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Chest and Legs

WORKOUT13 300x120113 Chest and LegsHaving that full day of nothing but recovery and rest on Sunday I was pretty excited to get back at it and fill my chest up.  My strength has improved since my last chest workout.  One detail I'm paying more attention to is increasing my strength from week to week.  Reason being that a stronger muscle is a bigger muscle.  That being said though I'm not sacrificing my form at all and ALWAYS contracting hard on every rep.  Increasing your strength from week to week doesn't necessarily mean you have to increase the poundage.  It can be that but it also can be that you used a certain weight for more reps than you did your previous workout.  Something to keep in mind though if your having one of those drag ass days and your just not feeling it don't get frustrated if your not able to improve or use the same weight because other factors can come into play (not enough rest,water,food).  Needless to say I've had two great workouts and today is my off day which always feels needed after an intense leg training session. Here is an example of what I discussed above.  Last Monday's chest workout for incline db press I did the 80's for 12 then 85's for 10 then 90's for 10... on Monday of this week I did 80's for 12, 90's for 10 then 90's again for 10.  Next week I'm going to increase to 95's and see how that feels and might even try the 100's. Another example is last Tuesday's leg workout for leg press I did 450x12,540x12,630x12 then 720x10 and yesterday I did 540x12,630x12,720x12 then another set of 720x10.

For an early birthday present my mom got me a ps3 and madden 2012 and she just told me yesterday that it's order and being shipped now icon smile Chest and Legs   This will help keep me occupied during my 4 month hibernation icon smile Chest and Legs I can't wait for the new Call of Duty to come out too in the beginning of November and UFC to come out in January.

dragojake 300x239 Chest and Legs

Drago & Jake

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Supplement Profile – Cell K.E.M. (evogennutrition.com)

“I designed Cell K.E.M. to maximize hardness and fullness by providing the most potent anabolic building blocks for maximum muscle growth, and maximum delivery of these powerful agents directly into the muscle cells, using the most cutting edge non-carbohydrate, nutrient-driving and cellular expanding agents available.” - Hany Rambod

arrow Supplement Profile Cell K.E.M. (evogennutrition.com)How Does Cell K.E.M. differ from EVP?

If you’re familiar with my training and nutritional philosophy, or if you’ve ever read any of the literally hundreds of articles I’ve published in the various industry magazines, you understand that the primary tenet of my philosophy of muscle building is solidly based on the concept that maximum anabolism means maximizing blood flow. Every facet of my nutritional protocol, the FST-7 training program and now, with Evogen Nutrition, every component of an athlete’s regimen is specifically manipulated to maximize the flow of nutrient-rich, growth- and performance-fueling blood into the muscles. This being said, both EVP and now Cell K.E.M. have been formulated with several key ingredients to maximize cellular volumization, support vasodilation, and to optimize cell-enriching blood and nutrient delivery.

cellkem pullquote1 Supplement Profile Cell K.E.M. (evogennutrition.com)You may have noticed that both Cell K.E.M. and EVP contain several similar ingredients. This is because both products are formulated to maximize bloodflow to feed anabolism. Here are the primary differences:

  • EVP, the Elite Pre-workout Solution, is designed to deliver immediate muscle pump and an anabolic “spike”, with FUSIL®*, available exclusively from Evogen Nutrition.
  • EVP also contains performance boosting nootropics to help sharpen mental focus for the most-intense training sessions you’ve ever experienced, without the use of pump-killing adrenal stimulants.

Cell K.E.M. is designed to work in synergy with EVP, supporting maximum hardness, fullness and recovery by providing sustained, growth-enhancing pump and volumization, along with the potent growth-triggering 4:1:1 ratio of fermented, pharmaceutical grade BCAAs. Only Cell K.E.M. contains FUSIL® in this ultra-high quality of ingredients in this aggressive anabolic ratio.

Whereas EVP contains nootropics that are useful for the pre- and intra-workout performance boosting, Cell K.E.M. utilizes multiple NO-stimulating agents in its Osmotic Expansion Matrix. Along with anti-oxidants, free-radical scavengers and cellular detoxifiers which protect against cellular trauma and facilitate recovery, Cell K.E.M. contains additional NO support agents in its Recovery Augmenting / Anti-Catabolic Complex that also serves to intensify volumization and expansion by further supporting NO production.

cellkem pullquote2 Supplement Profile Cell K.E.M. (evogennutrition.com)With the powerful lock and key synergy created between the dramatic and immediate volumizing effects of the pre-workout anabolic catalyst, EVP, and the powerful cellular expansion and nutrient driving effects of Cell K.E.M., both with pharmaceutical grade amino acids including FUSIL®, in specific ratios designed to trigger immediate and ongoing anabolism. There is no product or combination of products that can compare to the muscle-maximizing effects of EVP and Cell K.E.M."

arrow Supplement Profile Cell K.E.M. (evogennutrition.com)Unlock Your Maximum Growth Potential!

High-intensity training sets off a cascade of internal bio-chemical events that can lead to catabolic consequences-muscle cell damage. But, it is exactly the traumatic impact of hard training that triggers the body’s mechanisms for growth and repair. With proper nutritional support, potential cellular breakdown can become the catalyst for new muscle growth. Cell K.E.M. delivers the key nutrient building blocks needed to maximize this adaptive, anabolic response.

arrow Supplement Profile Cell K.E.M. (evogennutrition.com)What is Cell K.E.M.?

Cell K.E.M. is Evogen Nutrition’s Elite Mass & Recovery Catalyst. Cell K.E.M. is a precisely formulated, high-performance nutrition supplement designed to address the key factors that impact muscle growth and recovery following high-intensity training. As with all Evogen Nutrition products, Cell K.E.M. contains ingredients of the highest potency, highest purity and solubility for maximum impact and effectiveness.

arrow Supplement Profile Cell K.E.M. (evogennutrition.com)What Does Cell K.E.M. Do?

Cell K.E.M. meticulously combines key muscle-building agents in precise ratios that have been proven to synergistically:

  • Maximize blood flow, cellular expansion and volumization
  • Trigger anabolism
  • Promote new cell growth by providing the building blocks for cellular reconstruction
  • Clear the pathway for anabolism by neutralizing the oxidative stress that results from high-intensity training

arrow Supplement Profile Cell K.E.M. (evogennutrition.com)How Does Cell K.E.M. Work?

Cell K.E.M. is a synergistic blend of performance-enhancing agents, each carefully selected to maximize the body’s anabolic response to training.

1. 4:1:1 Growth Acceleration Complex:
Pharmaceutical Grade, Fermented, Ultra-Soluble BCAA complex: Leucine (FUSIL™), Isoleucine, Valine - 4:1:1 anabolic ratio

Recent research has demonstrated the potent impact of Leucine as the ”anabolic catalyst” because of its direct role in stimulating protein synthesis by activating the anabolic pathway, mTOR. Leucine stimulates the internal cascade of events that ultimately result in greater muscle acquisition. In combination with the other two branched-chain amino acids (BCAA’s) isoleucine and valine, Leucine has been shown to trigger anabolism and speed recuperation especially during times of stress such as during intense training. BCAA supplementation also plays a role in stimulating the powerful anabolic hormones, testosterone, insulin and growth hormone. Only Cell K.E.M. combines FUSIL™* and pharmaceutical grade isoleucine and valine, in the 4:1:1 anabolic ratio designed to maximize the anabolic impact of FUSIL. No other formula can match this. *FUSIL™ is pharmaceutical Grade, Fermented, Ultra-Soluble

2. Recovery Augmenting/Anti-Catabolic/Anti-Oxidant Complex:
Cell K.E.M. contains several key nutrients proven to enhance recovery, bolster the immune system and scavenge cell-damaging metabolic waste products. Pharmaceutical grade glutamine and L-Glutamine AKG are key immuno-support, anti-catabolic and recovery augmenting agents of the highest purity and potency. This specific detoxifying matrix is designed to relieve systemic metabolic load to facilitate rapid and maximal recovery from the potential cellular trauma caused by the rigors of hard-training and restrictive contest dieting. The nutrient base of Cell K.E.M is also fortified with Resveratrol, which has demonstrated anti-oxidant, anti-inflammatory, immuno-protective and cardio-protective effects in multiple studies.

3. Osmotic Expansion/ATP-Enhancing Complex:
One of Cell K.E.M.’s unique properties is it’s volumizing capability. Like it’s lock-and-key counterpart, EVP, the Elite Pre-Workout Solution, Cell K.E.M.’s ultra-soluble formula contains powerful cytoplasmic expansion agents and nutrient drivers including creatine gluconate, L-Norvaline, arginine AKG and Resveratrol, designed to hyper-load muscle cells with growth- and recovery-enhancing nutrients. Cell K.E.M.’s unique cellular expansion properties maximize muscle volume and nutrient delivery at the most critical time – immediately post-workout. Cell K.E.M.’s proven ATP regenerating components, including citrulline malate and creatine gluconate, support the Kreb’s cycle and replenish cellular energy substrates to refuel muscle contraction, to allow athletes to return to the gym, the field or the training mat quicker.

4. Electrolyte Infusion/Hyper-Hydration Complex:
Hydration and electrolyte balance are critical to optimal cellular function. Intense training can deplete cells of vital hydration, and disrupt electrolyte balance, further complicating cellular function, including the mechanisms of muscle contraction, energy regeneration and nutrient delivery. Cell K.E.M.’s Electrolyte Infusion/Hyper-Hydration Complex provides a functionally balanced electrolyte solution to optimize muscle cell function and health, support contractility, fluid balance and prevent contractility.

arrow Supplement Profile Cell K.E.M. (evogennutrition.com)The Elite Pre-Workout Solution:

With EVP, it is not necessary to take multiple pre-workout products. EVP is precisely formulated with every ingredient you need to achieve maximum strength, recovery, fullness and definition. You will not need to worry about unnecessary, antagonistic ingredients or the extra cost of combining several products. EVP contains no unnecessary or antagonistic ingredients. You will also not need to “stack” additional or less complete products that will hinder your gains by creating unnecessary system toxicity. EVP is 100% sugar free, maltodextrin free and carbohydrate free. This ingredients are often used as fillers or binders that can contribute to insulin spikes and shut down fat burning mechanisms. EVP will allow you to maintain fullness and maximum pump even on the most restrictive pre-contest, low-carb or ketogenic diet.

arrow Supplement Profile Cell K.E.M. (evogennutrition.com)Elite Mass & Recovery Catalyst

Recovery is arguably the most-overlooked or misunderstood component of any athlete’s nutritional program. Until recently, the supplement industry has done little to address what could be the single most important component of the athlete’s nutritional protocol. That’s whereEvogen Nutrition is, again, a step ahead of the rest.

In recent years, the supplement industry has focused on developing products that support an athlete’s performance from the pre-workout standpoint, based on any of several stimulant-laden or sugar-based pre-workout products. But precious little headway has been made into understanding the process of recovery and anabolism in the critical, immediate, post-workout phase…until now!

The Pro-Creator, Hany Rambod, CEO Evogen Nutrition and bodybuilding’s top contest prep guide, knows that the time immediately following training is critical. The impact of intense training on the body’s internal biochemical environment results in one of two scenarios – anabolism or catabolism. Cell K.E.M., Evogen Nutrition’s Elite Mass & Recovery Formula, is your nutritional insurance policy, to guarantee your body follows the anabolic pathway of maximum growth, rather than heading down the catabolic path to self-destruction.

arrow Supplement Profile Cell K.E.M. (evogennutrition.com)Cell K.E.M. for All Day Anabolism:

Athlete’s of all sports can benefit from Cell K.E.M.’s unique and powerful performance and recovery components. Bodybuilders, Figure and Fitness competitors, MMA athletes, track & field and all other power, strength and speed athletes will all benefit from Cell K.E.M.

Athletes who are entrenched in a high-intensity training program, such as physique contest- or fight-prep, will find tremendous benefit from Cell K.E.M. and will benefit from taking additional servings of Cell K.E.M. throughout the day. In addition to the recommended post-workout serving, use Cell K.E.M. upon waking, or mid-day in between meals, to maximize performance anti-catabolic and recovery benefits, especially during the rigors of pre-competition training. For athletes who train more than once per day, such as pre-contest, bodybuilding and figure competitors, or MMA athletes, use Cell K.E.M. after every intense training session to maximize muscle hardness, recovery, cellular energy and hydration. Cell K.E.M. can also be utilized at bedtime, to prevent potential catabolic effects of the night time fasting period.

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What a WEEK!

If your on twitter and interested in following me I'll be updating it daily now! http://twitter.com/#!/tylermcpeak615

This week I feel like my body has been put through the ringer.  Any time you change things up on your body and break habits you once had is throws your body into a shock.  I look at every workout now with purpose that will lead to the end product in December when I head to LA to shoot.  A couple of tips that I wanted to give everyone is make yourself a plan.  It sounds very simple and it is but it works wonders especially on the nutrition side of things.  It's been so much easier for me to have a plan that I follow every day.  I know what meals I'm going to be having around the same times everyday.  As you may have been following on my food log before everyday would be a little different because I didn't have structure.  I would go into each day not knowing what exactly I would be having.  Of coarse I had some sort of an idea of the foods I had but like I said there was no structure.

nyc 300x211 What a WEEK!

I took this picture from a friends roof top when I used to live in NYC

Friday's Back/Hamstring workout was great.  My supplements had came in the day before so it was the first day of trying them out.  Got a very full pump!  Saturday rolled around and I hit Arms/Calves.  One of the best pumps I'd gotten in a while and training biceps was PAINFUL from the amount of blood flushing into them rep by rep.  Last night I tried to watch the Strikeforce MMA fight's on Showtime and only made it to through the second fight and passed out.  Today I had a couple of clients this morning and I've been resting and watching football all day while managing to take an hour nap in there.  It's my off day and it's been a much needed rest and recovery day.  I'll be fresh and ready to get back in there tomorrow and start my week off with Chest!

Today is a day of reflection and memorial.  Thank you to EVERYONE that serves and protects our country.

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Questions – 9/11/2011

zink1 300x198 Questions 9/11/2011

Zink Magazine Editorial - NYC 2009 Winter

Hey tyler, I've been looking into the Dorian Yates "Blood and Guts" workout to mix things up a bit however there is a strong emphasis on intensity over the typical bodybuilding volume approach (3 to 4 sets of 8 to 12 reps). Was wondering what your opinions were on that type of approach if my ultimate goal is a pyshique similar to ours. Thanks!
11 September 2011

Tyler - I suggest giving it a try.  I've tried this style of training along with "dog crapp" training which are similar.  I personally didn't like it.  I like to fill the muscle with the maximum amount of blood and it's hard to do that when your just going balls to the wall for 1 sets after doing 1-2 "feel sets" or "warm ups"  I've found for me that volume and pumping the muscle works best. But like I said give it a try for a month and see how your body responds and how you like it.

Hey Tyler, I know the importance of taking protein shakes and supplements on workout days, but do you do anything different on rest days, as far as what you should still take and when you should take it?
11 September 2011

Tyler - Right now out of the new supplements I'm using  (evogen - evp,cell kem, glycoject) the only one I take of my off days (wednesdays & sundays) is the cell k.e.m.

Hi Tyler, I found out about you on simply shreddes top 20 physics. First thing is thank you for the website, all the food/training tips are all great. I am struggling to stick to my diet. how do you do it and keep motivated? Also really interested in your modeling side. How do you keep the right shape for modeling with out getting to big? Thanks
11 September 2011

Michael - Your welcome! thanks for checking my site out! The diet/nutrition plan is the hardest part.  As you may have read I've had my fare share of battles with food.  One thing that might help you is to make yourself a plan. Type it out and place it on the fridge.  Have your meals always planed and prepared so you will know exactly what you will be eating at around the same times every day.  Allow yourself a cheat meal every week of something that you enjoy but don't overdo it.  I suggest having it as your last meal at the end of the week so you can have it be done with it and be ready to get right back to your plan the next day.  My motivation comes from wanting to always be better and never being content.  I have NO interest in doing fashion modeling anymore my full focus in the modeling side of things is FITNESS.

hey ty. my biceps are not very thick and they are short (there is a space between my bicep and elbow when my arm is extended. What can i do to help thicken and lengthen my biceps while following your routine? Any tips?
11 September 2011

Tyler - Do DB Hammer curls every week (to thicken your arms).  As for the length make sure your always doing a full range of motion.  Never go down to wear your elbow is locked out though.  Always go down to just a slight bend where the bicep is fully stretched then go back up to the contraction.  Another option you can try is training arms twice a week.  I've trained arms up to 3 times a week before

how about oatmeal right after a workout at night along with a chicken caesar salad? i read no carbs at night, but is this true?
10 September 2011

Tyler - If losing fat is your main goal I'd stay away from the high cal/fat/sugar dressings.  If your workout is at night and your post workout meal is oats and a chicken salad that is fine.  If your workout is during the day then yes no carbs at night

When is the best time to cheat? Right after the workout?
10 September 2011

Tyler - I suggest having your cheat meal as your last meal of the night so you won't have the urge to continue cheating and make it a cheat day rather than just one meal.  If can control that urge then directly after a workout would be a good time to cheat.

Kristopher Shook
I see you are taking new supps. Are you going to stay with any of the old supps you were previously taking besides Whey? Would you recommend ZMA and HMB while taking your new supp plan?
9 September 2011

Tyler - Nope just going to be using the new ones.  I've taken ZMA in the past and I felt it helped with getting deep sleep.  I've never tried HMB before.  I've read articles on it and was going to try it out until I seen the price tag.

Tyler I'm having trouble gaining muscle on my chest, I had exams for two and started back on Monday trying to gain some muscle but my chest is so flat any recommendations? I tried lifting heavy on it or using squeeze movement exercise but no luck, I also started using Creatine monohydrate to help with my gains
9 September 2011

Tyler - I would stick with the heavy basics for 8-12 reps.  Always start your workout with 2 presses. Week to week switch it up from starting off with incline or flat.  Also keep it switched up as to using a db and a barbell.  After your get done with your heavy presses move onto a stretching movement such as db flys and finish off with pec dec.  On the stretching exercises you still want to be using a decent amount of weight but don't lose focus on the stretch and contraction of the chest. 

Ty, I was wondering, in your video it seems that you are always training to failure on each set. true? also seems to be no rest between sets what so ever. is that your recommendation?

Tyler - I do take every working set to failure.  I rest in between straight 45 seconds to 1 minute except on legs I rest as long as I need in for squats and leg press.  When doing supersets or tri-sets or giant-sets there is no rest in between each exercise until the whole set is complete.


Supplement Profile – E.V.P. (evogennutrition.com)

What is EVP™?

EVP is short for Evopoietin One Alpha®. EVP is a very carefully engineered performance nutrition supplement, designed specifically to augment the internal mechanisms that trigger and support muscle growth. EVP contains potent, unique and pharmaceutical-grade ingredients of the highest quality and purity, meticulously combined to optimize the internal training environment. The result? - Unparalleled muscle size, plateau-breaking gains in strength and skin-splitting pumps. EVP is the complete, Elite Pre-Workout Solution that will enable you to take your training results to the next level.

arrow Supplement Profile E.V.P. (evogennutrition.com)evp pullquote1 Supplement Profile E.V.P. (evogennutrition.com)What Does EVP Do?

The specialized ingredients in EVP result in a flood of enriching, blood-engorging nutrients into the muscle cell, causing an incredible increase in blood volume with a corresponding “swelling” of muscle tissues. EVP synergistically combines powerful proven, performance-boosting ingredients to deliver dramatic muscle-cell volumizing and fascia-stretching pumps. Within 20 minutes of consumption, your muscles will be maximally engorged with vein-popping, nutrient-rich blood.

arrow Supplement Profile E.V.P. (evogennutrition.com)EVP was formulated to:

  • Stimulate protein synthesis to ignite the body’s muscle-building machinery
  • Increase training performance by supporting cellular energy pathways
  • Support increased muscle cell volume for massive muscle pumps
  • Enhance mental focus without the use of stimulants, for subtle but intense and improved concentration

arrow Supplement Profile E.V.P. (evogennutrition.com)How Does EVP Work?

1. Pharmaceutical Anabolic Catalyst (FUSIL®):
FUSIL*(Fermented, Ultra-Soluble L-Leucine), the driving force behind EVP’s powerhouse formula, is high-grade, fermented L-Leucine of the highest quality, then made ultra-soluble for maximum absorption. This single ingredient sets EVP apart, head and shoulders, from other pre-workout formulas.

FUSIL is only available through EVOGEN Nutrition. L-Leucine is often called “the anabolic trigger” because it stimulates protein synthesis and ignites anabolic reactions within the body, accelerating the process of muscle growth and repair.* FUSIL is manufactured under a precise, strictly monitored fermentation process, to ensure that this ingredient is of the absolute highest quality and purity possible.

EVP incorporates this powerful, pharmaceutical grade muscle building agent, along with the proven effects of Glutamine, Citrulline Malate and a full spectrum B-Vitamin package that will maximize your training while simultaneously enhance recovery and trigger new muscle growth.

EVP’s unique solubility ensures unprecedented, rapid, maximum absorption and bioavailability. Elite Bodybuilders, Fitness and Figure competitors have found this advanced, precisely engineered formula of proven ingredients to result in increased protein synthesis, measurably enhance training performance and enhanced recovery.

evp pullquote2 Supplement Profile E.V.P. (evogennutrition.com)2. Nutrient Injection/Volumizing Complex:
EVP contains a precise combination of specific compounds that contribute to intra-cellular fluid shift and cytoplasmic expansion. This specific quad-arginine blend combined with creatine gluconate dramatically increases cell volume and nutrient delivery into the muscle tissue.* Additionally, these substrates facilitate ATP production pathways within the muscle cells, to support and fuel ongoing, intense muscular contractions and delay the onset of muscular fatigue for measurable physical performance enhancement.*

3. Anticatabolic/Recovery Complex:
EVP combines the high-grade L Glutamine with Carnosyn® (Beta Alanine), and L-Glutamine AKG to create a synergistic anticatabolic and recovery complex.* L-Glutamine contributes to muscle building and muscle protective processes in several critical ways.* EVP combines a dual-Glutamine blend with the other key components of this complex to yield powerful anticatabolic and immune supporting effects for muscle growth and recovery.*

4. ATP/Cognitive Enhancing Complex:
EVP’s ATP/Cognitive Enhancing Complex was specifically formulated to support mental focus, alertness and mind-muscle connection.* EVP does not contain vaso-constrictive stimulants which could inhibit blood flow to muscles and stress the adrenal glands with daily use. This sophisticated neuro-support cocktail may enhance training performance, working in synergy with, rather than antagonistic to, the high-power volumizing, nutrient-driving agents of EVP.*

arrow Supplement Profile E.V.P. (evogennutrition.com)The Elite Pre-Workout Solution

With EVP, it is not necessary to take multiple pre-workout products. EVP is precisely formulated with every ingredient you need to achieve maximum strength, recovery, fullness and definition. You will not need to worry about unnecessary, antagonistic ingredients or the extra cost of combining several products. EVP contains no unnecessary or antagonistic ingredients. You will also not need to “stack” additional or less complete products that will hinder your gains by creating unnecessary system toxicity. EVP is 100% sugar free, maltodextrin free and carbohydrate free. This ingredients are often used as fillers or binders that can contribute to insulin spikes and shut down fat burning mechanisms. EVP will allow you to maintain fullness and maximum pump even on the most restrictive pre-contest, low-carb or ketogenic diet.

arrow Supplement Profile E.V.P. (evogennutrition.com)EVP Has Many Purposes and Uses:


EVP primes the body for the pump. This brings nutrient- and oxygen-rich blood to the muscles, allowing them to bathe in the anabolic nutrients contained in EVP. The incredible “pump” caused by this enhanced blood volume causes the muscle fascia to stretch, allowing more room for growth and signaling the release of localized growth factors.


Post-workout use EVP to counter catabolism and enhance the adaptive response to intense training. The anabolic nutrients in EVP have been shown to trigger protein synthesis to spark new growth and stimulate protein synthesis, cellular growth and the repair of damaged and depleted muscle cells in the post-training phase.


Eight hours of sleep can be great for recovery, but those same eight hours mean an extended period of time without the ingestion of muscle-building nutrients. When sleeping, the body’s amino acid pool can quickly become depleted, which in turn can cause the body to eat away at precious muscle tissue. Taking EVP prior to bedtime can ensure that your amino acid pool is never depleted, creating a virtual liquid armor against catabolism. With EVP, bedtime will become another period of maximized growth and recovery. Sleep will never be the same.


Sports such as Powerlifting, Football, Bodybuilding, Baseball and MMA require explosive bursts of muscular power. EVP is the fuel for that power for athletes in any physically demanding sport! Endurance or extreme athletes, including long-distance runners, tri-athletes, MMA or Cyclists will also find the performance- and recovery-boosting and muscle-protecting, muscle-building properties of EVP to be invaluable. EVP harnesses the muscle-building effects of FUSIL, combined with the proven performance-boosting, anti-fatigue and recovery components of it’s battle tested formula to fuel hard training, nourish recovery and stimulate new muscle growth. Enhance your training performance, ramp up recovery time and take your results to the next level with EVP, the Elite Pre-Workout Solution!

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One thing I want to point out about this whole process is that I have a brand new hunger for my workouts.  There for a while I was starting to get burnt out and felt over trained and was having to take rest days etc.  It's a new ball game now and like I said before this is as focused as I've ever been.  I was thinking to myself today that I accomplished my physique on my own for 7 years and never really peaked my true potential through my battle with an eating disorder to never really knowing how to diet correctly.  I hate to call it a diet because it truly is a lifestyle choice you have to make in order to look a certain way.  All that being said words can't really describe how excited I am. photo65 225x300 Shoulders/Traps

Shoulders and Traps were trashed today and when I got home my package of supplements had arrived so I can't wait to get them started tomorrow!

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Lamb Burgers

Another recipe from Clean Eating Magazine!  If your a fan of Gyro's this is a great healthy alternative.

lamb 300x215 Lamb Burgers

Lamb Burgers



  • ½ cup nonfat plain Greek yogurt
  • ¼ cucumber, peeled, halved lengthwise, seeded and cut into chunks
  • 2 tbs coarsely chopped fresh dill
  • 1 tbsp fresh lemon juice
  • ½ small shallot, coarsely shopped
  • 8 oz 95% lean ground beef
  • 4 oz ground lamb, preferably lean
  • ½ tsp sea salt
  • ½ tsp fresh ground pepper
  • 2 whole wheat pitas, cut in half to make 4 pita pockets
  • 4 romaine lettuce leaves
  • 1 tomato diced


One:  Prepare tzatziki:  in a food processor, combine yogurt, cucumber, dill, lemon juice, and shallot.  Pulse to make a chunky sauce; set aside.

Two:  In a large bowl, combine beef, lamb, salt and pepper and mix gently.  Shape mixture into patties, about 4 inches long and ½ inch thick.

Three:  Heat grill to medium-high and lightly oil grate.  Grill patties to desired doness, about 3 minutes per side for medium.  During final minute toast both sides of pitas lightly on grill.

Four:  Place 1 lamburger in each pita pocket.  Add lettuce, tomato and tzatziki to each.

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Questions – 9/8/2011

tyler davin00 226x300 Questions 9/8/2011

Rick Day - 2008 Summer NYC

Hello Ty ! Thanks for all ! your site 's amazing and you become to me a model of life ! how many time you spend daily at the gym for workout ? i'm trying to follow your workout program (weights + cardios) and it's difficult to me to spend less than 2h to do everything ! In that your timing too ? watching your videos you seem not to take very few time between reps! thanks a lot
8 September 2011

Tyler - if your spending 2 hours in the gym in one session that is way to long to be in there.  shorten your rest periods in between your sets and avoid conversation etc.  all of your weight training shouldn't take any longer then 45 minutes to 1 hour max. as for cardio it depends on what your goals are and where your bodyfat is currently but if the only time you can do cardio is after your weight training start off with 15-20 minutes for the first couple of weeks and see how your body responds.

Hi Tyler, first off thanks for the amazing website that serves as a source of motivation, knowledge and determination for me and many, many others. I was just wondering if you had any advice on working out without a pre-workout supplement and not losing any progress. I have been using stimulants like Jack3d and No-Xplode for about 3 months and I decided to stay off them for a couple of weeks and my workouts so far have been much less productive. I know you have just took time off supplements so I was wondering if you had any tips for getting ready and pushing out the extra reps without supplements?
7 September 2011

Tyler - I think your doing your body a huge favor by giving the stimulants a break.  Stimulants exhaust your adrenal glands which can cause Adrenal Fatigue.  Adrenal Fatigue can lead to muscle loss and catabolism of skeletal muscle.  Strength and or endurance loss from adrenal fatigue wouldn't allow you to train at your best.  Over training is a great sign of adrenal fatigue symptoms include the sensation of being "burned out",lack of sex drive, impaired attention, depression or anxiety, and insomnia.  All of that being said it sounds like a mental game for you right now.  I would take a few days off (or even up to a week if needed)  let your body rest and you'll be wanting to get back in there and tear it up without having to use a stimulant.  Also another suggestion would be to up your carb intake pre workout and that will help give you more energy.

tyler...any advice on approaching photographers. i would like to try modeling and cannot figure out how to find the reputable ones.
7 September 2011

Tyler - there is a couple of ways you can go about it.  first would be to seek them out yourself. find which magazines you would like to work with and get the contact information from there and I would try to contact them on facebook as well.  second would be to get with an agency and they will set you up with all the shoots you need to build your portfolio.

Hi Ty ! during the last modifications of your training program, you decided to stop supplements for some weeks excepted proteins of course ( it was in August, I think! ) ! do you decide to reschedule supplements with the Hani's program and if it is, what is your new routine ? thanks a lot for advises ! you're the best !
7 September 2011

Tyler - I will be taking Hany's supplement company's stack.  evogennutrition.com - I'll be taking E.V.P.,Cell K.E.M. and Glycoject.  I'll let everyone know how it is once I start to use it.  It should be coming in the mail today.

Hello Tyler ! happy to know the last training program you schedulded before the Hani’s adventure was the good one ! In this program when you say wendesday and Sunday are days OFF, does that mean you don’t do any workout at all ? neither wheigh nor cardio one ? Or do you do some cardio session however ! thanks for advise and I wish the best for your new training process !
7 September 2011

Tyler - This week I did 1 cardio session on Wednesday and no weights.  Sundays are a full day off of nothing but REST.

Hey, what are your thoughts on the P90X program and its effectiveness for gaining lean muscle?
7 September 2011

Tyler - I've never tried the P90X program out.  I think if your trying to lean down and not get any bigger and have a athletic look this would be a good program.  It's very high intensity.  If your main goal is to build lean mass and add muscle then I suggest sticking with a bodybuilding style routine.

it could be psychological, but do you ever notice that you look more ripped in the mirror than when you just look at your body?

Tyler - It's most likely the difference in lighting.  Start taking weekly or every other week digital progress pictures in the same lighting and same spot at your house so you can monitor your progress.



WORKOUT13 300x120111 Legs/AbsI used to think my workouts were hard and intense until now.  When I was doing leg press's my legs quads were so pumped that when I put my feet in the position to go it was an uncomfortable feeling that I've never experienced before.   After trashing legs and abs yesterday my legs and abs are both hurting like I've never trained them before.  My chest is still a little sore from Mondays workout too.  This is only day 5 on the new diet and I'm already seeing changes.   I'm getting the best contractions and pumps and I think it's due to proper nutrition.  Today was my off day from weights so in between clients I have been getting plenty of rest.  My supplements are supposed to come in tomorrow afternoon so I'm definitely psyched to start taking them.  I'll be using Hany Rambod's Evogen Nutrition supplement stack.  E.V.P, Cell K.E.M. and GlycoJect.  Check them out at evogennutrition.com . I'll let everyone know how they are working for me by next week once I get to use them for a few workouts.

"A year from now you may wish you had started today." - Karen Lamb

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Questions – 9/6/2011

21 Questions 9/6/2011

Rick Day - Summer 2008 NYC

if i need lose 5/6 % bodyfat, you think that i can do hiit, 15 minutes 5 days a week? can you give me an example of how it is do correctly??? thank ty!
6 September 2011

Tyler - you can do all the cardio you want but if you don't eat clean you wont drop that body fat.  so to answer your question and i'm assuming that your diet is clean yes you can lose body fat doing that but your going to have to experiment and see if that amount will work for YOUR body.  a couple of examples would be stepmill 3 minutes of step rate around 100 followed by 2 minutes of 50-60 step rate. or you can go minute for minute.  Also you can keep things switched up and run 1 mile on a treadmill for speed then do the remainder of your cardio time jumping rope.  there are lots of different ways to do high intensity cardio. i suggest keep it switched up so you won't get bored and it'll keep your body guessing and you will reach your body fat goals.

could u please give some perspective on online training and nutritional consultations? how can it be as effective as in person training and consultation? i noticed you offer it and I am assuming your new program you're starting with Hany is online/phone as well
6 September 2011

Tyler - first off i want to say that you have to already have the drive and determination to reach your goals before signing up for online training.  the reason that it's just as effective is that everything is mapped out for you. there is no guess work for you.  all you have to do is follow instructions .  like i said you have to already have the drive.  how my program works is that based on your current body fat,weight, and goal is how i would design a nutrition plan for you. as for the training that would depend on your goal as well.  i feel it's easier to follow a nutrition plan and exercise plan when it's mapped out for you and your doing something on a specific day etc.

Hello Ty ! thanks a lot for your site ! What is the method you use to estimate your body fat level ? Impedance ? anthropometric ? Skinfold ? heigh and circonference ? other ? I’d like to use the same one to follow my progresses ! thanks for help !
5 September 2011

Tyler - I do not get my body fat taken. I havn't had a skinfold test done since 2007.  I monitor my progress by taking pictures, and looking myself in the mirror.

Hey Tyler, just wanted to say thanks for the time and dedication to make this awesome website! You put a lot of time here answering are questions and i'm sure i'm not the only one that is thankful! Keep up the good work! You have always been an inspiraton to me and my buds since we saw your photos! Thanks again
5 September 2011

Tyler - thanks Mike!

Tyler, what's you opinion on using a weight belt? Do you only use it for heavy squats and deadlifts? It not when do you use one? Also what brand/kind of belt do you wear?
4 September 2011

Tyler - I wear a belt on everything that I do.  I feel like it keeps my waist small and tight and keeps me conscious of keeping my abs tight when doing exercises. I have a hardbinger belt but looking into getting a sheik soon.

Hi, I work out at home..I have all the needed equipment except a workout bech with a backrest..can i still workout the shoulders without a back rest.? Thanks man..
4 September 2011

Tyler - of coarse you can! the first year i worked out in my parents basement with very basic equipment.  you can do standing overhead press for shoulders, standing or seated lateral raise, db front raises, barbell front raises, upright rows. bent over db laterals for rear delts. also you can do the shoulder presses seated too you just won't be able to go as heavy but it will build core strength.

Hey Tyler, I'm wondering, how long can you not workout and maintain body mass (of course not making any gains) but while eating pretty healthy still, any ideas?
4 September 2011

Tyler -  I really don't know. I'm sure it's different for everyone.  The good thing is muscle has memory and it will respond quickly.  I suggest not taking any longer then a week off from working out though.

Tyler, When trying to build lean muscle Is it essential to take a BCAA product around your training sessions? And when is the best time to take it (before/after/during)? Other then that, thanks for all of your training/slash nutrition advice it is all really helpful!
4 September 2011

Tyler - It is essential if your trying to build lean mass.  I've taken BCAA's between my meals, pre workout, during workout, and post workout.