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Let The Experiment Begin!!

jan8 Let The Experiment Begin!!


This post is a follow-up from my blog a few days ago.  I will be explaining what I did right after my shoot and what I'm currently doing.  By December 7th  (when I was finished with my shoot) I was already planning out what I wanted to do in order to feel better again. With regards to training, I decided to stop cardio completely.  At first I contemplated gradually lowering it from week to week, but at that point I was so burnt out I just wanted to stop it all together. So from Dec 4th to Dec 29th I did zero cardio.  As for my weight training I continued to train hard and take advantage of all the extra calories I was taking in.  For nutrition I upped my carbohydrates and had cheat meals everyday.  The reasoning behind this was that I wanted my body to get used to higher calories and carbs every day, so that when I did start my plan I would be able to eat more and not feel depleted. Day by day I started to feel normal again, but it really wasn't up until last week that I was like, "Hey, this is how I should be feeling." It really made me realize how shitty I had felt that entire time that I talked about in my previous post.  Moving into the new year I figured this was a perfect time for me to ditch all of the "trainer/guru/nutritionists" and figure out what's best for my body.  Nutrition is something I've always struggled with by not having the confidence in myself to make the decisions.  After going through that entire process last year, though, I've never felt the way I do now with the determination and confidence in knowing what I'm doing is the correct way for my body.  Taking a slower, gradual and stress free approach is something I've never done.  I'm excited to figure this out, so let the experiment begin! I decided to get things started on Dec 29.

Phase 1: Dec 29-Jan12

Cardio - 3 days a week, 10 minutes of HIIT done directly after weight training

Nutrition -  Meal 3 (1hr before training), Meal 4(30min after training)

  1. 2 scoop Champion Performance Pure Whey
    1 cup oats
    1 tbsp natural peanut butter
  2. 7oz chicken
    8oz sweet potato
    1oz cashew
  3. 7oz chicken
    1 cup white rice
    1 cup brocolli
  4. 2 scoop Champion Performance Pure Whey
    25g Gatorade Powder
  5. 6oz beef or smoked salmon
    1 cup white rice
    1 cup brocolli
  6. 7oz chicken
    1/2 avocado
  7. 2 scoop Champion Performance Pure Whey
    1tbsp natural peanut butter

Cheat Meals - once a week either on Friday or Saturday night

Supplementation: (all products Champion Performance)

Pre Workout -

  1. 3 scoops Amino Edge
  2. 10g Glutamine
  3. 5g Creatine Mono

Post Workout -

  1. 10g Glutamine
  2. 5g Creatine Mono
  3. 6g Performance BCAA
jan10 Let The Experiment Begin!!


Weight Training Split:

  • Mon - Chest/Bicep/Calve/Ab/Cardio
  • Tues - Back/Tricep/Calve/Cardio
  • Wednesday - OFF
  • Thurs - Quad/Ham/Calve
  • Friday - Shoulder/Ab/Cardio
  • Saturday - Arms/Calve/Ab
  • Sunday - OFF

Weekly Assesments - every Friday I do my own assesments to monitor my progress. I use digital calipers to check my body fat.  Granted they are not going to be 100 percent accurate but it will get you a reading that will show if you are heading in the right direction or not.

Jan 3rd - Body fat 7.1% weight 234.2lb

Jan 10th - Body fat 6.7% weight 231.8lb

GOALS: I want to accomplish the condition I had in November 2012. At that time I only weighed 200-204lb with my body fat measuring slightly over 4%.  Once I get closer to this goal I plan on scheduling a NYC trip to do some shoots!

Tyler McPeak scr8 Let The Experiment Begin!!

November 2012

I've started Phase 2 of my experiment today and will be posting that in the near future! Until next time make sure to keep training hard!

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A Huge Learning Experience

photo518 A Huge Learning Experience


What's up everyone! It's been several months since I've had the inspiration to actually write, and now that I'm feeling 100 percent healthy again, my brain feels like it's functioning properly to actually have ideas - but I'll get to all that in a little bit.  First off, I want to say thanks for all the continued support and positive feedback I get from my social media. 2013 was a hell of a year for me but also a huge learning experience.  My year started off with me being down on myself and in this depression because I wasn't sure if things were going to work out.  I was actually close to deleting all of my social media and taking a different route in life because I'd been pursuing my dreams since 2007, and I came to a point where I thought I was just wasting my time.  It wasn't until I got an email from Champion Performance supplement company that my entire attitude changed and things started progressing in the direction I've always wanted them to.  I can't believe it's already a new year because it felt like 2013 flew by, but now that we are in the start of 2014 I hope you guys are determined to accomplish your health and fitness goals you have set out because I definitely am! Two of my main resolutions for this year is to practice balance and patience - and so far I'm off to a great start!

cardioqueen A Huge Learning ExperienceOK, so some of you might have read a recent post I made about a week ago stating that I was proud to say I was no longer a "cardio queen" anymore.  What I mean by that is how I was doing an over abundance of cardio everyday in pursuit to getting as lean as possible.  It's a popular topic amongst the fitness industry right now, and I was brainwashed into thinking that doing hours of cardio was the only way to get into peak condition.  For the majority of 2013 I felt like complete shit from following these cardio methods.  I really didn't realize how bad I had gotten and how consumed I was until I was able to take a step back after my most recent shoot for FitnessRX magazine.  I worked with 3 different "trainer/coaches/nutritionist"  in 2013.  The first guy basically was starving me out.  I worked with him for 6 weeks prior to the Champion Performance photo shoot that was in Ft. Lauderdale in May.  I was unhappy and unhealthy.  I remember almost every time I would stand up after sitting down for a while that I would get lightheaded and one time almost blacked out while coming off an exit ramp on the interstate. The strangest thing happened when I came to that stoplight. Everything started getting black around me for a few seconds, and it scared the shit out me almost causing a panic attack.  It wasn't until my friend Brook talked some sense into me and made me realize I was not eating nearly enough and that I needed to abandon those methods.  A couple months passed of me doing my own thing, and then I decided to hire someone else.  This guy put me on a ketogenic diet (zero carbs) right out the gate and 60min of empty stomach cardio first thing in the morning.  If you have ever done a keto-style diet you will know that you feel like a zombie for the most part.  The lightheaded issues came about again, so that only lasted for 4 weeks. Lol. And I moved on.  At that point I had hired someone that I worked with in 2012.  He started me out at 45min of HIIT every morning followed by 15min of HIIT directly after weight training because I told him I wanted to get in really good shape for the Olympia Expo since I was working a booth for Champion Performance.  I got into decent shape but looking back at it now I feel I could have been in better condition for the allotted time period we had. He also had me doing a carb deplete and carb load the week of the expo, which is dumb as hell in my opinion, but oh well you live you learn. I believed in his methods and followed everything to a T and continued to work with him for my FitnessRX shoot.  At this point, I was just feeling really burnt out, so when I got back from the Olympia my cardio got brought down to 4 days a week of 20 min of HIIT.  So now this brings me to my FitnessRX prep experience.

First and foremost I want to state that you can't dwell in the past. The past is the past, and you can't change it. With that said I wanted to share my thoughts and experience preparing for the biggest shoot of my life for FitnessRX, so you won't make a similar mistake.

You might be thinking why the hell would this guy be frustrated when he just shot for one of the top fitness magazines. Well my frustration is about how I looked. Yes I know I'm my worst critic, but I know how I should look and I'm real with myself.  With the amount of hard work I was putting in and how depleted and unhealthy I felt I should have looked a hell of a lot better.  I'll break it down for you. October 22nd I got a phone call letting me know to be ready to shoot right before Thanksgiving. Granted, at the time I wasn't in tip top shape, but about 4 weeks to get ready should be enough time if done correctly with how my body has responded in the past. So the "trainer/nutritionist" I was working with gave me the game plan to do, and I followed it to a T. Just to give you an idea of the amount of work I was doing: 45min of HIIT on an empty stomach and 20min of HIIT in the afternoon 7 days a week.  On top of that I was weight training for 60min 5 days a week. About 2 weeks later I got another phone call giving me the exact date of November 22.  As soon as I got that info cardio got bumped up to 60min of HIIT on an empty stomach in the morning followed by the same 20 min of HIIT in the afternoon 7 days a week. I handled all of my own weight training programs, so that stayed the same at 5 days a week for 60-70min (some days when I was feeling like total shit it would be 40min of weights).  So day after day doing all this work my body was not changing like it should. I told this trainer that I was very concerned that I wouldn't be ready, and he told me not to worry, that I actually was changing and that I need not stress. More days past and I still just wasn't getting tight like I should. This just stressed me out even more. Which is the last thing you want to do when trying to achieve peak condition.  Fast forward to the week of the original shoot date of November 22, he gave me a plan of water loading and carb depletion for 4 days (Saturday to Tuesday before shoot) then carb load for 2 days. I had started the carb load and halfway through the day I got an email letting me know that my shoot had been rescheduled for December 7th.  At that point, in all honesty I was relieved of stress because I looked at this as a blessing in disguise, and that it gave me about 2 extra weeks to look the way I was hoping to look.  So it was back to the 7 days a week of 2-a-days. At that point he dropped my cardio to 45min of HIIT on an empty stomach and 15min of HIIT in the afternoon.  Another week went past, and I'm finally starting to think I will look great, but then from Nov. 30th - Dec. 4th, my cardio was bumped back up to 60min of HIIT and 20min of HIIT afternoon everyday. This time carb depletion started on.Dec. 1st and water loading began Dec. 2. That Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday I was happy with how I was looking. I ended up weighing 220lb at the end of the depletion. Once the carb depletion phase ended, and the carb loading and water depleting began on Thursday, my body did not respond well. I was told to still continue to load all day Friday, though. By Friday night at my hotel I became completely stressed out because I looked like a watery mess. YOU SHOULD NOT BE STRESSED OUT AND WORRIED ABOUT HOW YOU LOOK THE NIGHT BEFORE A SHOOT! Water was also cut out at 6pm Friday night before the shoot, and I was told not to drink anything until after the shoot was over. What did this do? Made me feel like total shit not having any energy and my body was incomplete  shock. I quit pissing normally and actually retained more water. I looked better when I was drinking 3 gallons a day and pissing like crazy.  So that's my story in a nutshell. I feel that I was over trained and honestly just felt very unhealthy.  As you know, I'm a very positive person, and I tried to remain positive the entire time, but when shit is not working it's hard to remain that way. I had gotten to the point where I didn't have the energy to do much of anything besides my workouts while being loaded up on caffeine just to make it through and then lay around in bed if I wasn't training clients. It felt like a damn struggle just to get up and make my food, run an errand etc. Not a way to live life for sure, but when you want something so bad you are willing to put your body through hell and back if you believe that is the best method to follow. Everything happens for a reason, and this process was a learning lesson of being misguided. I know I will never do the whole depletion and loading guru bullshit before a shoot again. Needless to say I will be handling my own nutrition and cardio protocol from now on. This is the last piece of the puzzle that is missing for me. It's something I've always struggled with, and for the past couple of years I've relied on others to make decisions for me. Through this process a fire has been lit under my ass, and I've never been more motivated to figure this shit out on my own and experiment!

In the next few days I'll be making another post explaining what I did right after my shoot up until this point of what I'm doing now in order to feel 100 percent healthy mentally and physically!

gym A Huge Learning Experience

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Back in the day…

photo205 Back in the day...I remember back in my early 20's after a couple years of lifting under my belt every month I would buy bodybuilding magazines to always try to learn new tips/tricks on anything and everything to do with bodybuilding (and I still do every month now).  Flipping through the pages of a magazine you always see the ads for different supplements and other fitness oriented products and I remember dreaming back then of being able to represent a company and be in all of their ads in the magazines.  I always believed in myself that I could make it happen but never thought that 8 years later I would in fact be living one of my dreams.  What a lot of people don't know is I started pursuing this journey in 2007 and I honestly feel that my career is just now starting.  Staying positive and having a lot of perseverance has gotten me where I'm at now along with hard work and dedication.  They all work synergistically and if one is lacking then it usually effects the rest.  I'm not saying throughout the past 6 years of my journey I've always been the most positive person because there were several occasions I was extremely down on myself and contemplating moving on to other adventures in life but I'm so happy and thankful that I didn't and stuck with what I love doing.

photo202 Back in the day...So enough about all that let's get into this weeks remainder of workouts.  I thought last week was a hell of a week but I topped that this week and especially on leg and back days.  The only workout that I wasn't too thrilled about this week was one of my favorite days...Arm day.  For some reason just wasn't getting the intense pumps I'm used to and that automatically throws me off my chi lol.  Hope everyone had an awesome week as well!  Today I'm taking a complete rest day and getting some deep tissue therapy done later on this afternoon.

photo2011 Back in the day...Wednesday - Arms

  1. One Arm Hammer Preacher Machine Curl - 5 sets
  2. One Arm DB preacher curl - 4 sets
  3. Standing DB Curl - 3 sets
  4. Standing Hammer DB Curl - 3 sets
  5. Standing Barbell Curl - 3 sets
  6. Dips - 4 sets
  7. Rope Pressdowns - 4 sets
  8. Skull crushers with straight bar - 3 sets
  9. cable pressdown - 3 sets

Thursday - OFF

Friday - Delts/Triceps

  1. Standing Barbell Overhead Press - 5 sets
  2. Seated DB Laterals - 4 sets
  3. Standing DB Laterals - 3 sets
  4. Reverse Pec Dec - 3 sets
  5. Cambered Bar Front Raise - 3 sets
  6. One arm reverse cable fly - 3 sets
  7. Barbell Shrugs - 4 sets
  8. Behind the back smith machine shrugs - 4 sets
  9. Straight bar cable pressdown - 7 sets (done fst-7 style)
  10. one arm reverse grip pressdown - 4 sets

Saturday - BACK/Bicep

  1. wide grip pulldowns - 5 sets
  2. one arm plate loaded pulldown machine - 4 sets
  3. one arm standing db row - 3 sets
  4. t-bar row chest support - 3 sets
  5. one arm hammer strength row - 4 sets upper top grip, 2 sets narrow inside grip
  6. reverse grip hammer strength pulldowns - 3 sets
  7. bicep high elbows curl machine - 4 sets
  8. standing 2 arm cable curls - 4 sets

photo2101 Back in the day...

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Starting the week off STRONG!

dontbe Starting the week off STRONG!So far this week has started off great with my workouts!  Despite my calories being dropped a bit and my cardio being upped a bit  (since Saturday) these past 2 days have been some of my best workouts especially legs yesterday.  Going into yesterdays workout I'm not going to lie..I wasn't feeling the greatest...energy was low and mentally just wasn't feeling like doing legs.  After getting through leg extensions it was like a light switch flipped and I was 100 percent focused on trashing my legs.  I did a very high amount of volume and my legs are already feeling it this morning.  This a clear sign to me that I havn't been training them as hard as I should lately and definitely not doing enough overall volume for them.  Yesterday also was the first time I've done free weight squats in weeks since I've been having lower back issues and still that nagging left IT band issue.  Doing squats as my third exercise though had everything nice and warmed up so they felt great and I was able to do 2 sets with 315lb for 10 reps a piece.  This workout took about 2 hours to complete and by the time I got home showered, ate my post workout meal it was hard for me to move from the bed lol.

Monday - Chest/Upper Back

  1. Incline DB Press - 5 sets
  2. Flat Smith Machine Press - 4 sets + one drop set on last set
  3. Seated freemotion cable fly - 3 sets (using static hold technique every 5 reps)
  4. Flat Techno Gym Press (same thing as hammer strength press) - 4 sets (every third rep is a super slow rep on the positive)
  5. Incline DB Fly - 3 sets
  6. Reverse Grip pulldowns - 4 sets
  7. Tri-Set: 3 total rounds
    A - free motion seated cable pulldowns
    B - Techno Gym plated loaded wide grip pulldown
    C - Techno Gym plate loaded low row

photo165 Starting the week off STRONG!Tuesday - Quads/Hams/Calves

  1. Leg Ext - 5 sets + 2 drop sets on last set
  2. Leg Press - 5 sets + 2 drop sets on last set
  3. Squats - 4 sets
  4. Smith Machine Squats - 3 sets (since my gym doesnt have a hack squat I position my feet more narrow and forward as if I was on a hack squat)
  5. Seated Leg Curl - 4 sets
  6. Seated Leg Press Machine - 4 sets
  7. Lying Leg Curl - 2 sets
  8. DB Stiff leg deadlifts - 3 sets
  9. Seated Calve Raise - 4 sets
    superset with
    one foot at a time standing body weight raises
  10. Standing Calve Raise - 4 sets
  11. Body weight calve raises superset
    start with toes on a 45lb plate for 20 reps then move to floor and do an additional 20
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Hell of a WEEK!

photo192 Hell of a WEEK!As my week is winding down and coming to an end I can say that this was one hell of a VERY productive week of workouts.  Every session this week was where it needed to be.  Both my strength and my mental game is at an all time high and I've never been this hungry, focused and motivated before.  Even though energy levels are fluctuating from day to day and some days I just feel like shit, that doesn't matter to me because it's all a part of the game and I'm determined and driven to reach my goals.  My Champion Performance supplements are definitely crucial right now to assist giving me that extra push and energy kick I need.  I've been doing the Amino Shooter before morning cardio and 3 scoops of Adrenol8 before my weight training workouts.  Yesterday afternoon after a ridiculous shoulder session I had my weekly phone call with my nutritionist Tad Inoue.  We spoke for about 30 minutes and after our phone call I felt hyped up and excited because the changes that were made to my program are going to get me PEELED.  I havn't been in that crisp dry ripped condition since the final weeks before my Jason Ellis shoot so I can't wait to get there again with my new added SIZE!  Also with my weekly check in I had to do my assessment and I finally hit a turning point this week and my body fat dropped a little bit more but my weight was actually higher icon smile Hell of a WEEK! I weighed 232.8lb on an empty stomach and my body fat measured at 5.31%.  Last night was my cheat meal night and having my weekly cheats not only keeps me sane but I also feel that it recharges my battery.  I had some mexican food from a local restaurant called Rose Pepper.  I got a steak quesidilla and a fajita burrito.  For desert I came back to my place and ate an entire mini strawberry swirl cheesecake, cookies and ice cream.  Well...my mind is going blank now and I don't have much else to say other than I hope you guys have a great weekend and are training your ass off!  My day is done and I'm laying in bed about to have a Sons of Anarchy marathon since the new season is starting back up soon.  Give these workouts a try below!

photo187 Hell of a WEEK!


Friday - Shoulders/Tricep

  1. Techno Gym Plate loaded machine press - 6 sets
  2. Standing DB Laterals (1 set is done as a giant set: 15lbx10,20lbx10,25lbx10,30lbx10 all back to back) 3 sets
  3. Reverse Pec Dec - 3 sets
    superset with
    Seated Lateral Machine - 3 sets
  4. Rope Front Raise - 4 sets
    superset with
    plate loaded shrug machine - 4 sets
  5. Dips - 4 sets
    superset with
    DB Shrugs - 4 sets
  6. Cable Overhead kickouts - 3 sets
    superset with
    cable pressdowns - 3 sets
    superset with
    Ab Machine Crunches -3 sets
photo194 Hell of a WEEK!

Did the seated rows Charles Glass style. Looking at my back progress pictures one area I'm really focusing on in back training in the lower lats. This is a great way to target that area!

Saturday - Back/Bicep

photo2 Hell of a WEEK!

If you are not going to do my exact workouts then I suggest always thinking about and typing out your workout hours before heading to the gym so you will have a clear plan of attack once you get there.  That being said I hope you guys give my workouts a try....because they are working great for me and I know they will for you too!

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Bicep & Triceps

photo168 Bicep & TricepsYesterday was arm day and right from the start my arms starting getting full of blood QUICK!  That's when you know it's going to be a great session when you start getting a pump on the first warm up set :)  Supersetting all exercises is definitely one of my favorite ways to train arms and seems like that's how I end up training them all the time but I think this upcoming week I'm going to switch it up and train all triceps or all biceps first then move onto the opposing muscle group.  Remember the key to keep progressing in your training is always keeping things switched up.  I can tell it's the end of the week and my body is starting to feel worn down.  My sleep hasn't been the greatest lately either.  Some nights I have insomnia and will toss and turn all night and other nights I'll sleep great.  Today is my off day so besides a couple clients to train and some errands to run I'll be resting as much as possible.  Here is yesterday's workout

  1. incline db curls (done at the same time) - 4 setssuperset with
    incline db overhead ext (done at same time) - 4 sets
  2. cambered bar close grip preacher curls - 4 sets
    superset with
    straight bar cable pressdowns - 4 sets
  3. cambered bar standing curl - 3 sets
    superset with
    cambered bar skullcrushers - 3 sets
  4. rope curls  - 3 sets
    superset with
    rope pressdowns
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photo167 Calves/Quads

Picture taken during the Muscle & Fitness video series shoot

As I'm writing this I'm laying here in bed still feeling pretty out of it from the quad session I just had.  It was extremely challenging and on paper it might not seem like much but I guarantee you it will leave you feeling loopy with numb legs.  Going into today's workout I originally intended to train hams along with calves and quads but by the time I finished up quads and after it already being an hour in a half I didn't have much left in me.  I've been starting all leg workouts lately with calves first since compared to my upper leg my calves need to be bigger.  Being 6'3 I have a lot of leg to fill in so training calves at the start of the workout allows me to put the most effort and intensity into them.  If you follow me on facebook you might have read that I've been using some different methods throughout my sets such at static holds and super slow reps etc.  Today those techniques were applied to leg ext, leg press, and seated calve raise.  Here is today's leg workout:

  1. Standing Calve Raise - 6 sets + 2 drop sets on last set
  2. Seated Calve Rasie - 4 sets
  3. Leg Ext - 4 sets + 1 drop set on last set
  4. Leg Press - 6 sets
  5. Smith Machine Squats - 4 sets
photo166 Calves/Quads

took this today at the tanning bed - condition is almost where i want it to be..should be there in about 2 more weeks. 231lb on an empty stomach

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Chest/Upper Back

cover sept2013web Chest/Upper Back So the last time I posted on here a few weeks back was right after my DC trip.  Since then I filmed a video series for Muscle & Fitness which will be coming out very soon.  It's a program that I designed along with supplementation and nutrition guidelines.  I can't wait for that to come out because I think everyone from beginner to advanced trainer can pick up one some sort of tip from the videos...at least I hope so lol.  Also,  I made my way up to Virginia to visit family and friends and it was a great trip.  After finishing up a video series my mind was able to finally shut off and rest and I got some of my best sleep while in VA.  When I was up there I got some crazy intense training sessions in with my boys Ben Bowles and Matt Liller.  Ben and I trained twice on Friday then once on Sat in which Matt joined along as well.  I brought that intensity back to Nashville with me and Brook and I have been getting after it again.  I sometimes think I'm training as hard as I can but find myself getting stuck in training intensity ruts and the VA trip broke me out of the rut I was in and my workouts have been better than ever.  Some other changes I've made too is I went back to my nutritionist Tad Inoue that I worked with last year for 6 months that with his guidance got me into the best shape of my life.  He was the one that prepped me for my shoot I did with Jason Ellis in November 2012 that one of the images got chosen for the Natural Muscle September issue cover!  I weighed 202lb for that shoot and my body fat measured at 4.7%.  Fast forward to now and I'm weighing 231lb on an empty stomach and my body fat is measuring at 5.9%  Needless to say I've made some serious progress since then.  With 4 more weeks to go till the Olympia weekend in Las Vegas where I'll be working the booth for Champion Performance I'm extremely excited and cannot wait!  If you will be there make sure to stop by the booth and get a copy of Natural Muscle magazine!  Every day I will plan on posting a rundown of my workout (I did this years back when I first started my website and I'm wanting to do it again to help out people that are interested in how I train).  Over the past few weeks I've been experimenting with different split variations trying to find out what works best for me and keeping recovery a priority.  For example this past week I trained 6 days in a row but by that sixth day I felt like total shit and my workout was not good at all and mentally just wasn't into it.  That being said what I've learned works best for me is taking at least one day off during the week too.  Usually either Wednesday or Thursdays seems to be the best.  So enough about all that below is my workout from today give it a try and make sure to check back daily for blog updates with my workouts included!

photo1611 Chest/Upper Back

hammer incline press -  6 sets
dumbbell flat press -  4 sets
wide hammer press -  4 sets
incline barbell  - 3 sets
cable cross -  3 sets
dumbbell pullovers 3 sets

pull ups on assist machine -  4 sets
behind neck pulldowns wide 4 sets
Freemotion side grip pulldowns 4 sets
reverse grip wide pulls 2 sets

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Chest/Bicep Workout Video!

prof Chest/Bicep Workout Video!Sunday Funday! Today's chest workout targetted the upper pecs right from the start with three different movements. The 100lb db's felt smooth like butter on the incline presses. As you can see with the incline barbell movement this was done with light weight slow on the negative pausing at the bottom feeling my upper chest stretching then squeezing the chest on the way up. After the 3 upper pec movements I moved onto 3 mid to lower pec movements. I started incorporating db pullovers again in my chest workouts last week because I'm wanting to improve that lower pec/ serratus area. All exercises today was 3-4 sets with rep ranges 8-15 resting 60-90 seconds between sets.

Preworkout - 3 scoops of Adrenol8
Directly postworkout - 8 Performance BCAA caps
about 20 minutes after - 2 scoops Pure Whey (Chocolate Brownie)

Champion Performance ‪#‎riseabove‬

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DC Trip & Changes to My Training

champion DC Trip & Changes to My TrainingThis past Thursday I got up knocked out my morning cardio then came back to my place to get all of my meals prepared and stuff packed up to leave for Washington,DC later on that afternoon.  I only had to pack a total of 8 meals so it wasn't that much of a hassle.  I had one client to train mid morning then afterward I trained some Chest & Biceps.  After my workout I came back home got cleaned up and by that time it was ready to head to the airport.  I arrived in DC around 8pm and went to my hotel the Gaylord National Resorts which was also where the Vitamin Shoppe expo was being held.  I just relaxed and tried to unwind but still ended up getting pretty shitty sleep.  Friday morning came quick and I had to meet Maryann from Champion in the lobby the next morning at 7:15am.  The expo was from 8am-5pm and it was for all of the District Managers and Store Managers from Vitamin Shoppe's all over the US.  We sampled out our new Pure Whey which is improved by the addition of hydrolized isolate and the flavors are all improved.  Very tasty stuff.  As I've said before my favorite flavors are Chocolate Brownie, Banana Cream Pie and Cookies and Cream.  People absolutely loved the Banana and the they had a shocked look on their face when they tried the sample....it really is that good and life changing icon wink DC Trip & Changes to My Training Once we finished up it was time to head back to the airport and come back home to Nashville.  It's still hard for me to believe that I'm starting to live out my dream within the fitness industry.  This time last year I would have never thought that I would be sponsored by a supplement company, be in their ads and work expos.  All of this happening just makes me want to bust my ass that much harder and keep improving my physique!

photo87 DC Trip & Changes to My TrainingThe past couple of weeks I have been making some changes to my training.  Mainly my split that I'm doing differently but also analyzing my physique as it's changing each week and doing exercises to target the areas that I feel need to be improved.  Also I've been training heavier.  For a while I was doing a lot of higher rep training with most sets going from 12-20+ reps.  I still am incorporating some of the higher reps during my workout but since I've switched over to mostly heavier lower reps I've noticed a different look in my physique.  With my training split I've been doing 3-4 days on followed by 1 day off.  Below is an example of what I've done since since last week.

When I was in Grand Cayman:
Saturday - Chest/Shoulders
Sunday - Back/Calves
Monday - Arms (flew back to Nashville that afternoon)
Tuesday - Quads/Hams
Wednesday - OFF
Thurs - Chest/Bicep (flew to DC that afternoon)
Friday - OFF (Worked the expo all day and didn't get back to Nashville until 9:30pm)
Saturday - Shoulders/Triceps
Sunday - Back/Calves
Monday - Chest/Biceps
Tuesday - Quads/Hams/Calves
Wednesday - OFF

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