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"Everything comes to those who hustle while they wait." Rich Gaspari

Through this whole journey working with Hany that started back at the end of August I've learned lots of things about myself, nutrition, and training.  One of the major factors I have learned is patience.  This is something that I've never really had.  Even growing up I always wanted it NOW and was very impatient in all aspects of life.  What I wanted to talk about today though is being patient with your RESULTS.  I know a lot of beginners most likely feel the way I did when I first started.  Wanting to build a physique as quickly as possible.  Of coarse genetics plays a HUGE role in this but none the less it takes time and a lot of it.  Don't think that if you take certain supplements or even steroids that it will be the key to your success.  The only way to speed the process up is to focus on your nutrition and training.  Perfecting both and being consistent 24/7 will be the key to your success.  Genetically I have been blessed.  Don't get me wrong I have been busting my ass for years now to get my body to where it is BUT since the end of August and starting up with Hany this is actually the first time ever that I've taken my nutrition this serious and I don't plan on slowing down or stopping.  What I have learned is that you have to give your body enough time to see if something works before switching things up because how else are you going to know what is working or not?  It's pretty common sense but my mentality in the past was that if I didn't see myself changing within a few days I needed to change my diet or cardio.  What ended up happening was trying to lean down too quickly and sacrificing muscle mass (losing all strength in the gym) and basically starving myself which led into wanting to eat everything in site after my shoots were done.  Bottom line is don't try to rush results.  If your building mass right now make sure your eating the right nutrients and not just a bunch of junk.  Junk does have it's place while trying to build size but you want 80-90% of your meals each week to be clean.  If your cutting down right now slowly get rid of all the fat.  I know it can get frustrating because you want the fat to be gone quickly but it doesn't work like that.  You will thank yourself by taking things slow because once you get the fat off you will look as big or even bigger when your shredded up.  Keep training hard everyone and remember if this was easy everyone would be doing.

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