Tyler McPeak

pre and post workout nutrition

pre and post workout nutrition is very important and if you want to maximize your results don’t sell yourself short by skipping this or doing it half assed. if your like me and chase the pump and want your muscles to be tight and full as possible during your workout this is effected by your pre workout meal. starting about 90 minutes from the time you will be working out start drinking one liter of water. at the 45 to 30 minute time before the gym is when you want to get your meal in. some type of lean protein and slow digesting carbohydrate. a typical meal for me would be any type of protein….skinless chicken breast,egg whites,steak,ground beef, pork,fish along with a slow digesting carbohydrate which is usually either oatmeal,brown rice,or a sweet potato. depending on what day it is either low to no or high carborhydrate day depends on the amount i take in. no more then 1 cup brown rice and 1/2 cup oatmeal or 1 sweet potato is the most i’ll eat at once. experiment with what works for you. this week i incorporated brown rice back into the mix and my energy levels are better and my muscles are staying fuller. post workout is just as if not more important then pre. personally i consider them equally as important. directly after your workout you want to have a protein shake. depending on your protein needs will depend on how much to take. i take 50grams of whey and to replenish glycogen levels that were just burned up i use 2tbsp of POMx Recovery which is a fast digesting carbohydrate. about an hour or so after the shake i have another meal. depending on what time i workout at and what day it is it will be the same as my pre-workout meal. the reason is i cycle my carbs so sometimes i will not eat carbs with my post workout meal on certain days. bottom line is you got to find out what works for your BODY.
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