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The Brute Stength Program Workouts

photo481 225x300 The Brute Stength Program Workouts

March 2005

Since I've been getting a lot of questions of what I did in my early stages of building my physique I wanted to post a program that I followed to a T.  I started this program in March 2005 as this was the date on the magazine so that would put me at 20 years old. I recommend following this program for any beginner wanting to add size and gain strength.  I followed this for 4 weeks. I did zero cardio.  I'll be posting their diet recommendations later on.

Training Split:

  • Day 1 - Push Workout
  • Day 2 - REST
  • Day 3 - Lower-body Workout
  • Day 4 - Push - assist workout *
  • Day 5 - Pull Workout
  • Day 6 - REST
  • Day 7 - REST

*For best results, the "assist" workout session should occur three days after the workout that it assists.

Workout One - Push workout

  1. Bench presses* 5x10-12
  2. Incline DB presses - 2x10-12
  3. Flat DB presses - 2x10-12
  4. Barbell shoulder presses - 3x10-12
  5. Upright rows - 3x10-12
  6. Lying tricep ext - 3x10-12
  7. Dips - 3x10-12
  8. Hanging leg raises - 4x12-15

*For month one, use a weight that is apporx 75% of your 1 rep max for the bench press

Workout Two - Lower Body

  1. Squats* - 5x10-12
  2. Leg Presses - 3x12-15
  3. Leg ext - 3x12-15
  4. Leg Curls - 3x12-15
  5. Standing Calve raise - 4x15-20

*For month one, use a weight that is approx 75% of your 1 rep max for squats

Workout Three - Pull Workout

  1. Deadlifts* 5x10-12
  2. Chins - 2x10-12
  3. Barbell Rows - 3x10-12
  4. Pulldowns  - 2x10-12
  5. Barbell Curls - 3x10-12
  6. Preacher curls  - 3x10-12
  7. Standing Cable Curls - 4x12-15

*For month one, use a weight that is approx 75% of your 1 rep max for deadlifts
Assist workouts - You have two options. First, you can repeat the cycle, starting with your push day.  Second, you can train using the exercise (bench press, squat or deadlift) that you feel lags behind the others.  That should be a short day; perform only three sets of that exercise, and follow it with three sets of one or two other exercises for muscle groups that assist in that exercise.

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