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This might not matter to some of you but if your trying to get in your best possible shape every little thing counts.  I never really payed attention to this until today and I've made the correction immediately.  I've been eating almond butter every day now that has unrefined cane sugar,dry roasted almonds, and palm oil in it.  So I just wanted to give a quick heads up to anyone that uses nut butters as a fat source to make sure to purchase an all natural raw nut butter.  Make sure the ingredient list on the back only has Raw Almonds or whatever nut butter your having as the ingredient.

"NUT BUTTERS (Almond, Peanut, Cashew natural versions only of course)- I feel these particular fats pack a lot of "punch" in terms of energy, muscle gaining and muscle retaining abilities. In my experience with myself and clients those that are particularly fat sensitive should probably opt more for different fat sources. If you ask any of my hard gainer clients who aren't fat sensitive they will certainly tell you that I make them eat large amount of nut butters throughout the day as they seem to thrive on these. I like almond butter best as myself and my clients seem to look best on this opposed to the peanut and cashew but the difference is negligible. When getting close to a show and still have some bodyfat to strip off it might also be advisable to use another fat source"

This was taken from a great article I read the other day..click here for the full article.

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