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ebookreview4 TMT PHASE ONE ReviewsShaun Eu
Just finished my first day of TMT Phase 1. Most intense workout ever. Could barely walk after finishing my calves.
Chelsea Stuart G
Cycle 3 is by long and far my favorite! To the point where I dont want the week to end lol. Already seeing impressive changes in my physique and its only been 3 weeks!! Hope youre having a great time in the noke with fam
Hey there Ty, Ash here, hope all is well bro.
just catching you up on sum progress from my side, just finished my 2nd week, and really looking forward to the "terror week" ahead. the past two weeks, ive been feeling DOMS that ive never felt before, and lasting 2 - 3 days, which i assume is good.
i know its only been two weeks, but already starting to feeling a more solid look and feel in my shoulders and chest. i just have a major concern that on the first week training arms, i felt more soreness in my bicep than my tricep, and now in week two, its the complete opposite. and after watchin that video you post on Arnold on your site a few days ago, and hearing speak bout a good pump in the gym, i was a bit dissapointed that i couldnt achieve that this past week wen training my arms, altho i pushed to the point of failure on all my sets. maybe its just my mind-muscle connection that needs for focus.
Tyler - whats up man..everything you are saying is normal...your body will get adjusted to the intensity and you won't get AS SORE but still should get sore. as for your pumps you really got to focus on squeezing your arms as hard as you can. if your not feeling strong contractions and blood pouring in them drop the weight a bit and FOCUS

don't worry about the weights! the sequences of the exercise order are not going to allow you to be the strongest on certain lifts as you would if they were at the start of the workout. that is the point of those particular workouts. just focus on filling them up with as much blood as possible

watch my cycle 3 videos that i've posted..you still want to push yourself but obviously not going to be using the same amount of weight as cycle 1 and 2 but should still be around the same.


TMT-Phase One Ebook Reviews – 7/10/2012

ebookreview3 TMT Phase One Ebook Reviews 7/10/2012Here are some more reviews that I have been receiving via email or facebook.  Please keep them coming! I want to hear you guys feedback!

    Just got back from doing my first chest workout from the TMT program and I have to say that I am really pumped right now. I had a great workout and I was focused the entire time. I'm not writing you this email to kiss your ass but I do give credit when credit is deserved. I took before pictures for the first time last night and I haven't really been this psyched about a program  like I am now. I have to say I was surprised with how much of a challenge the pushups were. After those sets of chest, I really struggled with the pushups. However, I am looking to improve each and every week and I have a good starting point now. Quick question about the standing bodyweight one calf exercise, do you stand on a board or just on the ground? Also do you hold on to anything while doing it? My balance was a bit off from doing the calf exercises before when I did it. Anyway as the program goes on I'll probably have more questions but for now I am looking forward to tomorrow's workout.

Bryan L V

Tyler -- thanks for the Phase One workouts -- they are tough, but freakin AWESOME!!!

Chelsea G

I had some very unladylike choice words for you today when I got to the end of a killer quad sesh and still had to do 6 sets of 20 DB walking lunges. Burrrrrrrrrrn!!! Loving cycle 2!

Brandon P

Dude, this workout kicks ass. I've gotten a few friends to buy as well. I'd forgotten a lot of these exercises until you reminded me in the book. Kudos!


TMT-PHASE ONE Ebook Reviews – 6/27/2012

ebookreview2 TMT PHASE ONE Ebook Reviews 6/27/2012rhys
hey tyler, bought your e-book! studied through it and it honestly looks amazing, just about to finish cycle one, week one and been so sore from the workouts. Im particularly looking forward to the volumisation weeks, looks very interesting especially with all the different techniques you incorporate. Finally, i was thinking of investing in a lifting belt, which one do you personally use? do you recommend neoprene ones or the nylon ones also? thanks, rhys.

Tyler - thanks man! glad you are liking it! I have a couple different weight belts and it depends on what kind your looking for. I have a Schiek that is very thin that i barely use anymore. The one that gets the most use is my Harbinger. it's a little thicker and it gives me more supports

Tyler--Completed day 2 of Phase 1 and I cannot thank you enough, prior to your Ebook release I was going to the gym day after day trying to make a good routine that could help me make gains--though it is only the second day, from what I've seen so far TMT Phase One will bring me to the physique I've always envisioned. So thank you Tyler! With that said, I have a quick question about your cheat meals, will you eat anything you want for a cheat meal? Including fast food? Thanks again Tyler, keep up the amazing work!
27 June 2012

Tyler - Great man glad you like it! For my cheat meals I will eat anything I want.  I don't completely stuff myself till I'm sick but I do eat till I get full.  They last for 45 minutes and then I cut it off.  That includes fast food if that is what I want.  It was a joke for a while that I was on the Tour De Burger because I was hitting up every fastfood burger place to try a different burger each week.  Lately I've been keeping it mixed up and trying out a bunch of different stuff.


Ebook Reviews – 6/24/2012

ebookreview1 Ebook Reviews 6/24/2012

A couple more Reviews I received via Email. [email protected] THANKS FOR THE FEEDBACK GUYS!

Michael B
I've got to admit, I've always loved your physique and have been following your site and progress for the last year.
I've read through TMT Phase 1 and am totally PUMPED to get this going. Just wanted to say thanks for all the time you've spent on the shoutbox and site helping us grow and challenge ourselves.
Thanks for dedicating your time into make TMT Phase 1 and am really excited to get my hands on the nutrition program once it's out.
Desire is the key to motivation, but it's the determination and commitment to an unrelenting pursuit of your goal- a commitment to excellence- that will enable you to attain the success you seek.

Tyler - Thank you! I can't wait for you to get started... I put my heart into this program and it really does work... I'm happy that you are geared up and ready! And awesome quote I'm gonna use that!

Hey Tyler,

 Wassup man? I just read your ebook before going to bed last night. I am pumped and actually intimidated by the workouts. I'll be starting Sunday morning. But I gotta stay tough and positive. Its gonna be bananas! 2 questions...Can I ask...where do you get your supplements from? Do you go to one particular place? Any recommendations? If I'm all in with TMT phase one....i definitely gotta take what your taking. Also, second question...i work out by myself 99% of the time....for heavy weights, should I just use the Smith machine for BB bench presses? or just go a tad light with traditional BB bench presses.
Tyler -

What's up man! Thanks for the feedback and DON'T be intimidated this program is going to take your body and mind to a whole new level and it's going to teach you what it takes to have the physique you want! As for supps I get all of mine from bodybuilding.com and I train alone myself yesterday was the first day I trained with someone in months.. So to answer your question train with free weights...and grab someone to spot you on in the gym if needed
Good luck and keep me updated on your progress

TMT Ebook Reviews – 6/22/2012

ebookreview TMT Ebook Reviews 6/22/2012


Oh man....I am SO PUMPED! Can't wait to get started. This looks freakin' ridiculous especially Terror Week, ha! Congratulations, Tyler! I am excited for you and the release of TMT- Phase 1! I know you have worked really hard for and on this. Also grateful for you today and the impact you have made on my life. Training with you for just over 3 months now and I am down 25 pounds and 9% body fat. More/better/quicker results than I have seen in the last 2 decades of training on my own. Now ready to AMP it up even more with TMT-Phase 1!
22 June 2012

John B.
Tyler - Just downloaded your ebook, already read through the 1st few pages - lots of info here buddy, worth way more than 14.95! Can'tt wait to get started!!
22 June 2012

Read the ebook this morning sitting by th pool dude...It looks crazy haha.The book is very informational and detailed. The supp guide is great to. I cant wait to give Phase 1 a try.
22 June 2012

Hey Tyler! Your Ebook is AMAZING! Absolutely loving it so far! But I am wondering, did you do any cardio during TMT phase 1? If so, is there any amount of cardio you would recommend for the program?
22 June 2012

Tyler - I'm at the end of week 7 right now myself.  Just finished up killing some quads & calves! as for cardio I havn't had to do that much at all and I'm consistently dropping body fat every week.  Currently I'm doing 4 days a week for 30 minutes empty stomach incline on 15% keeping my heart rate in the range of 130-145.  Cardio will be something that differs for each individual depending on how much fat you have and your metabolism etc.  But I know this much you will not have to do as much following this program!

just finished reading your TMT-PHASE 1 ebook. OMG!!!!!!! enough said. but so excited for bro. gona officially start it on monday, gona use the weekend to get sum rest, maybe do sum light excercise and the hit it hard and heavy on Monday. thanks so much for this. are we free to ask you any questions about sum of the technques and excercises aswell as supplementation in the ebook?
23 June 2012

Tyler - AWESOME Ashley! glad you like it and thank you!...I'm excited for you to get started..if you have any questions just email me on here or at [email protected]