Tyler McPeak

Health Benefits of a Sweet Potato

Sweet potato is rich in Vitamin A (betacarotene) and Vitamin C. Both Vitamins A and C are powerful antioxidants that work in the body to remove free radicals, this free radicals are chemicals that damage cells.

Good for stomach ulcers and inflamed conditions of the colon.

It is beneficial for low blood pressure.

May be helpful for hemorrhoid because of its high fiber content.

A good food for people involved in heavy muscular work, since this food is high in vitamins and minerals.

 May help prevent cancer in glands and organs with epithelial tissue due to its high Vitamin A content.

A good food for diabetics, because it helped stabilize blood sugar levels.

Nutritive Values : Per 100 gm.

Vitamin A : 7,700 I.U.

Vitamin B : Thiamine .09 mg.

Riboflavin : .05 mg.

Niacin : .6 mg.

Vitamin C : 22 mg.

Calcium : 30 mg.

Iron : .7 mg.

Phosphorus : 49 mg.

Potassium : 300 mg.

Fat : .7 gm.

Carbohydrates : 27.9 gm.

Protein : 1.8 gm.

Calories : 123

I've been just cooking mine in the microwave because it's easyier and quicker then baking in the oven. Poke holes with a fork. Wrap in a paper towel and cook for 8-10 minutes.

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