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oct27 246x300 228!

10/27/2011 - Nashville

If you have been following my blog then you'll know that the plan still is filling out (bulking)  for the next three weeks while still improving condition slowly.  I'm currently weighing 222lb on an empty stomach and around 228 in the afternoon/night.  I have not weighed this much since 2006 and back then my body fat was  A LOT higher than it is now at this weight.  My condition is still improving weekly as I see new lines and veins coming out more.   This time last year my focus was on being lean with a possibility of "fashion" modeling still in mind.  I was doing a lot of high intensity work.  Lots of boxing,sprinting, almost all of my weight training workouts were super sets and giant sets and high reps.  I was weighing around 200lb.  A year later I'm doing what I've always had in my heart to do with no one telling me how I should look (agencies).  My body feels great right now and I know that my frame is meant to carry a lot more muscle then walking around at 200lb year round.  Everyone have a fun and safe Halloween...I'll be dressed up as myself this year most likely in gym clothes lounging around the house.

Hard work ALWAYS pays off.

228 224x300 228!

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Questions – 10/28/2011


tyler890 226x300 Questions 10/28/2011

Rick Day - NYC 2008

Also what do you think about fasting and taking BCAA's?
29 October 2011

Tyler - I've tried lean gains and it wasn't for me.  I'm not fan of the under eating and over eating concept.  I've found that more of a balanced approach works best for me.  When I did lean gains I lost A LOT of my muscle size.  I take BCAA's every day.  They are in a supplement I take called Cell K.E.M. by Evogen Nutrition.  I believe amino's are crucial if you want to add lean muscle mass.

Tyler, what is your favorite music playlist to hit the gym hard ? thanks
28 October 2011

Tyler - It really depends on my mood.  Today it was all hard rock/metal.  I listen to anything from Disturbed,Five Finger Death Punch,Seether,Hate Breed,Stemm,Black Lablel Society just to name a few.  When I do my cardio I listen to mostly techno/trance/house my favorites are Benny Benassi,David Guetta,Afrojack..I'll listen to their whole mixes that they put out on the net.  When I'm in a hiphop mood I listen a lot of different stuff..rick ross,wale,drake,lil wayne,waka flacka,wooh da kid,gucci mane,wiz khalifa,ti,tupac,biggy,jay z, and the list could just keep going on as hiphop is my favorite music to listen to.  I'll post a mix so everyone can download soon.

Tyler, just wanted to say thank you so much for posting your old workouts! I always struggle with making my own and actually feeling it the next day. Just wanted to say thanks so much!
28 October 2011

Tyler - Your welcome..I'll be posting several more up so be on the look out for them and keep up the hard work!

ty, I train my muscles one per day, except arms that i train together biceps and triceps. can i put one more day for train biceps and triceps but only with fst7 technique???
28 October 2011

Tyler - Keep everything the same just add the fst-7 at the end of your bicep and tricep workout.

1. If you were stuck and couldn't workout for a bit.. Good to still stick to a good nutrition? Maybe do some things around the house for a pump? 2. Maybe it's just me. I just turned 30 this year and I have all these aches and pains. Thinking it's from working out. Possibly not getting enough sleep.. Ever experience Minor aches and pain from working out? For me, especially my elbow. It's always cracking I think from triceps extensions. Thanks bud!
28 October 2011

Tyler - I don't understand what you mean that if I was stuck?? Regardless I would always eat a clean healthy nutrition plan.  Eat like shit look like shit.  If your not able to get to the gym then yeah I would just do things around the house to get a workout in.  I have minor aches and pains almost on the daily.  It comes with the territory.  You have to be smart and know your body enough when it's something serious or just and ache.  You answered your own question as for the cracking when you do the extensions.  Just don't do extensions.  Learn to work around pains there is always many exercises to choose from.
I want to get cut so I know I need to restrict my calories. What do you think about alternating days between only food and only whey protein? Some people advocate an all whey diet or all protein shake/smoothie diet when cutting.
28 October 2011

Tyler - Stick with whole food all the time.  There is absolutely no sense in just drinking all of your cals.

Tyler have you got any modeling tips? I would like to become a model but I don't know where to start
27 October 2011

Tyler - Depends if your trying to go for fitness of fashion.  If fashion you can take basic digitals and send them to the major agencies and if they are interested they will let you know.  Go to any of the agencies blogs and see the type of digital you'll need to submit.  If fitness is what your goal is you can do what I did and compete in a show and network or sudmit photos to Silver Model Management as they are the only real fitness agency.

Marcus Mitchell
Hey tyler I would love to get into the fitness modeling industry any words of advice.
27 October 2011

Tyler - You can compete in a show and network or sudmit photos to Silver Model Management as they are the only real fitness agency.  Be in your top shape and go to events like the Arnold Classic or Olympia Expo's and network network and more network.

Hey tyler, So im seeking advice on some bicep excercises that focus on the bottom of the bicep cloer to the inside of the elbow. I'de like to increase the length of my bicep down my arm, but theres a huge gap between where it ends and my elbow when flexing at a 90* angle. Appreciate all you do, keep doing work, Train INSANE or remain the same, < make that into a shirt!
27 October 2011

Tyler - It could be that genetically that will be how your bicep will look.  Make sure your getting a full stretch at the bottom just short of locking your elbows out as you don't want to add the pressure on the elbow joint.  I do need to make that a shirt..I love that saying!


What is FST-7?

fst 300x109 What is FST 7?

It stands for Fascial Stretch Training and the seven refers to 7 sets performed usually as the final exercise of a target bodypart. Basically you train that bodypart on any given day heavy as you normally would keeping the rep range between 8-12, but the last exercise you perform the seven sets to finish off that particular muscle, with minimal rest in between to get the best pump possible.

You should refrain from using  compound lifts as your "seven set," because they require balance and the use of ancillary muscles which takes focus off the target muscle. Machines and cables are a good idea and free wights like barbell curls and skull crushers also work well for this "seven set". Perform your "seven set" at the end of the workout for that muscle group.**

The goal is to bring as much vitamins, minerals, amino acids, oxygen etc. into the muscle, and also stretch the fascia surrounding it to help encourage maximal muscle growth.  The fascia is the limiting factor in acheiving muscle growth because the mucsle will grow only as much as there is room for it to do so.  This training system is targeted to stretch the fascia and allow more room, instead of limiting muscle growth.

** Restricting the "seven sets" as your last exercise is recommended for new users of this training principle. This will allow you to lift heavy for first few exercises before taking the muscle to failure.  There are many other variations for advanced users, including "front-loading the seven sets", that will be discussed in the forums and blogs to allow creativity in workouts and to shock and further stretch the fascia and enhance muscle growth.

For sample workouts go to fst-7.com

I have been using this technique every week since I started with Hany.  Make sure to give it a try and you will get the fullest pump you have ever experienced!

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Questions – 10/25/2011

sweater 300x238 Questions 10/25/2011

Winter 2007 NYC - Rick Day

Tyler, I am trying to work on my upper chest and I am struggling to find the right angle when I do incline bench press. What do you use/suggest? I have read that too steep of an angle works your shoulders, however not steep enough fails to hit the upper pec. Looking forward to some advice, thanks!
26 October 2011

Tyler - On the benches that are marked by numbers I do my presses and flies on a number 4 (about a 45 degree angle).  You definitely don't want to go to high because you will have the tendency to use all shoulders to do the movement.  Week to week try different levels to find what works best for you.

Hey Tyler- Im currently trying to add on lean muscle to my frame as well as lose a few lbs of body fat. I know this is a difficult task, i don’t believe in the famous bulk & cut routines i believe it just makes it harder to lose wait once you bulk up. Im currently taking in around 16 cals per body weight at 170 lbs 5’10 (2,720) cals following a 45/35/20 ratio for carbs/protein/fat. Do you think this is a good approach for adding on some lean mass. Im currently doing morning cardio 3 times a week which has helped me lean up a bit as well as weighing my foods now as i mention earlier to you. If you had any feedback based on your personal experiences i would greatly appreciate it. Thanks a lot, -Kris
25 October 2011

Tyler - looks like a good ratio to me as long as it's all clean food choices and your using correct nutrient timing.  If your trying to lose body fat still I would add another 2 days of the morning cardio and see how that goes for the next couple of weeks. If you find that your still not losing any fat then you will want to look at your nutrition and make adjustments.

Tyler- What are some of your favorite fitness websites? Im looking mostly for nutrition articles. Thanks
25 October 2011

Tyler - bodybuilding.com,simplyshredded.com,musculardevelopment.com,flexonline.com,rxmuscle.com

Still checking in on the site updates, it's awesome! Quick question: what advice would you give to someone trying to gain lean mass, but is having a difficult time getting all their meals in. So much food! How do you eat enough when you're not hungry? Any tips? Maybe put up a new nutrition vid sometime man. Thanks!
25 October 2011

Tyler - I only had this problem the first year of working out.  Now I'm like clockwork I get hungry every 2 hours.  It takes time for your body to adjust to the increase in food.  Here are a couple of suggestions.  Try doing 3 whole food meals and 3 shakes.  Have a whole food meal then your next meal will be a shake. Alternate back in forth all day.  Another suggestion would be to just slowly increase your meal sizes.  Start off very small portions until your body is getting hungry every couple of hours.  Good luck but remember you have to have those nutrients in order to build lean mass.

i just want to say you are amazziinnggggg!!!!
24 October 2011

Tyler - thank you krystle!

Hello Ty ! thanks for this amazing site and the kindness of your answers ! Some of BB and fitness models in your age presenting their diet and workout on forums say they use DHEA regularly ! what do you think about ? Ddo you think it's a good stuff to use ? thanks again
24 October 2011

Tyler - I tried it once this year and didn't notice much of anything from it. The best supplements by far that I've used and still currently using is the Evogen Stack.  EVP,Cell K.E.M. and Glycoject

Hello Ty ! in your last article you talk about a goal to reach and the right plan to get it. What is your new goal at the end of the 4 monthes Hani’s training session ? new modeling or pictures campaign ? just to feel better on you training activity ? new methods to apply to yours clients ? thanks for everything and remain the Best !!
24 October 2011

Tyler - I will be doing some shoots most likely in December. I am using new methods with my in person and online clients.  Hiring Hany has been the best decision I've made in trying to get my physique to where I've always envisioned it.

personally tyler i like your physique from your modeling days in 2008 more so than the bodybuilding look your striving for now .. you look great now to, but i was just wondering what you did differently back then to attain that more lean model look?
24 October 2011

Tyler - Really the biggest difference is the amount of food.  I'm eating a lot more now than I was back then.  I still trained like a bodybuilder though.  Always have except the one year I took off and was trying to do the fashion modeling thing.


Calf Workout

My most stubborn muscle group is finally showing some progress give this workout a try next time you hit calves

  1. Standing calf raise - 4x10-12
  2. Seated calf raise - 4x15-20
  3. FST-7 leg press raise - 7x10-12
photo82 e1319575058804 225x300 Calf Workout

10/25/2011 - Nashville

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The Intermediate Workout

2008nycRD 300x273 The Intermediate Workout

Rick Day - NYC 2008

So I was going through some of my old training journals that I kept in my first few years of training that I had forgotten about and wanted to start posting some of my routines I followed since I get often asked what I had done back then.  I did this routine for about 6 weeks and made excellent gains even though I had no concept of proper nutrition.  If your going to give this a try make sure your eating enough nutrients to fuel your workouts and assist proper recovery.  Get plenty of rest since your training everything twice a week and I hope you yield similar muscle gains as I did!

The routine - Four day split

Mon & Thursday

  1. Flat bench presses - 3x10-12
  2. Incline Flys - 3x10-12
  3. Chins - 3x10-12
  4. One-arm rows - 3x10-12
  5. standing barbell curls - 3x10-12
  6. concentration curls - 3x10-12
  7. crunches - 3x20-30
  8. leg raises - 3x20-30

Tues & Friday

  1. Squats - 3x12-15
  2. Leg ext - 3x12-15
  3. lying leg curl - 3x12-15
  4. Standing calf raises - 3x15-20
  5. seated calf raise - 3x15-20
  6. barbell shoulder press - 3x12-15
  7. lateral raises - 3x12-15
  8. tricep pushdowns - 3x10-12
  9. one arm cable pushdowns - 3x10-12

I will be posting more of my old routines up every few weeks.

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Quick Tips to Keep in Mind

nyc2008 300x273 Quick Tips to Keep in Mind

NYC - 2008 Rick Day

Construct a Plan - Depending on what ever your goals might be whether to add lean mass or to preserve what lean mass you have while stripping away all of the fat you have to have a logical plan.  The Internet is full of information along with books and magazines.  Educate yourself and don't be afraid to experiment.  Have a picture in your mind of what you want your physique to look like and remember that each day you can take a step towards that. Every rep of every set of every exercise will count towards your goals.

Nutrition - Something that I should have payed more attention to in my earlier stages of building my physique is the importance of proper nutrition.  Look at nutrition as your fuel and building blocks.  If you don't have proper nutrition and perfect it over time then it's like trying to build a house with no materials.

Monitor progress - Take progress pictures and body measurements to make sure your heading in the right direction with what you have planned out.  Don't rely on the scale or the mirror or what your friends might say.  All of that shit lies but pictures don't.  Be real with yourself and you will know what you need to improve on when you review the pictures.  I suggest taking pictures every few weeks.

Patience - One of my biggest screw ups in the past was not giving something enough time to work.  Take a slow approach to everything there is no quick fix that is permanent. You have to look at every day as an opportunity to get yourself a step closer to your goals.  You can make excuse after excuse but your only cheating yourself.  If you want it bad enough you will have the dedication and discipline it takes to build the physique you've always wanted.


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Questions – 10/23/2011

206968 107480996004560 100002279817728 76659 4416551 n 226x300 Questions 10/23/2011

Rick Day - NYC 2008

Tyler, I currently have in my possession the evogen stack. I also just recvd a gift card For a supplements store. I know nothing additional is really required, but what do you suggest i use it for, other then a multi, omegas or whey? I was thinking extend? Glutamine? or BCAA?
21 October 2011

Tyler - I would get a high quality Whey.

Whats up with the nutrition and workout logs?
21 October 2011

Tyler - You can click on workouts and nutrition log in the categories.  I no longer post that information since I'm working with a trainer now.

Hey Tyler, I'm wondering if when someone is on vacation should they eat as good as then can (while eating every 3-4 hours) or should they restrict their eating due to the lessened accessibility of healthy foods that attain to their diet. (this isn't theoretical..I'm actually in the situation) I apologize for what is probably a stupid question but I just wanted to get your take on it. As always, thanks so much Tyler
21 October 2011

Tyler - That is going to be totally up to you.  Last summer my girlfriend and I went to Jamaica and I only ate 2-3 times a day but it was as much as I wanted mostly meats and veggies and fruit and tried to keep junk at the minimal but did indulge.  We were there for a week and you have to remember it's your vacation you shouldn't stress about diet plans etc.  Relax have a good time and enjoy life.   That being said though you don't want to just eat as much crap as you can because you will gain fat that way.  I was still active and worked out 4 out of the 7 days.  Have a plan of attack when you get back and you'll be refreshed and ready to get back at it.

Hey Tyler, listen I wanted to tell you that I started taking the Evogen products, and they are freaking phenomenal. You just keep helping me in so many ways it's crazy. Thanks again for all you do! Good Luck to you with everything.
18 October 2011

Tyler - that's great Javier...they are superior products to anything I've ever used before.  Enjoy and keep up the hard work!

Simon R
Hi Tyler, Loving the site!! I've been working out at home for about 2 years, and I've been mixing it up and making strength gains in every lift. However, I've been working on my shoulders for all of this time and I'm stuck on my military press, and have been for about 9 months!!! I just can't seem to make gains on it without either losing form or struggling to do more than one set. I work out 2-3 times a week, and I always try to do 3 sets of military press during my workouts. Any ideas would be appreciated as it's driving me crazy!!!! Thanks, Simon.
18 October 2011

Tyler - I think the biggest issue here is that your doing the shoulder presses sometimes 3 times a week.  If you can only train 3 days a week I would still only hit the shoulder presses once a week.  Here is a suggested split I would have my clients on that can only make it to the gym 3 times a week

Day 1 - Chest/front and side delt/Triceps

Day 2 - Legs/Abs

Day 3 - Back/rear delt/Bicep


4 more weeks!

photo80 300x300 4 more weeks!


After just speaking with Hany I wanted to do a quick update on here.  Everything is coming together as planned and I'll still be filling out for another 4 weeks!  There are a couple of changes to both nutrition and weight training.  Strength is still climbing and I'm loving it.  The Evogen stack is still giving me the most extreme pumps I've ever experienced!  When I had first contacted him my starting with was 215.  I just weighed myself when I was on the phone with him and was 225.5.  A couple of other things we discussed were doing some videos of my workouts for my youtube channel so I'll keep you guys updated when that will be happening.  Anyone that has been following my site now it's almost been a full year that it has been up and running and want to thank everyone for the support and following my evolution.  Keep training hard and keep the questions coming in my shout box!


Questions – 10/18/2011

"Commitment is doing the thing you said you would do, long after the mood you said it in, has left you." ~George Zalucki~

hey tyler...i know this question is kind of vague. and it doesnt really seem to apply to you, because it seems you are not a "hard gainer"..but what are your recommendations for "hard gainers"?..in regards to gaining overall lean muscle mass? thanks
18 October 2011

Tyler - This applies to everyone not only just hardgainers.  Focus on nutrition.  You can't build any type of physique without the right materials.  For a hardgainer minimum of 1.5 grams of protein and maximum of 2g per body pound.  As for your carbs and fats that will be something you will have to experiment and find out what yields the best results for your body.  Weight training should be kept very simple.  Stick to the basics.  Heavy free weight work.  Keep your rep range always in the 8-12range.  Split your training up into training one muscle group per day and try to build strength weekly.  Make sure your not trying to use too much weight that you can't control it anymore and lose your form.  If your not contracting the muscle your trying to target your wasting your time.  Good luck and I hope this helps.  You have to be patient it takes time.  When I started weight training at 18 years old I weighed only 175lb.

hey tyler, you being 218 ish pounds and when looking at your diet plan, you dont take in much calories as i believe. how do you eat what you eat and still be able to keep all that mass you have? is it because its clean foods so you retain more of the nutrients?
18 October 2011

Tyler - I'm eating a lot more calories than I ever have on a nutrition plan right now.

Hey Tyler, if im working out 2 muscle groups such as bis and tris, does it matter in what order i work them? For example, 3 Sets BB curls, then i go over to bench and do 3 set skull crushers, then after im done those 3 sets i hit another bicep exercise. Is it counter productive, since im giving my bis and tris too much rest in between exercises? Im trying to put on mass. THanks,
18 October 2011

Tyler - No it's not counter productive at all.  Each week I change up my arm training as to supersets and then just all bi's first then tri's, then all tri's first then bi's.  I have done the style of workout that your trying out before and the only thing I noticed was I wasn't able to keep a nice full pump in either muscle group.  If you can keep a full pump doing it this way than keep at it!

ty, I'm trying to break into the world of fashion, but I have a problem, because since I work out (4 years) earn much muscle size, I weigh 198 lbs. with 182 cm. My body fat is 11%, but I feel I'm too wide to wear, especially for my height. you recommend? weights stop training?? sorry for my english, but i have a problem, because
18 October 2011

Tyler - If weight training is something that your passionate about and having lean muscle than the quitting weight training all together will be a huge mistake.  I've been down that road and it did nothing but screw with my head.  What I did to lose all of my muscle mass was just lots of cardio. 

Hello tyler ! Congratulations for the results we can adminre on your last pics !! wowww ! amazing evolution ! incredible new body ! do you have an idea of your body fat level on that pics ? thanks
17 October 2011

Tyler - thanks! i'm not positive what my body fat is at but I would guess around the 9-10%

Hey Tyler, im coming off a shoulder injury(broken collarbone) and havent been physically active in about 5 months. Before the inury i was working out 4 days a week.my question is; when i get back to the gym should i focus on shoulder exercises since i have no strength in my right side, or go back to a routine with really light weight?
16 October 2011

Tyler - go back to your old routine but go light and slowly build your strength back up.  make sure to properly warm up your shoulders with light db's before each upper body workout.

Tyler, I actually have 2 questions for you today. Firstly, is black coffee (with no cream, or added sugar) an inhibitor (as in slowing results) to lean muscle gain? Secondly, if I'm doing extensive workouts every other day but am not sore on the next day does that mean I'm doing something wrong and therefore not going to make gains? Thanks for your site and inspiration Tyler!
16 October 2011

Tyler - Black coffee will not slow your gain.  I have one cup a day.  If your not getting sore at all that could mean that your recovery time is very fast which is a good thing and you should train more often instead of every other day.  Or your not using enough weight and contracting hard enough.