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New Year

It's now one week down into the new year and hopefully everyone is still grinding out their workouts and sticking to their resolutions.  Everything has been going great in my neck of the woods other than the continuous fluctuations of energy levels.  I've gotten used to it though and know that this is just all a part of the process.  I'm at my all time best with my condition right now.  My weight is at 209.5 on an empty stomach this morning.  Last night my girlfriend and I were looking back at some of my old pictures from late 2010 to early 2011 and I'm very happy with what I've achieved in a short period of time.  It just goes to show you that building and sculpting your physique is a 24/7 job. motivational quotations 2 300x227 New Year Ever since I linked up with Hany I havn't missed a meal or cheated on my diet (other than scheduled cheats) or skipped workouts .  Before I had no structure and was low to no carbing it during the week and then having a bunch of junk on the weekends  along with partying and missing workouts etc.  Needless to say my physique showed the lackluster approach.  I'm telling you all of this because if you want something bad enough you will be willing to make sacrifices and dedicate yourself EVERYDAY not just part time.  I never knew how much work and dedication it took.  Hell I thought I was dedicated before and to a certain point I have been for the past 7 years or so but NEVER like this.  This was the first year that I brought in new years sober since I was 14 years old.  I look at it that I have my priorities straight and I'm going after my goals and dreams.  I'm not sure if I posted this before but I've decided to work with Hany for all of 2012.  I'm very happy with the progress I've made with him in such a short time thus far and can't imagine what I'll look like in a year from now with his guidance.

Right before I wrote this today I called Best Buy to check the status of my camera that is on back order and I'm looking at another 1-2 weeks before I get it in.  I'm anxious to get it in and start making some quality videos.  It'll be a little different approach than my previous videos and I think you guys will like them a lot better along with the HD quality.  I'll be doing workout videos with explanation of how I've been incorporating the FST-7 protocol and how you can incorporate it into your workouts.  I'll be showing you how've I've been doing everything from food prep, cardio program, supplementation etc.

If your interested in starting up a 8 week mass building program I suggest going to buy the new Muscular Development magazine.  Hany put together a program called "Get Jacked for 2012"  It has everything mapped out for you including nutrition.  If I wasn't working with him I would definitley be giving this program a try.  It's SOLID and I guarantee you if you follow it to a T you will put some quality mass on.

Yesterday was the first time I had trained arms together in over 2 months and I got an awesome pump!  Here is my routine give it a try next time you crush arms.

  1. rope cable skullcrushers superset behind the neck curls on the pull down cable 4x12-15
  2. close grip press superset incline db curls - 3x12
  3. overhead db ext superset cambered bar close grip curls - 3x12
  4. dips superset hammer strength preacher curl - 3x12




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