If your worried about losing muscle mass in that fasted state have BCAA's before you do it.

Hi Tyler. As a female, how do I gain some muscle definition?
24 September 2011

Tyler - The same way males do. Proper nutrition, proper weight training and cardio regimen, and last but not least proper rest and recovery.

I am doing weights for 45 minutes, then an hour of HIIT (spinning) and eating really clean (2x a week a bar of chocolate), but can't seem to get my abs to pop like a Men's Health cover model or something equivalent. I am guessing it is that I am eating too much and not burning enough calls. What is ur take or is it genetics as well?
23 September 2011

Tyler - Focus on your nutrition.  If your working out that much..and you didn't state how many days you were.. you should be seeing fat loss.

Tyler, first off i want to say thanks for your site and everything. I have been coming on quite a bit and you have pretty much become my fitness role model. My question is i have been running a lot lately trying to lose some body fat but i dont feel like i am seeing great results. I also feel and look bloated a lot and im not sure why. My diet is also pretty clean but could probably be a little better. Thanks a lot for all your help
22 September 2011

Tyler - I think you answered your own question.  Focus on your diet.  Running will not make you bloated.

How do you work the pelvic muscle to get that v shape to pop out?
22 September 2011

Tyler - any type of leg raises.  hanging,lying floor, bench leg raises. but remember you can train abs as much as you want but if your not eating properly you'll never see them not unless you have a very fast metabolism.

Hey Ty, how much cardio would you say your doing now, while trying to build strength? I carbed cycle for a while and have been doing cardio after my training, but now im ready to put on some size and strength. I'm not sure how much I should cut back on cardio, if at all. I'll definitely be eating more and I'm not an ectomorph by any means. Currently at 13% bf.

Tyler - If your trying to maximize size and strength I suggest splitting up your cardio from weight training if your schedule can allow that.  You definitely don't want your body fat to get any higher than 13% because you will just make it that much harder on yourself once you decide to cut all the fat off.  Still keep cardio in your program at least 3-4 times a week.



Arm day is always by far one of my favorites!  Today I was able to sleep in a bit and sleeping in for me now is 8am.  The extra few hours felt great and I didn't have to do cardio today either.  Here is my arm routine from today...give it a try on your next arm day! Toward the end of each set I focused on taking the weight down slow on the negatives and pausing for a second on each contraction.

  1. straight bar preacher curls (50lb,60lb,60lb) superset close grip straight bar cable pressdown (50lb,60lb,70lb) - 1 warm up set for 20 reps then 3 working sets for 10-12
  2. seated db curl (35lb,40lb,40lb) superset one arm over head db ext (25lb,30lb,35lb) - 3x10-12
  3. close grip cambered bar standing curl (bar+ 20 all sets) superset rope pressdowns (70lb all sets) - 3x10-12

Directly after the workout I got my girlfriend to measure my arms at the gym and they measured 19 inches fully pumped!  I just took a look at all of my previous meaurements from my bodyspace site and was pretty pleased how everything has filled since November 16  2010 except my waist which will slowing come down week by week as I get tighter.  This upcoming week will be my last week of this first phase of training with Hany and I'm looking forward to seeing what this next phase will consist of.

6' 2" (1 m 88 cm)
32.5" (82.55 cm)
charticon small Arms/Abs/Calves
200 lb (90.9 kg)
charticon small Arms/Abs/Calves
24" (60.96 cm)
charticon small Arms/Abs/Calves
7.0 %
charticon small Arms/Abs/Calves
15.75" (40.01 cm)
charticon small Arms/Abs/Calves
45" (114.30 cm)
charticon small Arms/Abs/Calves
12" (30.48 cm)
charticon small Arms/Abs/Calves
14" (35.56 cm)
charticon small Arms/Abs/Calves
52" (132.08 cm)
charticon small Arms/Abs/Calves
34" (86.36 cm)
charticon small Arms/Abs/Calves
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Barry’s Bootcamp coming to NASHVILLE!

A couple of months ago my client Antonio C. went to NYC and worked out at Barry's Bootcamp.  When he returned he was extremely excited and informed me that he was going to look into starting one up here.  So to cut to the chase it was made official yesterday that he will be starting one and will be launching in the new year!  I'll be one of the trainers there and I'm so excited about this opportunity and can't wait to get started!  I had the privilage of training Joey Gonzalez - Chief Operating Officer
Co-President of Barry's bootcamp yesterday and I took him and Antonio through a Back and Tricep workout.

Since 1998, Barry’s Bootcamp has been delivering “The Best Workout in the World” to a legendary following, including many celebrities. Our no-nonsense, results driven reputation may intimidate some newcomers, but they quickly discover that Barry’s Bootcamp delivers an affordable, efficient and fun workout in a night club party environment that is nothing like the cliché boot camps found in every town.

Come find out why Barry’s Bootcamp has been voted “The Best Celebrity Workout” by ALLURE, LOS ANGELES MAGAZINE and many others. You will burn 1000 calories in one hour and, most importantly, see and feel results right away!

"I’m loving Barry’s Bootcamp. I see a difference right away when I go." - Kim Kardashian

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Questions – 9/21/2011

Ty Davin38 209x300 Questions 9/21/2011

Men's Exercise - 2008 NYC (I was sick with a head cold when I shot this and had medicine head)

Kristopher Shook
Love the cardio on an empty stomach article you posted. When I need to lean out my trainer has me do this and it works, though I have one question that wasn't addressed in the article. What is recommended for time (30, 45, 60 mins)? What is considered too much? For example I was doing level 7 to 9 on the Stairmaster for 60min. After a while I really saw the last of my abdominal fat melt away, though at times my muscles looked flat. I disagree with my trainer and think 60min is too long. So what do you recommend for time on a doing cardio on an empty stomach before it starts to eat away at muscle?
21 September 2011

Tyler - I suggest starting off with 30min for the first few weeks and see how your body reacts.  Your muscles could be feeling and looking flatter from not enough food.  Slowly build your time up on the cardio and that will lower your risk of any muscle loss.  I also suggest taking aminos before hopping on there to ensure no muscle will be lost.

hey ty. i am 6'4" and slim. i would like to bulk up so i have a body that is just a bit thicker than a beach body but not like a bodybuilders body. an example of the kind of body i want is someone like jared padalecki or alexander Skarsgård. What kind of split, excercises, number of reps and sets, and types of lifts would i need in order to reach this goal. i also have a fast metabolism.
19 September 2011

Tyler - Even though you don't want to look like a bodybuilder I suggest you still follow a basic bodybuidling routine.  There is several different ways you can make your split.  Take digital pictures of yourself and study them and look at what you need to improve on the most.  Put those muscle groups at the start of the week then the ones that are your strong points at the end.  Take at least 2 days off during the week to ensure proper rest and recovery. 8-12 rep range on everything.  As far as types of lifts. Definitely stick to basic heavy free weight movements for your bread and butter.

hy Tyler ! in your post of nov 19 2010, you said to use Retin A cream for skincare ! are you still using it ? have you see a very good changement of your skin aspect since that time ? thanks
19 September 2011

Tyler - I still do use retin a cream.  With the amount of sweating I do it keeps me from breaking out for sure and also has given my skin a fresher look if that makes any since.

hello tyler... I'm a new follower..lol.. well I honestly want to be where you are at "fitness level". any advice? tips? and I will email you, so I hope you get to read it.
18 September 2011

Tyler - thanks for following! check out my youtube.com/tylermcpeak channel along with any of my old workout logs and nutrition logs.  That will be a good start for you to make progress! also I offer online training if your interested contact me [email protected]

Do cheat meals do more damage based solely on their calorie count? For instance what is worse: a large pizza or a meat buffett rich in protein, high in fat and calories? With the pizza its less calls, and meat has more, but at least with the meat you are getting a ton of protein? Which would you choose? Thanks
17 September 2011

Tyler - What I have came to learn is that a cheat meal should simply substitute only one meal.  The portions should still be close to the same as you normally eat.  One appetizer (shared), one entree and one desert (shared).  Cheat meals should not be an all out binge not unless you want to add unwanted bodyfat.  I've also learned that it's better to cheat on something that still has good nutritional value, burgers, pasta and red sauce, sushi.

Hey Tyler, I have been working out regularly for the pas 4 or 5 years and now trying to shift over to a more toned look instead of pure mass. I was wondering if you had some suggestions on quick workouts and quick meals that are good for maintaining my size while toning. I work full time and I go to grad school full time as well, so my schedule sometimes does not lend itself to convenience
16 September 2011

Tyler - Check out my workouts in November 2010-January 2011.  All of those workouts are superset and drop set based.  Great for leaning down burning fat while still holding on to what muscle you have.

Hey bud. Been following your site for awhile now. Really digging to value you briing to people by taking the time to answer questions and give a good look into the whole BB world. Gotta ask, what do you eat when you're out with buddies, late night and hit up a dennys, or late night eating? Salad? I notice alot of the food out there is so filled with fats, sugars and high sodium levels, it's so hard to get clean food. Thoughts? Thanks again.
15 September 2011

Tyler - In the past I was terrible when it came to the late night eating.  I would get drunk just as all of my friends and we would end up at a 24hr diner spot and I would feast on whatever the hell I wanted.  That was doing nothing but slowing my progress down.  If your goal is to stay lean and continue burning fat stay away from the late night eating all together.


Tunnel Vision

Strength is still steady climbing!  After yesterday's leg workout I was ready for a day off today.  My day started at 5:30am and my last client was done by 12pm.  I managed to take a 2hr nap which felt much needed and play some ps3 along with a couple of errands.  I just got home from picking a couple of my supplements up from Nutrishop and if you live in the Nashville area I suggest getting your supplements there as well.  Great customer service and they even beat the internet prices!

logo nutrishop Tunnel Vision

This weekend my parents will be visiting and I'm looking forward to spending some time with them.  We will all be going out and hitting the downtown area (honky tonking) is what people around here call is since it's country music based downtown area.  It will definitely be different for me considering my drink of choice will be good ol water icon smile Tunnel Vision   It feels great to be this focused and have tunnel vision on my ultimate goals.  I took these measurements just now as a update since some people were asking about them. Also I'll post new measurements when I put up my first progress pictures of the 4 week marker. My weight right now at the end of the day is 219.8 and I still have one more meal to eat. These measurements are taken with no pump

  • Shoulders - 53 3/4
  • Chest - 47 1/2
  • Waist (taken at belly button) - 34 1/4
  • Arm - 15 1/4 (no flex) 17 (flexed) - I'll measure them again this Saturday when pumped I'm guessing it'll be a little over 18
  • Leg - 24 3/4
  • Calve - 16


2420 Elliston Place
Nashville TN 37203
Store: 615 457 2130
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Weekend Recap

philheath 199x300 Weekend Recap

Phil Heath - 2011 Mr.Olympia

Friday's Back/Hamstring workout was great.  I usually can't get my back sore but this workout I managed to.  Each and every workout my contractions and focus is improving due to the Evogen supplement stack helping out.  Yesterday I hit some arms/calves and it was a SICK workout!  I felt completely swollen and pumped to the max.  I supersetted the 2.  Week to week I switch my arm training from all biceps first then triceps, then superset bi/tri back in forth, and lastly all triceps then biceps. My weight this morning when I woke up on an empty stomach was 213lb.  I've NEVER looked this way at this weight before  and I'll be posting my first progress pictures in 2 weeks which will make it a 4 week marker working with Hany.   This weekend was full of entertainment.  Friday night I played quite a bit of ps3.  The new Madden 2012 is ridiculous and I  also went to gamestop and picked up the old ufc undisputed 2010.  Saturday I watched the free UFC fights on spike tv and there was a couple of good fights Jake Shields got KO'ed pretty badly in the first round quickly.  The Mr. Olympia (Superbowl of bodybuiding )was on live stream on bodybuilding.com and my favorite Phil Heath beat out 4 time Mr.Olympia Jay Cutler.  Then last but not least watched the Maywheather vs. Ortiz fight which was complete bullshit in my opinion.  A dirty head but from Ortiz led to Maywheather knocking him out when his hands were down and apologizing.  In the post fight interviews this guy told Floyd that if he was 50 years younger he would beat his ass...LMAO!!

One of my online clients Johnathen is weight loss client and at the end of his first week lost 7lbs! He's got 11 more weeks to go with me and I'm excited to get him to reach his goals.  Today is my off day so I'm going to be lazy and watch football.  Looking forward to the Eagles vs Falcons tonight.

maywheather 300x184 Weekend Recap

If I was 50 years younger I would beat your ASS!

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Morning Cardio by Chris Aceto

Cardio is a good fat burner. However, cardio can be a great fat burner if we look for ways to maximize the amount of body fat burned during cardio sessions. One of the easiest ways to encourage maximal fat burning is to do your cardio in the morning on a completely empty stomach, soon after rising and before eating. The reason is simple, in a “fasting” state (Ex. not having eaten for probably close to 10 hours), glucose – the basic energy component found on carbohydrates – circulates within the bloodstream at its lowest levels of the day. When this occurs, the body is more likely to turn to storedfuel – body fat – as energy. Upon the introduction of cardio, the body begins to look for fuel. If there are no significant amounts of glucose, the body responds by immediately digging into body fat stores for energy. Bingo.

heart attack prevent cardio cocktail Morning Cardio by Chris AcetoThe body will not utilize deep fat stores for energy during cardio if you have eaten before performing cardio. Instead, it will first take a look at what has recently been ingested – what you have eaten – and try to use that first before starting to utilize stores of body fat. Even a small meal, or a small carbohydrate snack, can inhibit fat burning by slowing the rate at which your body begins its search for stored body fat. Carbohydrates quickly digest into glucose, which alters the speed at which the body burns fat. In essence, food consumed before cardio exercise acts as a slowing agent, altering the body’s ability to burn body fat. On the other hand, with no food, there is no slowing effect and the body can quickly start burning body fat. Glucose, the digested form of carbohydrates, plays a big role in determining your fat burning status. With low levels, fat burning increases. With high levels of glucose, fat burning dramatically slows. To ensure you are burning as much body fat as possible, schedule your aerobic sessions in the morning, without food, to keep glucose levels flat.

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Questions – 9/14/2011

photo66 225x300 Questions 9/14/2011

EVP sounds great! Glycoject also sounds good seeing as how there is karbolyn in it as well as other goodies. Im not quite sure i see the use for Cell KEM though... care to clarify?
14 September 2011

Tyler - Check out the supplement profile I just posted about Cell K.E.M. it's definitely keeping my muscles fuller

How do people who eat a lot still stay ripped? I always thought that to be ripped u needed a calorie deficit.
14 September 2011

Tyler - It all depends on your metabolism.  If you have a very fast metabolism then you will be able to eat a lot more than someone who has a sluggish one.  To stay ripped all the time though you have to have a clean and healthy nutrition plan.

Tyler, how is EVP as a pre workout stimulant? I understand it's great NO precursor, but does "wake you up" like say, superpump? Also, are you taking gkycoject before and after, or only after? Thanks
13 September 2011

Tyler - So far I love EVP!  It gets me focused and I'm getting extreme painful pumps.  It doesn't have any stimulants in it so the good thing about that is there is no crash afterwards.  If you like the tweaked out feeling that stimulants give you then this wouldn't be the route to take.  I would consider myself a stimulant junkie for years I've always used stims pre workout  to put some pep in my step but I have to say so far I feel like I don't need it and I'm getting better workouts than ever.  As for the glycoject I'm taking it pre and post workout

What do you think the main difference is in your new workouts vs. old? For the people that were following your workouts before, do you reccomend we still follow your old routines? thnx
12 September 2011

Tyler - I'm paying more attention to gaining strength right now.  Trying to improve weekly.  Before I would do several drop sets,supersets,giant sets all the time which is a great workout but right now Hany wants my physique to fill out a bit before my upcoming shoots.  I definitely recommend still using my old workouts as a guide but if your trying to gain strength and build mass faster I suggest doing straight sets and not doing drop sets for a little while.

What kind of carbohydrates need use with the post workout shake if i want lose fat???
12 September 2011

Tyler - I'm currently using glycoject by evogen nutrition.

Tyler- Why do you train chest with biceps, or back with triceps? A lot of other people train complementary muscles like chest with tri's etc. I was trying to find a good answer online but cant seem to. As always thanks for your responses, and good luck with your new training regimen!
12 September 2011

Tyler - That was my old split but I used that for years.  It all boils down to personal preference.  I prefer to do biceps with chest so I can hit a fresh muscle group afterward. Triceps get taxed through your whole chest workout so by the time you get to them on a chest day you wouldn't be able to hit them as hard as you would on back day.

Hy Tyler ! Following you on new supplements, I ordered the Evogen one you're trying just now !! Are you following the proconised use written on the box, or Hani did a special scedule for you ? thanks a lot again !
12 September 2011

Tyler -That's great let me know how you like them! I am following the supplements as directed on the bottle. 

11 September 2011

Tyler - Try different techniques with arm training such as partials and negatives.  Also make sure your not trying to use too much weight that your not getting a strong contraction at the top of each movement.  To hit the peak the best exercise I've found that works would be concentration curls.  Start your bicep workout with these every time and alternate week to week by doing them standing (arnold style) or seated on a bench using your inner leg as the support.