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Consistency of doing the right shit is key!

7/26/2012 - I got to get 20 minutes of Sun today out back on my deck
july26 Consistency of doing the right shit is key!

7/26/2012 - I got to get 20 minutes of Sun today out back on my deck

"You string a bunch of days of quality, efficient action together, and you can be successful." - Kai Greene

That quote was taken from an article that I just read tonight and to me it couldn't have been said any better.  This is the number one reason I'm able to continuously make progress.  As I've said before consistency is key but it's consistency of doing the right shit that is key.  I had a discussion with one of my clients last night during our session and she is the type of person that always tells me that she wants this or wants that.  For example she wants a firmer and more shapely ass, better hamstrings, tighter midsection but her biggest obstacle is not being able to put the amount of work, sacrifice, and dedication to obtain these goals.  Nutrition and social drinking is her set back and I told her last night that she would be surprised at what she would look like if she just dedicated herself to burning the fat off.  Her response was that her nutrition was better and that during the week she eats healthy but on the weekends she eats whatever.  That's takeing one step forward but two steps back.  YOU CANNOT OUTWORK A POOR DIET.  I'm going to stop rambling on about this because I think you get the point that there are no shortcuts, no magic supplements you can take, and no other substitute for being consistent with doing the right shit day in and day out.

Some other news is that I'm in the process of setting up to shoot in South Africa!  Photographer Louis Botha and I have been in contact pretty much ever since I got started and we are finally going to make this happen!  I'm very excited and I'll be skyping with him this weekend to start the planning process but we are most likely going for the first week of November!

TMT-Phase 2 is coming together nicely! What I've designed thus far looks great on paper but I won't actually know if it's worth a damn until I start to apply it to myself next week.  I will give random updates of how that is going.  It will be a 12 week program again but like I said before it's TOTALLY DIFFERENT than phase one.  An update about my members section is that my webmaster is on vacation right now visiting family in Cali and he will be back to work on Monday so I'll know more and hopefully I can have a date by next week of when it will get started.  This weekend for my big cheat feast my girlfriend and I are going to Nashville's number 1 BBQ place.  It's called Jack's BBQ and if you know anything about TN we are known for BBQ.  I havn't had some BBQ in a while so I'm definitely looking forward to that after I trash my final cycle 3 ARM workout on Saturday.  Some new music that I've been listening to at the gym is the new Lloyd Banks mixtape called A6, new Mike Will singles from his latest mixtape, and new Rick Ross album God Forgives I Don't.  For today's workout though it was all of the band called Blindside..I was in a rock mood and it was getting me pretty hyped up.  Everyone have a great weekend!


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