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Keep your priorites straight!

Screenshot from Cycle 3 Back Workout - 7/3/2012
backscreenshot3 300x166 Keep your priorites straight!

Screenshot from Cycle 3 Back Workout - 7/3/2012

What's Up everyone! Hope you guys had a great 4th of July!  For me it was just treated as any other normal day this year.  I got up knocked out some cardio had all of my normal meals and ended up doing a lot of research and some work.  Last year I was getting drunk at a neighborhood party and the year before that I was in Jamaica with my girlfriend getting TOAR UP!  2008 and 2009 was the same story except I was in NYC and every other year before that was in VA getting shitfaced lol.  As you can see my priorities have changed extremely.  I'm not saying I never have fun because I definitely will be letting loose and getting my buzz on next weekend a couple nights when I'm in VA with my friends.  I think it's extremely important to have balance in your life and be able to still have some drinks on occasion if you are into that but in order to achieve your full potential with your physique you can't make it your everything.  Meaning going out every weekend getting drunk which will lead to missing meals, poor workout performance, or saying screw your workout the next day all together, possible late night junk eating after being drunk, etc etc you get the point.  I've been down that road many times and trust me it'll get you no where fast.  Switching gears now to my workouts this week.  Cycle 3 TERROR WEEKS are insane!  Each time when these weeks approach I get very excited because it's my favorite cycle out of all 3 found in TMT-PHASE ONE!  I've been filming again all week so there will be plenty of new videos that I will be putting out next week.  This Saturday I'll be putting out a Cycle 2 Arm video so make sure to check that out!  Everyone keep pushing hard and push beyond your mental limits!

armscreenshot 300x167 Keep your priorites straight!

Screenshot from Cycle 2 Arm Workout


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