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Let The Experiment Begin!!

jan8 Let The Experiment Begin!!


This post is a follow-up from my blog a few days ago.  I will be explaining what I did right after my shoot and what I'm currently doing.  By December 7th  (when I was finished with my shoot) I was already planning out what I wanted to do in order to feel better again. With regards to training, I decided to stop cardio completely.  At first I contemplated gradually lowering it from week to week, but at that point I was so burnt out I just wanted to stop it all together. So from Dec 4th to Dec 29th I did zero cardio.  As for my weight training I continued to train hard and take advantage of all the extra calories I was taking in.  For nutrition I upped my carbohydrates and had cheat meals everyday.  The reasoning behind this was that I wanted my body to get used to higher calories and carbs every day, so that when I did start my plan I would be able to eat more and not feel depleted. Day by day I started to feel normal again, but it really wasn't up until last week that I was like, "Hey, this is how I should be feeling." It really made me realize how shitty I had felt that entire time that I talked about in my previous post.  Moving into the new year I figured this was a perfect time for me to ditch all of the "trainer/guru/nutritionists" and figure out what's best for my body.  Nutrition is something I've always struggled with by not having the confidence in myself to make the decisions.  After going through that entire process last year, though, I've never felt the way I do now with the determination and confidence in knowing what I'm doing is the correct way for my body.  Taking a slower, gradual and stress free approach is something I've never done.  I'm excited to figure this out, so let the experiment begin! I decided to get things started on Dec 29.

Phase 1: Dec 29-Jan12

Cardio - 3 days a week, 10 minutes of HIIT done directly after weight training

Nutrition -  Meal 3 (1hr before training), Meal 4(30min after training)

  1. 2 scoop Champion Performance Pure Whey
    1 cup oats
    1 tbsp natural peanut butter
  2. 7oz chicken
    8oz sweet potato
    1oz cashew
  3. 7oz chicken
    1 cup white rice
    1 cup brocolli
  4. 2 scoop Champion Performance Pure Whey
    25g Gatorade Powder
  5. 6oz beef or smoked salmon
    1 cup white rice
    1 cup brocolli
  6. 7oz chicken
    1/2 avocado
  7. 2 scoop Champion Performance Pure Whey
    1tbsp natural peanut butter

Cheat Meals - once a week either on Friday or Saturday night

Supplementation: (all products Champion Performance)

Pre Workout -

  1. 3 scoops Amino Edge
  2. 10g Glutamine
  3. 5g Creatine Mono

Post Workout -

  1. 10g Glutamine
  2. 5g Creatine Mono
  3. 6g Performance BCAA
jan10 Let The Experiment Begin!!


Weight Training Split:

  • Mon - Chest/Bicep/Calve/Ab/Cardio
  • Tues - Back/Tricep/Calve/Cardio
  • Wednesday - OFF
  • Thurs - Quad/Ham/Calve
  • Friday - Shoulder/Ab/Cardio
  • Saturday - Arms/Calve/Ab
  • Sunday - OFF

Weekly Assesments - every Friday I do my own assesments to monitor my progress. I use digital calipers to check my body fat.  Granted they are not going to be 100 percent accurate but it will get you a reading that will show if you are heading in the right direction or not.

Jan 3rd - Body fat 7.1% weight 234.2lb

Jan 10th - Body fat 6.7% weight 231.8lb

GOALS: I want to accomplish the condition I had in November 2012. At that time I only weighed 200-204lb with my body fat measuring slightly over 4%.  Once I get closer to this goal I plan on scheduling a NYC trip to do some shoots!

Tyler McPeak scr8 Let The Experiment Begin!!

November 2012

I've started Phase 2 of my experiment today and will be posting that in the near future! Until next time make sure to keep training hard!

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A Huge Learning Experience

photo518 A Huge Learning Experience


What's up everyone! It's been several months since I've had the inspiration to actually write, and now that I'm feeling 100 percent healthy again, my brain feels like it's functioning properly to actually have ideas - but I'll get to all that in a little bit.  First off, I want to say thanks for all the continued support and positive feedback I get from my social media. 2013 was a hell of a year for me but also a huge learning experience.  My year started off with me being down on myself and in this depression because I wasn't sure if things were going to work out.  I was actually close to deleting all of my social media and taking a different route in life because I'd been pursuing my dreams since 2007, and I came to a point where I thought I was just wasting my time.  It wasn't until I got an email from Champion Performance supplement company that my entire attitude changed and things started progressing in the direction I've always wanted them to.  I can't believe it's already a new year because it felt like 2013 flew by, but now that we are in the start of 2014 I hope you guys are determined to accomplish your health and fitness goals you have set out because I definitely am! Two of my main resolutions for this year is to practice balance and patience - and so far I'm off to a great start!

cardioqueen A Huge Learning ExperienceOK, so some of you might have read a recent post I made about a week ago stating that I was proud to say I was no longer a "cardio queen" anymore.  What I mean by that is how I was doing an over abundance of cardio everyday in pursuit to getting as lean as possible.  It's a popular topic amongst the fitness industry right now, and I was brainwashed into thinking that doing hours of cardio was the only way to get into peak condition.  For the majority of 2013 I felt like complete shit from following these cardio methods.  I really didn't realize how bad I had gotten and how consumed I was until I was able to take a step back after my most recent shoot for FitnessRX magazine.  I worked with 3 different "trainer/coaches/nutritionist"  in 2013.  The first guy basically was starving me out.  I worked with him for 6 weeks prior to the Champion Performance photo shoot that was in Ft. Lauderdale in May.  I was unhappy and unhealthy.  I remember almost every time I would stand up after sitting down for a while that I would get lightheaded and one time almost blacked out while coming off an exit ramp on the interstate. The strangest thing happened when I came to that stoplight. Everything started getting black around me for a few seconds, and it scared the shit out me almost causing a panic attack.  It wasn't until my friend Brook talked some sense into me and made me realize I was not eating nearly enough and that I needed to abandon those methods.  A couple months passed of me doing my own thing, and then I decided to hire someone else.  This guy put me on a ketogenic diet (zero carbs) right out the gate and 60min of empty stomach cardio first thing in the morning.  If you have ever done a keto-style diet you will know that you feel like a zombie for the most part.  The lightheaded issues came about again, so that only lasted for 4 weeks. Lol. And I moved on.  At that point I had hired someone that I worked with in 2012.  He started me out at 45min of HIIT every morning followed by 15min of HIIT directly after weight training because I told him I wanted to get in really good shape for the Olympia Expo since I was working a booth for Champion Performance.  I got into decent shape but looking back at it now I feel I could have been in better condition for the allotted time period we had. He also had me doing a carb deplete and carb load the week of the expo, which is dumb as hell in my opinion, but oh well you live you learn. I believed in his methods and followed everything to a T and continued to work with him for my FitnessRX shoot.  At this point, I was just feeling really burnt out, so when I got back from the Olympia my cardio got brought down to 4 days a week of 20 min of HIIT.  So now this brings me to my FitnessRX prep experience.

First and foremost I want to state that you can't dwell in the past. The past is the past, and you can't change it. With that said I wanted to share my thoughts and experience preparing for the biggest shoot of my life for FitnessRX, so you won't make a similar mistake.

You might be thinking why the hell would this guy be frustrated when he just shot for one of the top fitness magazines. Well my frustration is about how I looked. Yes I know I'm my worst critic, but I know how I should look and I'm real with myself.  With the amount of hard work I was putting in and how depleted and unhealthy I felt I should have looked a hell of a lot better.  I'll break it down for you. October 22nd I got a phone call letting me know to be ready to shoot right before Thanksgiving. Granted, at the time I wasn't in tip top shape, but about 4 weeks to get ready should be enough time if done correctly with how my body has responded in the past. So the "trainer/nutritionist" I was working with gave me the game plan to do, and I followed it to a T. Just to give you an idea of the amount of work I was doing: 45min of HIIT on an empty stomach and 20min of HIIT in the afternoon 7 days a week.  On top of that I was weight training for 60min 5 days a week. About 2 weeks later I got another phone call giving me the exact date of November 22.  As soon as I got that info cardio got bumped up to 60min of HIIT on an empty stomach in the morning followed by the same 20 min of HIIT in the afternoon 7 days a week. I handled all of my own weight training programs, so that stayed the same at 5 days a week for 60-70min (some days when I was feeling like total shit it would be 40min of weights).  So day after day doing all this work my body was not changing like it should. I told this trainer that I was very concerned that I wouldn't be ready, and he told me not to worry, that I actually was changing and that I need not stress. More days past and I still just wasn't getting tight like I should. This just stressed me out even more. Which is the last thing you want to do when trying to achieve peak condition.  Fast forward to the week of the original shoot date of November 22, he gave me a plan of water loading and carb depletion for 4 days (Saturday to Tuesday before shoot) then carb load for 2 days. I had started the carb load and halfway through the day I got an email letting me know that my shoot had been rescheduled for December 7th.  At that point, in all honesty I was relieved of stress because I looked at this as a blessing in disguise, and that it gave me about 2 extra weeks to look the way I was hoping to look.  So it was back to the 7 days a week of 2-a-days. At that point he dropped my cardio to 45min of HIIT on an empty stomach and 15min of HIIT in the afternoon.  Another week went past, and I'm finally starting to think I will look great, but then from Nov. 30th - Dec. 4th, my cardio was bumped back up to 60min of HIIT and 20min of HIIT afternoon everyday. This time carb depletion started on.Dec. 1st and water loading began Dec. 2. That Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday I was happy with how I was looking. I ended up weighing 220lb at the end of the depletion. Once the carb depletion phase ended, and the carb loading and water depleting began on Thursday, my body did not respond well. I was told to still continue to load all day Friday, though. By Friday night at my hotel I became completely stressed out because I looked like a watery mess. YOU SHOULD NOT BE STRESSED OUT AND WORRIED ABOUT HOW YOU LOOK THE NIGHT BEFORE A SHOOT! Water was also cut out at 6pm Friday night before the shoot, and I was told not to drink anything until after the shoot was over. What did this do? Made me feel like total shit not having any energy and my body was incomplete  shock. I quit pissing normally and actually retained more water. I looked better when I was drinking 3 gallons a day and pissing like crazy.  So that's my story in a nutshell. I feel that I was over trained and honestly just felt very unhealthy.  As you know, I'm a very positive person, and I tried to remain positive the entire time, but when shit is not working it's hard to remain that way. I had gotten to the point where I didn't have the energy to do much of anything besides my workouts while being loaded up on caffeine just to make it through and then lay around in bed if I wasn't training clients. It felt like a damn struggle just to get up and make my food, run an errand etc. Not a way to live life for sure, but when you want something so bad you are willing to put your body through hell and back if you believe that is the best method to follow. Everything happens for a reason, and this process was a learning lesson of being misguided. I know I will never do the whole depletion and loading guru bullshit before a shoot again. Needless to say I will be handling my own nutrition and cardio protocol from now on. This is the last piece of the puzzle that is missing for me. It's something I've always struggled with, and for the past couple of years I've relied on others to make decisions for me. Through this process a fire has been lit under my ass, and I've never been more motivated to figure this shit out on my own and experiment!

In the next few days I'll be making another post explaining what I did right after my shoot up until this point of what I'm doing now in order to feel 100 percent healthy mentally and physically!

gym A Huge Learning Experience

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Florida Champion Performance Trip

920505 377104492399919 628349326 o Florida Champion Performance TripIt's now a week after my recent trip to Ft Lauderdale Florida and I wanted to do a recap of my trip.  First off I want to say it was an awesome trip and experience to meet everyone at Champion Performance and they couldn't have made me feel more welcomed.

Tuesday May 7th the day before leaving I prepared all of my food I would need to have for my trip.  I know you might think what a pain in the ass that has to be and I'm not going to lie it kinda is but you have to do what you gotta do.  I've been traveling with my food like this ever since I started traveling for shoots, competition etc.  Of coarse it would be easy just to be able to hop on a plane and eat whatever you'd like whenever you'd like but with my body I can't do that.

922887 376726665771035 1509147360 n Florida Champion Performance TripWednesday I arrived in Florida around 11am and Ariella Palumbo another team member arrived at the same time.  IFBB Pro Lee Banks flight was delayed so he didn't meet up with us until team dinner.  We were greeted by Maryann, Camilla and Isaac from Champion and went straight to the offices.  We were in meetings throughout the day and we got to tour the plant where all the supplements are made starting from raw materials and each process after that.  It was pretty fascinating to see all of that because I never really think of the process of how something is made when I'm taking my supplements.  One of our meetings we had was about some upcoming new products that we will have that I can't wait for them to be released soon!  After we finished up at the Champion HQ we went back to our hotel for about an hour before we were picked up to go to team dinner.  I managed to get a quick pump workout in for about 30 min in the hotel gym :). We went to one of the hot spots on downtown Ft Lauderdale called YOLO and I had one of the best steaks in a LONG time.  After a long productive fun day I went straight to sleep once I got back to my room.

941235 376877265755975 77645380 n Florida Champion Performance TripThursday morning we were picked up and headed to our shoot that was at a gym in Lake Worth which was about a 45 min drive. We shot from 11am till about 5pm and I learned some new tips and tricks from Lee throughout the day.  At 5'8 and 240lb he makes me feel like I'm a stick figure lol.  After we finished up with a successful day of shooting it was cheat meal time! We ate at a restaurant right beside the beach and all ordered burgers, fries and had carrot cake for desert.  And oh yeah Lee and I split a quesadilla for an appetizer.

945923 377041582406210 548409885 n Florida Champion Performance TripFriday morning we were picked up and headed to a cross fit gym for our final shoot. We shot from 11am till about 3pm then had to head to the airport.  One of my favorite shots from this trip was taken here of me pulling a 200lb tire so I can't wait to see the final image of that! Once we got to the airport Lee and I had another cheat meal which was some pizza and a calzone sandwich and I had a couple candy bars.  Once I got back to Nashville I had one more cheat meal at Cheesecake Factory then got back on my normal diet on Saturday.  Overall it was such an awesome experience and made everything that much more real for me.  I feel so thankful and appreciative that I have this opportunity and being around the other team members and everyone at Champion Performance makes me want to work even harder!  This is only the beginning of one of the best chapters of my life!carrot Florida Champion Performance Trip


Gym Track

79 Tyler Ty Davin foto Gym TrackThis song has been getting me hyped up at the gym!

"If I could do one thing in this world
It would be to at least inspire one person
Because it's not about how bad you want something
How bad you want something is meaningless, it's pointless
If how bad you're willing to work for the thing you want
Isn't ten times as intense as how bad you want it
I can't sell you desire, I can't bottle up passion
And give it to you in the form of some magic potion
The only thing that can quench hunger, is more hunger
And every trial, every tribulation, everything you go through
Is necessary in life...
Because it's the lessons that you get from those things
That most people can't, and will not endure
Embrace it - I urge you all to embrace it" - Los

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Bodybuilding.com Amateur Bodybuilder of the week!

amateur bodybuilder of the week peaking at the right time2 Bodybuilding.com Amateur Bodybuilder of the week!Here is my latest interview for bodybuilding.com!  I did this interview back around Thanksgiving or Xmas can't quite remember.  Anyways as you know if you follow my blog some things have changed since then.



My Supplement Regimen

championproducts My Supplement RegimenToday I received my first shipment of Champion Performance products and I can't wait to get them all started up tomorrow.  I felt like a little kid getting all excited when I brought the package into my place.  Before I get into my scheduling of each supplement I want to point at that in order to get the maximum benefit from supplements you need to be following a healthy nutrition plan along with exercise.  Since you follow my blog then I'm sure all of you do and your goals are to build muscle and burn fat!  So here is a break down of what my daily supplementation will be:

  • Taken with Meal 1 - Multi Vitamin + Energy,5 g  Power Glutamine
  • Taken with Preworkout Meal (Meal 3) - 10g  Power Glutamine
  • 20-30 min before workout - 3 scoops Adrenol8, 2 Performance BCAA
  • During Workout - 3 Performance BCAA
  • Directly Post Workout - 3 Performance BCAA, 5g Power Creatine, 5g Glutamine
  • 20-30 Min Post Workout - 2 scoops Pure Whey
  • Taken with Meal 6 - 5g Power Glutamine, 2 Performance BCAA

Multi Vitamin + Energy - Wellness Nutrition™ Multiple Vitamin + Energy delivers the most complete performance multiple vitamin for active individuals. Designed specifically for the nutritional demands of the athlete in-training.

Taking a multi vitamin is perhaps the most important single supplement that can be consumed by athletes and active individuals.

Multiple Vitamin + Energy is high-performance multi vitamin rich in phytonutrient concentrates, amino acids, and minerals that offer essential protection for performance and recovery.


Research confirms what many in sports nutrition have believed for so long: L-glutamine is essential for protein synthesis, immune function, gastrointestinal health and recovery. Multiple scientific studies suggests that by taking supplemental L-glutamine, you can help your body prevent muscle protein loss due to intense stress or exercise.

Additionally, studies have found that consuming supplemental L-glutamine stimulates the release of growth hormone, volumizes your muscle cells and helps control toxic ammonia.

What's more, L-glutamine works in the gut helping to increase the absorption of other nutrients, such as creatine, potentially making them more effective.

Power Creatine - Creatine is an essential compound in the body's anaerobic energy cycle. It recycles the compound (ATP - from ADP) that directly provides the energy for intense muscular contraction. If creatine is not present in sufficient amounts, energy for intense exertion is both low and slower to recover. Supplementation of creatine increases available muscular energy for that set of squats, or that sprint, or that jump, or that play, or that swing, and so on. Likewise, creatine will enable quicker recovery for that next effort, just seconds away. The result is that you get stronger, bigger, and quicker.

Adrenol8 - is a complete pre-workout solution. ADRENOL8™ tops every other Nitric Oxide (N.O.) product in the market with its research for performance ingredients.

Champion Nutrition's ADRENOL8™ contains maximal amounts of the most effective performance-enhancing ingredients.

Designed with creatine enhancers, creatine effect multipliers, and the most absorbable form of creatine. ADRENOL8™ is for competitive bodybuilders and serious strength athletes ONLY!

Key Benefits:


AKG and Arginine Pyroglutamate - provides enhanced potassium transporters and beta-oxidation inducers.

Dicreatine Malate and Creatine Monohydrate Dicreatine Malate

Even though it is less soluble than some other creatine compounds, it's absorbed more quickly. Plus, the inclusion of pure creatine monohydrate follows up over a longer period of time. The complete blend!

Cinnulin PF

Cinnamon extracts improves the uptake of creatine into muscle tissue.


Beta-Alanine multiplies the effects of creatine and it's like creatine in the sense that it must accumulate in muscle over time, but within a week or two you will notice that you can do more sets before fatiguing, support more weight for longer sets, and recover faster.

Branched-Chain Amino Acids (BCAAs)

BCAAs reduce muscle breakdown, increase muscle synthesis, and shorten recovery time. And, ADRENOL8™ contains levels that are shown to produce results.

Performance BCAA - Stimulates Muscle Growth

When you're training to develop a stronger, more powerful body, it is essential to fuel your muscles at the cellular level.

Branched Chain Amino Acids (BCAAs), Leucine, Isoleucine, and Valine make up approximately 1/3 of muscle protein. Wellness Nutrition™ BCAAs delivers a 2:1:1 ratio reduction in muscle fatigue, speeds recovery, decreases the loss of other amino acids, and helps the body absorb protein.

BCAAs are rapidly depleted from the muscle when training and a deficiency in any one of them will cause muscle loss and catabolism.

Taking BCAAs before and/or during a workout provides the optimal muscle fuel to increase performance and reduce fatigue.

Key Ingredients:


Leucine has many beneficial effects on sports performance. It helps preserve lean muscle tissue, it supplies the body with energy when engaging in athletic activity, it preserves muscle glycogen (glucose stored in muscle tissue used to power muscular contraction). It maintains nitrogen balance, and it enhances thinking abilities that can decline as physical activity becomes more intense.

Tyler FB 0000 Layer 7 V3 My Supplement Regimen


This weekend I'll be filming new content for my youtube channel.  I have a videographer that will be doing a series so be on the look out for new videos!


Boost Your Testosterone!

vitamind 1 1 300x171 Boost Your Testosterone!As men we all know there are several health benefits to having a higher level of testosterone in and out of the gym.  Below are the three main supplements I use in order to give myself a short term boost of natural test production:

  • Vitamin D3- You know that vitamin D is a critical supplement, not just for your health but also for your muscle size and strength, and for burning bodyfat.That’s right, D can also help you get stronger, increase muscle protein synthesis, reduce bodyfat and raise testosterone levels. FLEX recommends getting in a good 2,000–5,000 international units of vitamin D per day, but not just any ol’ D will do. You need to make sure you are taking vitamin D3, known as cholecalciferol. In a recent study from Creighton University (Omaha, Nebraska) subjects took approximately 7,000 IU of vitamin D2 or vitamin D3 per day for 12 weeks. They reported in a 2011 issue of the Journal of Clinical Endocrinology & Metabolism that D3 was about 90% more potent at raising levels of 25-hydroxyvitamin D, the storage form of vitamin D in the body, than vitamin D2. It also increased stored levels of the vitamin three times more than D2 did.
  • Tribulus - Tribulus Terrestris is a vine plant that has a long history of uses. People around the world have turned to Tribulus to promote overall health and encourage muscle development.*

    When taken on a regular basis tribulus may be an excellent source for promoting the muscle gains competitors look for.* Tribulus is suggested to support healthy levels of the body's main muscle building hormone, testosterone.* Some of the main benefits of taking tribulus may include:

    • Support energy levels*
    • Promote hormonal balance*
    • Support testosterone release*
    • Promote recovery time*
    • Enhanced muscle mass and definition*

    When most people hear the word tribulus they immediately think of a supplement for males that enhances muscle growth.* While that is definitely an accurate statement, that's not all its good for!

    Tribulus may also be great supplement to take to support sexual health and improve your athletic performance.* If you're involved in a sport that requires power and focus, tribulus may help.*

    Additionally, anyone who wants to support healthy body composition may also want to consider using the tribulus supplement.*

  • D-Aspartic Acid (DAA)- is a non-essential amino acid. That means your body produces a functional amount of it internally.
    • Amino acids are the building blocks of protein and serve various functions in the body during childhood development and throughout adulthood. D-Aspartic Acid plays a role in metabolic support.* According to one study, D-AA supplementation may also support increased testosterone levels.*
    • D-AA is formed when the enzyme aspartate racemase converts an L-Aspartic Acid into D-AA in the testes and glands. It is one of 20 proteinogenic amino acids, which are the building blocks of proteins. It was discovered in 1827 by Plisson, a French pharmacist, by boiling asparagus and treating it with hydrochloric acid. (Crazy, right?)

      One human study testing D-Aspartic Acid suggested that the amino acid boosted testosterone and luteinizing hormone release when taken over a 12-day period.*

      D-Aspartic Acid is found naturally in the testes, pituitary gland and hypothalamus, all of which are involved in hormone production. The study found that D-AA has a role in the regulation of the release and synthesis of LH and testosterone in humans.*

    • Aspartic acid comes in two forms, L and D. The l-aminos build tissue. But when l-aspartic acid combines with enzymes in the testes, it becomes a d-aspartic acid, which supports testosterone levels in the blood and prompts production of more.*

      A study discovered that D-Aspartic acid has specific effects on testosterone levels.* The patients in the study took 3 grams of D-AA per day for 6 days, then for 12 days. Researchers surmised that testosterone levels increased in all individuals who the compound being researched.*

      Sources - Bodybuilding.com, Flexonline.com


Client Transformations!

Here are some of my online clients I have worked with!  So proud of them all! If you're interested in trying out one of my online programs or in person training email me at [email protected]

My online client Mohammed! 6 week lean gain program...his goal is to hit the 200lb. we will get there it takes persistence,dedication, and discipline and he has all of those qualities..he's determined! Keep up the hard work!


Mohammed 300x300 Client Transformations!




"After doing Weight Watchers for a 1 year and working out with a trainer at the health club I belong to; I felt that I had hit a plateau and needed to do something to jump start my weight lost. Just to give you some back story in 2011 I weighed in at 343 lbs and after a year I was down to 270 lbs, but struggling to lose more. I decided to look into working with a different trainer and after speaking with trainers in my area I didn't feel inspired by any of them. One day while on YouTube I came across one of Tyler's videos and was pretty much impressed by his body, knowledge in regards to workouts and his willingness to share this information with the public. I checked out Tyler's blog and read about his own issues with food when he was younger. I was amazed that he was being so open about his struggles and the fact that he was able to overcome all that and transform his body into what it is today.
At this point I figured I would reach out to in regards to him in regards to working with me to help me achieve my weight/health goals. I was a little concerned as to how it would be possible for someone to train me when he has never met or spoken with me. After exchanging emails with Tyler I could tell that I had made the right decision to work with him. From week 1 to week 8 Tyler provided me with detail information in regards to a meal plan that would increase my metabloism and a workout plan that would help me burn fat and build muscles. I won't lie and say that it has been an easy 8 weeks; it is tough to stick to the meal plan and to get up every morning and do the required cardio, but I did it because I knew that if I wanted to achieve the goals I have for myself I had to be dedicated to the plan Tyler laid out for me. I had to put the hard work and time in. During those difficult times Tyler was very supportive and kept me motivated. I am more than grateful to Tyler for all his help over the last 8 weeks and I look forward to working with him going forward. He is the real deal! For those out there who are concerned about working with a trainer virtual let me tell you that if you work with Tyler those concerns will disappear the moment you have a conversation with him.
Also, I want to say that his ebook TMT-PHASE 1 is pretty awesome. While I can't do all of the workouts in the ebook just yet I have done a number of them and I have noticed a difference; especially with my arms. So if you aren't looking for a trainer, but looking to take your workout to the next level I recommend you get Tyler's ebook." - Norman

561627 279062935537409 1515060934 n 300x201 Client Transformations!




"My weight is something that I have struggled with since I was 15 years old. When I was a kid I was always in great shape and very active in multiple sports. During high school I quit playing sports and got involved in drinking and drugs. After high school ended, I weighed about 225 pounds and got a tough physical job loading trucks at UPS. In less than a year I dropped down to 160 pounds, however, I did it in a very unhealthy way. I nearly starved myself sometimes and I would just kill myself at work and sweat everything off at work. I didn't develop any good habits of maintaining my weight. After less than 2 years around that weight I moved to a much easier job at UPS and got back into drinking heavily. My eating habits quickly returned to their old ways and before I knew it I had put all of the weight back on and then some. By age 25 I was up around 260 pounds. Tyler and I went to the same high school and we were very good friends. I watched him transform from a tall, skinny beanpole to becoming absolutely ripped. I saw his dedication and work ethic firsthand and worked out with him many times when we were 19-21 years old. I had never been much into lifting weights my whole life so I didn't take it too seriously and quickly fell out of it. Eventually because of depression I fell out of touch with Tyler over the next few years as my weight began to go up and he moved to Nashville, TN. About a year ago I found Tyler on Facebook and discovered his blog and workout videos. His blog about dealing with depression and his body image and weight during his modeling days really resonated with me as I was surprised to hear something like that from someone in such phenomenal shape. I really connected with his bouts with food addiction. I had been itching to start losing weight and getting into shape again, but I didn't want to do it the same way as last time. I wanted to do it the right way this time so about a year ago I started eating better, walking, and doing a little working out with dumbbells at home. In late January 2012 I joined a gym for the first time and watched every single one of Tyler's videos and began to emulate them. I really had no clue what the hell I was doing in the gym or how to even construct a workout routine. I had remembered from the times we worked out together in the past and also from his videos, that Tyler always preached lifting with proper form and doing things the right way as opposed to lifting with your ego. It was great for me to use this approach since I wasn't very strong in the gym anyway. I followed all of his videos for workout ideas and especially loved his explanations of technique and form for certain exercises. After only 6 months of lifting I had dropped down to 177 pounds and have more muscle on me than I've ever had in my life and I'm eating very healthy. I still eat a TON, just the right kind of foods. I'm learning to embrace the fitness lifestyle and I'm loving it. I just got Tyler's eBook, TMT Phase 1, and I can't wait to get started and see how much further I can progress. I'll be taking pictures of my progress. It is my hope that this testimonial will show to others that Tyler's methods aren't just for people that are already in great shape and just want to add more size or get more cuts and that they can be great even for the novice weight lifter like myself." - Bryan
bryan 300x146 Client Transformations!


"I follow Tyler's blog for about a year. During my training I put into practice some of the exercises that explains it. but the biggest change I've noticed since I started the Phase 1 TMT. is hard, but the results are very good. work muscles from different angles and I like to vary the routine every week. in terms of diet, I did IF for a month and now I'm combining a carbohydrate cycling. My supplementation as indicated by Tyler in the plan.I continue with this plan waiting for the next. Thanks for sharing your experience and knowledge.


kike 300x300 Client Transformations!
"My weight is something I have struggled with my whole life. It is amazing what you can do when you are focused, driven and training with the best in Nashville Tyler McPeak. Tyler understands my struggles and pushes me to step it up everyday. If you are looking for a trainer that "practices what he preaches" Inbox him.
I am halfway to my goal!!!" - Jared

Dates for the Pictures are- 1) Early 2011. 2) 8/3/2012

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"I am 45 years old and have lifted weights for decades never achieving the mass or definition I desired. I found Tyler (ironically) through Twitter. I only follow people that inspire me. I checked out his website and was moved by his story and motivated by his journals. Since I live in TX, his Online Program sounded like a great option. I have previously worked with trainers but always felt like their workouts, supplementation and nutrition advice was very generic and did not necessarily fit my goals and/or body type. I was excited about the prospect of a custom program.

I began with Tyler on 3/23/12. At that time I weighed 210 lbs and my body fat was 24%. I thought I was in good shape.

One of the things I appreciate most about Tyler is that he never lets me get comfortable with my diet, supplementation or training. He pushes me hard to achieve my goals. He has great wisdom and a depth of knowledge with regard to training and how the body responds to it. He is encouraging, available and responsive to questions and concerns. The first few months with Tyler were crazy. I saw significant results quickly. Each workout took me to my limit and each week looked very different.

And then came TMT Phase 1. Until then, I only thought I had been working out. I am 5 weeks in and my training is at a whole new level of intensity. I leave the gym every day saying to myself, “that is the hardest work out I have ever had.” And my favorite response from Tyler to that is, “Just wait.” I am already pumped about the release of TMT Phase 2 and the pain, challenge and overall results that await.

Today (8/1/12), I weigh 180 lbs and am at 13% body fat. I have more mass and definition than I have ever had in my life. My current goal is to maintain this body fat and pack on muscle. With Tyler’s coaching, I am confident I can achieve it." - Paul

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Descriptions of Heart Rate Zones

HEART1 Descriptions of Heart Rate ZonesHealthy Heart Zone

The first zone is called the Healthy Heart Zone.  This is 50-60% of your max heart rate.  This is the easiest and most comfortable zone within which to train and is the one that is best for people who are just starting an exercise program or have low functional capacity.  Those of you who are walkers most likely train at this zone.  Although this zone has been criticized for not burning enough total calories, and for not being intense enough to get great cardio respiratory benefits, it has been shown to help decrease body fat, blood pressure, and cholesterol. It also decreases the risk of degenerative diseases and has a low risk of injury.  In this zone, 10% of carbohydrates are “burned” (used as energy), 5% of protein is burned and a whopping 85% of fat is burned.

Fitness Zone

The next zone is the Fitness Zone, which is 60-70% of your max HR.  Once again, 85% of your calories burned in this zone are fats, 5% are protiens and 10% are carbohydrates.  Studies have shown that in this zone you can condition your fat mobilization (getting fat out of your cells) while conditioning your fat transportation (getting fat to muscles).  Thus, in this zone, you are training your fat cells to increase the rate of fat release and training your muscles to burn fat.  Therefore, the benefits of this zone are not only the same as the healthy heart zone training at 50-60% but you are now slightly increasing the total number of calories burned and provide a little more cardio respiratory benefits.  You burn more total calories at this zone simply because it is more intense

Aerobic Zone

The third zone, the Aerobic Zone, requires that you train at 70-80% of your max HR.  This is the preferred zone if you are training for an endurance event.  In this zone, your functional capacity will greatly improve and you can expect to increase the number and size of blood vessels, increase vital capacity and respiratory rate and achieve increases in pulmonary ventilation, as well as increases in arterial venous oxygen.  Moreover, stroke volume (amount of blood pumped per heart beat) will increase, and your resting heart rate will decrease.  What does all this mean?  It means that your cardio vascular and respiratory system will improve and you will increase the size and strength of your heart.  In this zone 50% of calories burned are from carbohydrates, 50% are from fat and less then 1% is from protein.  And, because there is an increase in intensity, there is also an increase in total number of calories burned.


Current Playlist

screenshot21 Current PlaylistAs some of you might know, music is my other passion, and it goes hand in hand with working out.  Once the head phones go in and the music gets cranking - it's time to go to work.  Here are a few of the current songs that I have been playing the past week or so to get me hyped up in the gym!

  1. Drake - Started From The Bottom
  2. Juicy J - Having Sex ft Trina and 2 Chainz
  3. Joe Budden - NBA ft Wiz Khalifa and French Montana
  4. Pusha T - Only You Can Tell It ft Wale
  5. As I Lay Dying - Unwound
  6. As I Lay Dying - A Greater Foundation
  7. T.I. - Sorry ft Andre 3000
  8. Future - You Wonder ft Busta Rhymes
  9. Lil Wayne - Bitches Love Me ft Future and Drake
  10. Krewella Troll Mix Volume 2
  11. Zedd - Scorpion Move (Krewella Remix)
  12. Akon - Dirty Wurk ft Wiz Khalifa
  13. ASAP Rocky - Same Bitch ft Trey Songz
  14. Miguel - How Many Drinks
  15. Chief Keef - On It
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