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2008RickDay 225x300 Stay Focused

Rick Day - 2008 NYC

This was a great week of workouts.  My training partner Ron linked back up with me on Monday and has trained with me all week.  It has been great to have him give me an extra push especially on days like chest where I'm able to push out a couple more reps with a little bit of help.

I can't believe that the holiday's are right around the corner.  I'll be going up to my hometown Roanoke,VA for 7 days for Thanksgiving to spend time with my family and friends.  It's also my birthday on Thanksgiving this year and I'll be turning 27.  I'm not sure yet if I'll be able to have any of the feast or any birthday cake but I'm guessing I won't be.  This will be a change of pace this trip since most of my trips to Roanoke are spent going out every night catching up with friends and being hungover the following day.  I know that these small sacrifices that I'm making now will pay off.  Even when I am able to start drinking again it will not be an every weekend habit like it was before I started this process.

Today I have a couple of clients to train and my own workout.  Once I get done I'll be able to relax and rest and watch the free UFC fights on Spike tonight.  Next week the new Call of Duty comes out and I can't wait! That will be taking up a lot of my free time.  Hope everyone has a great weekend and keep training hard and stay focused on your goals!

"Don't be so afraid of failure that you never try." - Joyce Meyer

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