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Supplementation Schedule

I've stated before that there is a reason supplements are called supplements.  They are there to SUPPLEMENT you.  There is no magic pill or  powder that will produce results for you.  Also if your nutrition is lagging and you don't know what to do in the gym you should get those perfected FIRST before even thinking about taking a supplement.  I get a lot of questions weekly on what supplements I currently use.  Here is a layout of my daily supplementation.

  1. Multi-Vitamin/Mineral - Taken with meal 1
  2. 625mg Tribulus meal 2 (pre workout meal most days)
  3. 30 minutes before workout - 5g Glutamine
  4. 15 minutes before workout - 5g BCAA, 2 scoops Jack3d
  5. Directly after workout 5g BCAA,5g Glutamine
  6. 625mg Tribulus taken with meal 4
  7. 3g GABA - taken about an hour after my last meal

photo271 300x225 Supplementation Schedule

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