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Back/Tricep 1/29/2012

videos9 300x120131 Back/Tricep 1/29/2012
I train back and triceps and explain each exercise along with different techniques I've been using. Sorry for the quality I still have not gotten my new camera in but will be getting it in very soon. Make sure to check out my website tylermcpeak.com and follow me on facebook at facebook.com/tyler.mcpeak or twitter @tylermcpeak615


Questions – 1/30/2012

shoutbox7 300x1801 Questions 1/30/2012Sebastian
Me again, do u have any routine to develope chest? Nf btw in the other post I tried to say,: can I eat like bars with chocolate those ones that are pretty caloric ?
30 January 2012

Tyler - check last weeks post I put up a chest workout that I've been using quite a bit

Hey, well first I'm sorry for my English I'm Chilean, well thing is I'm 18 Ive been all my life really skinny I weight 66 kg nd my height is about 1.83 or something, i have really fast metabolism, I'm following ur work out routines nd can eat stuff like bars with chocolate nf stuff to balance the calories I've left to eat for the day or I just eat healthy cause I never eat the calories enough, cause I eat a few things nf I'm already full. Thanks a lot for ur blog nf helping each evrery1 of us nd I'm trying ur workouts nd damn they work I'm getting abs thanks a lot again dude
30 January 2012

Tyler - Even though you have a fast metabolism you still want the majority of your calories to be clean food.  But definitely have a few cheat meals a week.

Tyler, was just curiouis how muhc cardio you do per week for how long and what types? Do you do steady state eg walkiing or interval? I always have this tiny bit of abdominal fat that I can never seem to shake! Peace!
30 January 2012

Tyler - I do all steady state cardio.  Right now I'm doing 1 session a day 6 days a week for 45minutes.  Either walking on an incline or stepmill.

When trying to put on mass, did you ever do weighted dips or weighted pull ups? Im debating on buying a dip belt to really shock my lats and tris into growth for pullups and dips.
28 January 2012

Tyler - I have done weighted pullups and dips before but prefer not to.  For the pullups I could never feel it in my back from the added weight because I felt that my arms and shoulders were doing all the work.  Give it a try though and see if you like it and how your body responds to it.

26 January 2012

Tyler - not sure what your trying to ask me?

Hey Tyler--great blog. I am 24, 5'11'' 170lbs, about 10-12%BF. I've been training for a little over 2 years, and I've added 30lbs of muscle in those 2 years. My goal now is to get to a lean 195, but over the past 4-6 months I've seen almost no progress in strength, size, or weight gain. My diet is not totally clean but I'm getting a decent quality 4000-4500 cal, 250-300g protein, 500-600g carbs per day, spread over 5-6 meals and protein shakes. By the time I leave the gym 5-6X a week, I leave with a big pump, feel like I lifted hard, and almost always have some degree of DOMS which leads me to believe that I still have effective workouts. Do you have any advice for those of us who are stuck at a plateau like this? At this point, is it just a matter of upping diet portions, or is it more of a workout problem?
26 January 2012

Tyler - From the sounds of it your still making progress.  It's just going to take more time now that you've already finished your initial growth spurt that you get from the first couple of years.  That being said I would think about trying out different food sources and experimenting around and seeing if that can help.  Also you didn't mention any fat intake.  To build lean mass you have to have healthy fats. So make sure you incorporate things like nuts,oils,avocado etc.  Adding the fat could yield some new gains.  Good luck hope this helps.


Tips to Maximize your PUMP

If you are suffering from not being able to get a pump at all or your not getting a maximum amount of blood when you train here are some tips to keep in mind.  First off are you getting enough sleep?  Rest and recovery are just as important as your workouts and nutrition.  If you are over trained or not getting sufficient quality sleep then this can effect your pump in the gym.  Next and just as important is hydration.  A lot of people walk around daily unknowingly being dehydrated.  Anyone that is trying to maximize their pump needs to be drinking a minimum of 1 gallon a day.  I personally drink 1.5 gallons a day and I'll have at least a half gallon before I go weight train (I weight train around 1:30-2pm every session).  Next on the list is nutrition.  You want to be taking in enough carbohydrates for your body to facilitate a good pump.  45 minutes before I hit the weights I'm eating a slow digesting carbohydrate (brown rice,oats,sweet potato).  Last but not least in the nutrition department is sodium.  So many people shy away from sodium because of fear of water retention.  If you don't have blood pressure issues then there is no reason to restrict sodium.  The only time I'll restrict is a few days before I have a shoot.  Sodium helps transport carbs into the muscles so your missing out on extreme full pumps if you restrict sodium all the time.  I'll season all of my meats with sodium seasonings and I'll use hot sauce or mustard's for condiments.  Once you have all of that down 100 percent then you can try to incorporate a pre-workout supplement that will be the icing on the cake.

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I got my facebook page back up and running so make sure to "like" it if you already havn't.  I'll be posting a lot on their daily. http://www.facebook.com/tyler.mcpeak

Here is today's workout:

1 - hanging leg raises - 3x30
2 - sit ups on decline bench - 3x30
3 - 21's on standing calf raise - 4x21
4 - seated calf raise - 4x12
5 - lying leg curl - 4x12 (first 5 reps of each set pause 2 sec at contraction)
6 - db stiff leg deadlifts - 4x12
7 - seated leg curl - 4x12 (first 5 reps of each set pause 2 sec at contraction)

all sets rest 1 minute in between


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photo95 856x1024 Delts

Rick Day - NYC 2008

You can disregard the previous post of my facebook page.  My friend Cody texted me today and informed me about combining my 2 pages (personal, and athlete page) together so it'll have everything on there etc.  This will be a lot easier for me to update just one page so when it's all transferred over I'll post up a new link.  I'll be posting daily tips,recipes,workouts,pictures,etc.  On Sunday I'll be filming my back and tricep workout.  It's still going to be with my old camera and just some raw footage but I'm anxious to start putting videos out till my new camera comes.  The video will be up Monday or Tuesday.

Here is this weeks Delt workout.

  1. Standing DB Lateral Raises - 2 warm ups x20, 4x10
  2. machine shoulder press - 1 "feel" set, 3x10
  3. reverse pec dec - 3x10
  4. cambered bar front raises - 3x12
  5. barbell shrugs - 4x10-12

I finished the workout off with 21's for calfs.  I got this from IFBB Pro Brandon Ray's fbook page.  Do 7 reps heavy, 7 reps half the weight, 7 reps half that weight for a total of 21 reps for 1 set.  Do that 4 rounds and damn it was good..give it a try!

Have a great weekend everyone! I'm off to go see The Girl With a Dragon Tattoo and tomorrow night I'll be watching the UFC fights.

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Questions 1/25/2012

shoutbox7 300x180 Questions 1/25/2012Angel
hey tyler what current pre and post workout supps are u taking?
25 January 2012

Tyler - Evogen EVP and Glycoject pre workout and post workout Cell Kem and Glycoject

i have a question regarding Hany's new program in MD. i am 6' 3 and 195. should i scale the 10 oz servings of turkey, beef, and chicken back to say 8 oz? should also scale the carb grams back too? or do you think someone my size should stick with the recommended serving sizes?
24 January 2012

Tyler - definitely scale it back.  I would say 6-7oz cooked weight for meats and play around with your carbs to see how your body responds. since you are trying to add mass your carbs and fats will still be high.

Tyler, using your old camera to take some raw footage of your workouts would be a great idea. ...at least until your new camera arrives. Daniel
24 January 2012

Tyler - filming my back workout on sunday

I feel it in my shoulders more when i do DB Flys, what am i doing wrong?
24 January 2012

Tyler - try dropping down in weight to really focus on keeping your shoulders pinned back and arching that lower back.  if i go to heavy on those i tend of feel it in my front delts and biceps.

Tyler, approximately 3 years ago I injured my shoulder. I was told I had a slap lesion tear and I ha the option of trying rehab or surgery. I opted for rehab and until recently have had no problems. Two weeks ago I re-injured that shoulder. Since I have started doing the exercises they had me doing in rehab 3 days a week and I am still able to lift back, bi's/tri's, and legs with no issues. However when I do chest I have some pains and I have eliminated shoulders for a while to allow for some recovery time. Can you suggest a few chest exercises that isolate the chest and have little strain on the shoulder? Thanks man
23 January 2012

Tyler - I would get that shoulder taken care of asap.  I think if you don't your setting yourself up for continued down time on training shoulders,chest,back efficiently. I would say every chest exercise is going to put some sort of strain on the shoulders.  If getting it fixed isn't an option then you will just have to use very light weights and learn to work around the pain using different angles etc.  I would stay away from barbells since you won't be able to move your rom around much.

Wassup. how can i get ripped and gain muscle and the same time. to get ripped i need a calorie deficit i hear. but to gain muscle i need a calorie surplus to actually build the muscle. so what do I do? thank
23 January 2012

Tyler - You have to pick one or the other to do.

Do you think some people can only get so shredded to a certain point cuz of genetics? At some point if you want to get even more shredded you have to take Clenbuterol or something else.
22 January 2012

Tyler - No it takes others longer to get shredded as long as your patient and stick to a plan that is working.  Others have it easy with fast metabolisms and the fat comes off and stays off or was never put on.  I do not suggest taking Clenbuterol.

I am trying to get into the modeling world. Any advice?
22 January 2012

Tyler - put modeling into my search bar on my site.  I've answered this question a few times.

Hey Tyler- I am standing at 6'3 and about 195 pounds with about 13 percent body fat. I am taking in 1-1.5 pounds of protein a day, coupled with healthy fats but I am confused as to how many carbs I should be taking in a day. I am looking to slowly lose fat while maintaining muscle and I am quite active in daily life, what do you think my carbs should look like?
21 January 2012

Tyler - I can't give an accurate suggestion considering I don't know what exactly you've been doing etc but a standard would be to start off with 2g per body lb and see how that works.


Basic Quad Workout

WORKOUT13 300x120117 Basic Quad WorkoutYesterdays quad workout was basic but intense.  They are already sore from the time I woke up so I know that there is more soreness to come.  When training quads just don't go through the motions focus on squeezing the quads every single rep of every single set.  When doing exercises like squats,leg press,hack squat use the balls of your feet as the pressure point and this will force the workload on the quads.  If your trying to work hams and glutes then push with your heels.  In between sets I like to contract and hold my quads as hard as I can for 10 seconds or so and stretch them out towards the beginning of the workout.  Even though as basic as this workout seems it's very effective and as long as your using enough weight and getting maximal contractions you will see results.

  1. Leg Ext - 2 warm up sets for 20 reps, 4x10-12 (on my last set I did a couple of partials at the end of the set) (90 sec b/w sets)
  2. Leg Press - 1 "feel set" 4x10-12 (2 min rest b/w sets)
  3. Walking Barbell Lunges - 4x15 (steps) (1 min rest b/w sets)
  4. Squats - 4x10 (2 min b/w sets)

If your interested in the amount of weight I used for each exercise here they are.

  • Leg Ext - (90,105), 180,195,205,210
  • Leg Press - (400), 600,700,800,800
  • Barbell Lunges - 95 all sets
  • Squats - 225 all sets
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Chest Smash with Ron Fst-7 style

WORKOUT13 300x120116 Chest Smash with Ron Fst 7 styleMy old training partner Ron linked up with me today for an awesome chest workout at Nashville Athletic Club.  This was by far one of the best workouts and fullest pumps I've gotten in a while.  It was great having Ron there too so I could get some forced reps in towards the end of my sets.  We will be training together at least once a week again and he's about to start up the "Get Jacked for 2012" program from Muscular Development.

chest 300x226 Chest Smash with Ron Fst 7 style

1/23/2012 - Nashville Athletic Club

Sorry to say but my new HD video camera has still yet to come in and I received an email from Best Buy saying it's still on back order and I had to get a extension put on it of 30 days.  So if it doesn't come in within the next 30 days I'll have to settle for a different camera.  The only reason why I'm waiting it out this long for this one is because it's a 700$ camera that I payed 400$ for.  What I was thinking of doing is just some raw gym footage with my old camera until I get my new one in.

I spoke with Hany last week and my program got changed up.  Here was today's chest workout.  Definitely give this a try!

  1. Incline DB Press - 2 warm ups , 3x8-10
  2. Incline Smith Machine Press - 3x8-10
  3. Pec Dec - 3x8-10
  4. Cable Fly - 2x10
  5. FST-7 on Flex Leverage Flat Press - 7x10 (1 min rest b/w sets)
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High Volume Arm Training

WORKOUT13 300x120115 High Volume Arm TrainingThis week I decided to throw my arms a shock and do some VOLUME.  Normally I've been training arms either once a week or once every 2 weeks.  Arm day has been one of my favorite days since I started training.  When I graduated high school they measured about 13-14 inches and now they hit a little over 19 inches flexed and pumped.  Over the years I've tried many different methods of arm training and I suggest you do the same if your trying to add some size and detail to your arms.  Something that yielded a lot of growth for me was hitting arms twice a week.  I would hit biceps with chest on day 1 then triceps with back on day 2 and by Friday or Saturday I would give them their own day.  On this day I would do techniques like supersets, giant sets, straight sets, drop sets etc.  (A lot of people have asked me why I do biceps with chest and triceps with back instead of the opposite.  My answer is number one personal preference and number two I feel that my triceps are already taxed from the pressing movements of chest so my biceps are fresh.) I never felt the need to train extremely heavy with arms because when I try to go to heavy I lose the feeling in the muscle and I just start feeling it in my joints and forearms,shoulders and my form would go to shit (this was in my earlier years of training).  Keeping your rep range from 10-12 will eliminate that from happening because if your not contracting the target muscle as hard as you can each rep your wasting your time.  So one of Hany's goals for my physique is to balance everything out and since starting with him I've had to tone down my arm training but on Wednesday I wanted to shock them and have a high volume arm day.  I got this routine out of the "Get Jacked for 2012" program and made a couple of modifications.  Here's the workout:

  1. FST-7 - cambered bar curls - 2 warm up sets for 20 reps then 7x12 (1 min rest b/w sets)
  2. standing rope curls - 3x12
  3. one arm standing db preacher curl - 3x12
  4. FST-7 - lying down cable curls - 7X12 (15 seconds rest b/w each set) (pause for 2 seconds on each contraction hold and SQUEEZE!)
  5. FST-7 rope pressdowns - 7x12 (1 min rest b/w sets)
  6. close grip press - 3x10-12
  7. seated db overhead ext - 3x10-12
  8. FST-7 seated dip machine - 7x12 (15 seconds rest b/w each set)

That totals out to be 40 sets.  It was a good workout but I could tell it was too much for me at this time considering I'm doing cardio twice a day and my diet is restrictive.   Compared to my normal 6-10 sets that I do my arms definitely felt it the next day.  This upcoming week I'll be doing 4-6 sets for biceps and the same for triceps.

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