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The Early Years of a Novice

Question from Daniel - Hey Tyler, I know you don't do any bulking or cutting at the moment. I'm interested to know what your diet may have been like when you did not have as much lean mass as you do now or even when you first began putting on lean muscle. Not just diet but were you having more carbs than protein and vise versa?

175 194x300 The Early Years of a Novice

Junior Year of High School Basketball - 17years old 175lb

Daniel -  I first started to get serious about weight training when I was 18. At 175lb I had a crazy fast metabolism.  The first 3-4 years of training I had NO CLUE about nutrition.  I didn't take the time to research about it either because I was gaining muscle mass fast with minimal fat gain.  I was on the see food plan.  Anything I would see I would eat lol.  As soon as I woke up I would have a weight gainer shake.  I believe the kind I took was by Champion Nutrition.  Everyday before training I would go to McDonald's and get 2-4 double cheese burgers for my pre workout meal (because they were on the dollar menu).  I would take them into the gym and eat them right there in the lounge area before going in and hitting the weights.  Directly after training I would have another weight gainer shake.  I think I would eat at least two more times before calling it a day and those meals would consist of anything.  Pizza, ice cream, more burgers, steak, ribs, chicken, etc etc.  My goal at the time was just to reach 200 because I thought I'd be happy but once I hit the 200 mark I was like hell this isn't big at all.  So I continued to pound the calories and before I knew it I was a bloated smooth 255.  Basically I had the look of a off season bodybuilder that let themselves go a little too far.  It wasn't until 2007 that I began to learn more about nutrition and bring my weight back down and started caring about shape and detail rather than MASS.

*I have a couple of pictures of myself when I was 255 but they are at my parents house in Virginia.  I'll be visiting VA within the next couple of weeks so I'll post them here on my site.*

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