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Universe Weekend 2007

The Fitness Lifestyle!  To me there is NO other way to live! Accomplishing the best shape of your life and continuing to make progress is the main focus points of the lifestyle. The confidence alone that it gives you does wonders for all aspects of your life. With the obesity rate in America continuing to rise out of control I really love that the lifestyle I’m leading inspires people and gets them making change.  The fitness lifestyle to me is not just about working out, it’s also being in overall great health and enjoying life the way its meant to be enjoyed. That means being active EVERYDAY.  Typical results  to expect by taking on this lifestyle 100 percent will include a better SEX drive, increased metabolism, physical appearance change and much more!  Don’t put off what you can do today till tomorrow.

I've created this site to help make positive change on other peoples lives and to share some of my personal experiences along with tips and tricks I've learned. It will include workout videos,fitness articles,cooking videos, and my journey reintroducing myself into the fitness modeling industry. In the summer of 2007 i competed in the model universe show in Miami,Fl to try to get into the fitness modeling industry. I then moved to NYC and worked with Adam Silver of Silver models for a year.  If it wasn't for him spotting me at the Universe Weekend show I would  not be where I am at today. After a year I decided I wanted take the more fashion route.  I started working with Jason Kanner of at the time Major Model Management. I lost a lot of weight and with that I lost my confidence and really struggled with a loss of direction.  So needless to say I figured out quick that it wasn't in my heart. I've decided to add muscle back on and get back into the fitness industry.  I'm extremely excited and happy with myself and what I'm doing for others now.

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Age: 26 11/24/84
Nashville,Tennessee, United States
I offer 1 on 1 training in Nashville and Make Custom personal Training Plans for People online Worldwide.
Primary Gym: GYM 5
High School:
William Byrd
Attended 1999 to 2003
United States
When I Started Working out:
Jan, 2003
How I Started:
I started lifting weights freshmen year in high school for the basketball team and hated it. It wasn't until I graduated that I really got into lifting on a regular basis. Once I started seeing results I was hooked. My body responded pretty quickly once I knew what I was doing.
Why I Love It:
It makes me physically and mentally feel better. Breeds self confidence and that breeds success!
How I Stay Motivated:
I stay motivated from all of the feedback I get from individuals I've inspired or have helped. I love hearing that I'm changing peoples lives.
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