Tyler McPeak

Personal Review of some Supplements

Kyle: Hey i was wondering if your still taking jacked, tribulus and gaba, and your reviews are on them after taking them for a few weeks?

Tyler: Kyle I'm no longer taking Jack3d.  My opinion of it is that it's a great stimulant.  I went through the bottle very quickly After a few days I used 3 scoops for the remainder of the bottle.  Once it was done I ordered SuperPump Max by Gaspari Nutrition.image prod30016 450 white 150x150 Personal Review of some Supplements  I took the original SuperPump when it first came out a few years ago and this stuff is even better.  What I like about Superpump vs. Jack3d is that it actually has aminos,vitamins and other muscle building goodies.  I only take one scoop and it has been working great.  I have the pink lemonade flavor.  Also when I used Jack3d I would crash hard from it and have to take a nap everyday after my workouts.  As for Tribulus I think it helps with strength gains.  Ever since I started my whole supplement regimen my strength has been steadily going up. image 24236 450 white1 150x150 Personal Review of some Supplements Tribulus for me has been side effect free.  I took this also a couple of years back.  I think temporarily it increases your natural test production which is always a plus.  I'm still taking GABA every night before bed except when I drink (which is one to two times a week) About 10-15 minutes after taking 3 grams of it I sometimes notice a slight tingle in my hands.  Besides that it relaxes me and I've been getting the deepest and best sleep that I've ever gotten.  I used to have a hard time winding down and letting my mind rest but this has definitely helped.  Also it's supposed to increase growth hormone secretion so that's a plus as well.

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