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DC Trip & Changes to My Training

champion DC Trip & Changes to My TrainingThis past Thursday I got up knocked out my morning cardio then came back to my place to get all of my meals prepared and stuff packed up to leave for Washington,DC later on that afternoon.  I only had to pack a total of 8 meals so it wasn't that much of a hassle.  I had one client to train mid morning then afterward I trained some Chest & Biceps.  After my workout I came back home got cleaned up and by that time it was ready to head to the airport.  I arrived in DC around 8pm and went to my hotel the Gaylord National Resorts which was also where the Vitamin Shoppe expo was being held.  I just relaxed and tried to unwind but still ended up getting pretty shitty sleep.  Friday morning came quick and I had to meet Maryann from Champion in the lobby the next morning at 7:15am.  The expo was from 8am-5pm and it was for all of the District Managers and Store Managers from Vitamin Shoppe's all over the US.  We sampled out our new Pure Whey which is improved by the addition of hydrolized isolate and the flavors are all improved.  Very tasty stuff.  As I've said before my favorite flavors are Chocolate Brownie, Banana Cream Pie and Cookies and Cream.  People absolutely loved the Banana and the they had a shocked look on their face when they tried the sample....it really is that good and life changing icon wink DC Trip & Changes to My Training Once we finished up it was time to head back to the airport and come back home to Nashville.  It's still hard for me to believe that I'm starting to live out my dream within the fitness industry.  This time last year I would have never thought that I would be sponsored by a supplement company, be in their ads and work expos.  All of this happening just makes me want to bust my ass that much harder and keep improving my physique!

photo87 DC Trip & Changes to My TrainingThe past couple of weeks I have been making some changes to my training.  Mainly my split that I'm doing differently but also analyzing my physique as it's changing each week and doing exercises to target the areas that I feel need to be improved.  Also I've been training heavier.  For a while I was doing a lot of higher rep training with most sets going from 12-20+ reps.  I still am incorporating some of the higher reps during my workout but since I've switched over to mostly heavier lower reps I've noticed a different look in my physique.  With my training split I've been doing 3-4 days on followed by 1 day off.  Below is an example of what I've done since since last week.

When I was in Grand Cayman:
Saturday - Chest/Shoulders
Sunday - Back/Calves
Monday - Arms (flew back to Nashville that afternoon)
Tuesday - Quads/Hams
Wednesday - OFF
Thurs - Chest/Bicep (flew to DC that afternoon)
Friday - OFF (Worked the expo all day and didn't get back to Nashville until 9:30pm)
Saturday - Shoulders/Triceps
Sunday - Back/Calves
Monday - Chest/Biceps
Tuesday - Quads/Hams/Calves
Wednesday - OFF

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A Working Vacation…

cayman6 A Working Vacation...So if you follow my facebook page and read my last blog post on here you know that I went down to Grand Cayman for a short vacation.  I think the majority of people when they go on vacation it's a time for them to let loose, relax, eat a ton of food and have cocktails.  For me, it was the complete opposite and I'm not complaining.  Of coarse if the timing was different I would have indulged in all of the above because I don't want you to think that I can't even go on a vacation and enjoy it like I should.  But this was my first vacation that I had to stay on my diet the entire time (except for one scheduled cheat meal) and get in every cardio and weight training workout.  The reason behind all of this is because I still have the most important shoot of my life coming up as well as Olympia weekend in Las Vegas where I'll be working the Champion Performance booth at the expo.  I had a great time though and it was a much needed getaway from Nashville.  I got to see the entire island and got a lot of beach and pool time in.  Instead of regressing with my physique on vacation I made some great progress during my stay.  I recently hired a new nutritionist and I have been working with him for 2 weeks now.  His name is Shelby Starnes and he's an IFBB Pro Bodybuilder.  For me having a second set of eyes gives me piece of mind and I was having a bitch of a time getting back into the type of condition that I wanted to be in.  If you've followed me for a while you will know I've worked with a few different people and the reason being is because I look at myself as a student and you can never learn too much.  So that being said I wanted to try a different method and my body hasn't changed this fast in this short amount of time EVER.  I'm looking forward to seeing the new changes as we progress together further.  Tomorrow I head to DC for Champion Performance to work a Vitamin Shoppe expo.  The expo is all day Friday and I fly back to Nashville Friday night.

cayman3 A Working Vacation...I'm very excited to announce that I will be on the COVER of the September issue of Natural Muscle magazine!  If you plan on coming to the Olympia this year make sure to stop by the Champion Performance booth and get a signed copy from me icon smile A Working Vacation...

cayman1 A Working Vacation...


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Things are starting to get rolling!

photo373 Things are starting to get rolling!

234lb July 12th

What's up everyone!  I know...I know...it's been a while since I've posted.  Let's just say I took a small hiatus because not a whole lot of interesting shit has been going on in my life lately except the same ol stuff, just on my grind day in day out with progressing my physique. No partying, No bullshit, just lots of hard work and focus towards my goals.  I want to start making it a priority again to make frequent posts on here since things are starting to get rolling with everything.  First off, I want to get into my thoughts about my most recent shoot I did for my sponsor Champion Performance.  I wasn't happy at all with the condition I was in for that shoot and looking back now I don't agree with who I had handling my nutrition/cardio schedule.  I was honestly miserable and one grumpy bastard for 6 weeks and at the end of that I didn't even look the way I wanted to.  I started out at 228lb and ended off at 218lb.  I didn't dry out or anything for that shoot but I probably should have.  Oh well...it's the past and you live you learn.  Needless to say I moved on quickly after that and my friend Brook Arrit helped me  make the adjustments that needed to be made to feel healthy, happy and jacked again icon smile Things are starting to get rolling! So after my shoot I had a solid 4 weeks or so to fill my physique back out before I started the process again of getting ready for my shoot that is this Saturday July 20th.  This time around I took the control and handled my nutrition and cardio schedule myself.  So for the past 5 weeks it's been one big experiment for me with my nutrition and cardio.  At times it's been very frustrating and stressful but I'm very excited to shoot on Saturday! It is for a cover of the September issue of a fitness magazine.  Not sure if I'm allowed to say which mag it is yet so I'll leave it at that!

photo432 Things are starting to get rolling!Make sure to go pick up a copy of the new FitnessRX magazine that will be coming out July 30th! I have my interview featured in there!  It's such a huge accomplishment/goal/dream of mine to have an interview in a major publication!  Next weekend I'll be going down to the Grand Caymen Islands for a short vacay so I'll get a lot of pics down there then the weekend after that I'll be traveling to Washington DC for an expo I'll be working for Champion Performance.  Lastly the weekend after I'll be finally making my way up to my hometown Roanoke,VA to visit family and friends..it's been way too long..I miss them all!  Besides all of that I have a couple more announcements to make within the next week or so!  Until next time work hard, stay humble and don't lose your focus!

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New Champion Pure Whey Protein Stack AD!!

championAD New Champion Pure Whey Protein Stack AD!!This week I got some exciting news that I'll be used for the Champion Performance ad that will be on the back of FitnessRX!!  It will be on the June/July issue which comes out May 28th.  My friend Cody Kern who has been shooting the professional video series took this image this week and we are planning another shoot here in the next couple weeks!  Another week down of great training and tomorrow is my full day off of rest and relaxation before I get back to work on Monday and Tuesday then I fly down to Florida on Wednesday.  I can't wait to get down to meet everyone at Champion and get back in front of the camera!  I'll be in team meetings all day Wednesday then we have a team dinner that night.  Thursday I'll be shooting all day and another team dinner. Friday is a half day shoot and I'll be flying back to Nashville that afternoon.  Friday I plan on going out to dinner and having my first cheat meal in about 5 weeks once I'm back in Nashville  but then it's back to my diet on Saturday.  I have more upcoming shoots that I can't announce just yet but I'm beyond thrilled!

photo161 New Champion Pure Whey Protein Stack AD!!

It's been so nice having my boy Ron back training with me pushing me every workout! This was taken after our back workout Friday

Today was good ol arm day for me and below is the video from today's session!


Client Transformation – Adam P

12weektransformadam Client Transformation Adam PVery proud and happy for one of my online clients Adam P! He worked with me for 12 weeks and started at 187lb and is now 157lb!! His hard work and dedication has paid off! Read below about what he had to say about his journey!

"What can I say about Tyler?  I browsed SimplyShredded.com for a few hours trying to find the most aesthetically perfect physique I could and Tyler's article kept resurfacing to the top of my list.  I did a search and low and behold he offered training services through his site.  After a few emails back and forth I was ready to go.  My last experience with a trainer was sub-par so this time I made sure to ask specific questions related to his diet philosophies and his workout setups. I wanted something exciting, stimulating, and of course effective.  I tend to get bored easily with workouts that don't mix it up - and one thing I can say about Tyler is his workouts do just that.  In 12 weeks with Tyler I was able to drop right at about 30 pounds.  My body fat went from an estimated 20-21% to 6-7% in that same amount of time.  I maintained most of my strength, had little to no cravings once I got a couple of weeks into his diet, and thoroughly enjoyed his workouts.  What I liked best about Tyler though, was how reachable he was.  By having his cell phone number, I was able to even text him on the fly during a workout if I had a specific question come up that needed an immediate answer.  Even with the 2 hour time difference it was never a struggle to get an answer out of him within a matter of minutes typically.  He was always very supportive, encouraging, and went out of his way to check in with me every couple of days if he hadn't heard from me just to see how I was doing.  Overall I found his diets sustainable, his workouts an absolute blast, and my results.. well my results are plain unbelievable.  I am in the best shape of my life at 32 years old, and know if I stick with his philosophies moving forward, a year from now I'll be even better.  Hats off to a wonderful trainer, and more importantly a wonderful person."

For information about my online training programs email me at [email protected]


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McPeak Fitness Video Series

champion4122013 McPeak Fitness Video SeriesHey hey...I hope everyone had a great weekend!  It was a very productive and yet relaxing weekend at the same time for me.  Friday I had a brutal Delts/Chest workout and relaxed the rest of the night.  Saturday I had some morning cardio and afterward laid around and watched a few episodes of Nip Tuck.  I've made it to season 4 now.  There is some twisted shit that goes on in that show to say the least.  Saturday afternoon was when the fun began.  My friend Cody Kern and I have been talking about working together for a while to put out some videos but the timing hasn't been right until now!  We will be filming almost every weekend for a while to show you guys a step into my life inside and out of the gym.  I'm very excited about this video series! Below is just a teaser of what's to come. I'll be showing you guys how I train, what I'm supplementing with and some nutrition tips as well. During each workout I break down proper form and how to execute each rep! It was a super intense high volume back workout that has left me pretty damn sore two days later so I can't wait for you guys to give it a try yourself.  Sunday rolled around and it's my only full day off of all training.  I ended up going to see the new movie 42 (which was awesome) and got some FST Deep Tissue massage therapy.  If you're into heavy metal at all I suggest getting the Avatar - Black Waltz and new Killswitch Engage albums.  Those along with 3 scoops of Adrenol8 had me fired up today!  Well I'm signing off here.  Today has been crazy busy with clients, errands and I trashed some chest/biceps.  Until next time keep up the hard work everyone!

Team Champion Performance



Champion Performance Supplement Sponsorship!

ChampionPerformance Stacked Tag Black Champion Performance Supplement Sponsorship!What's up everyone!  I havn't posted on here in quite some time so I want to bring you back up to speed with what has been going on.  Besides staying busy with my training business I have been busting my ass in the gym and getting the crazy INTENSE workouts that makes my world turn.  From the time I finished my last shoot in November up until 3 weeks ago my goal was to add some size and fill out my physique.  The heaviest I got during that period was 232lb and still maintained abs.  Granted about 10 or so pounds was water but I only weighed 202lb for the Jason Ellis shoot.  Despite not following a stict meal plan and allowing myself several cheat meals every week I was pretty happy with the condition I held.  Through that entire period I kept my weight training volume high and still did cardio several times a week.  Even though I didn't follow a strict meal plan the majority of my meals were still clean food.  I feel so much healthier mentally and physically when I eat clean so most of the time my cheat meals would take place at night.  When I do have a cheat meal during the day I feel terrible and sluggish for the remainder of the day.

So enough about all of that and moving onto what's currently going on.  3 weeks ago I switched gears to strip away the water bloat and fat gain that I accumulated.  I'm back to training 6 days a week.  5 of those days are two a days splitting up my cardio from weights and one day is just cardio by itself.  My full day off with absolutely nothing to do is Sundays.  I scheduled some FST Massage therapy and will starting that back up every 2 weeks for recovery and I'll do those on Sunday's.


Ever since I made the decision to pursue the fitness industry in 2007 one of my goals that I set and a dream of mine was to be sponsored by a supplement company.  I am proud and extremely excited to announce that I am now sponsored by Champion Performance!  It's kind of crazy because they were the very first supplement I ever purchased when I was 19.  I used their weight gainer shake for a year straight because I had a piss poor appetite back then and shakes were easier for me to down.  9 years later and I'm a part of their team!  Stay tuned for lots of new content starting up very soon!


CutAndJacked.com Interview!

Tyler McPeak main CutAndJacked.com Interview!What's up everyone! Make sure to check out my latest interview with CutAndJacked.com when you get a chance!



TMT The Blueprints now available!

november1 TMT The Blueprints now available!

shot by Jason Ellis

TMT The Blue Prints now available! For only $14.95! I designed this one to help out EVERYONE that is in the pursuit of physique improvement. If you are just starting out there is a 12 week beginner program for you. If you have been hitting the gym hard already then there is a 12 week intermediate program. Last but not least there is the advanced section where I teach you how to design your own split accordingly to YOUR body in order to maximize your results! With 43 different workouts be ready to train hard and enjoy the journey of physique improvement!


Back at it!

nashville Back at it!


TMT The Blueprints is all finished up and will be coming out in a few days!! 43 different workouts are included in this book!  It has a beginners, intermediate, and advanced program!

After taking some time off from being robotic with my nutrition and cardio through the months of November (after my shoot) and December I officially started back on a meal plan this past Sunday.  I also took 4 weeks off from any type of stimulant based supplement and the only things that I continued to use was some aminos, vitamins, and whey.  My weight for my shoot on November 7th was 202lb and for the past couple weeks I was steadily holding onto 225lb on an empty stomach.  By the end of the night I was weighing 230lb.  I could easily get heavier if I wanted to and get caught up on the number the scale says (as I did in my novice years) but I would start to look sloppy and that is not a look I'm going for.  Too bad everything we ate didn't turn into muscle because I have a ridiculous appetite and the more muscle I've put on the hungrier I seem to be.  So right now after only being back on a nutrition plan for 3 full days my weight has dropped down to 219lb.  This first initial quick drop in weight is a bunch of water.  I tend to hold onto water like a camel and day by day my condition will harden back up.  I started cardio back up last week and did 4 days of 20 minute low intensity post weight training stepmill.  This week I've done 3 days of 30 minutes empty stomach AM cardio on the stepmill and will do 2 more.  Depending how my body responds to everything will depend on what I'm going to do with my nutrition and cardio regimen.  Right now I'm doing 7 meals and that will stay the same.  My goal is to eventually reach that same or better condition I had for my shoot but be heavier (more muscle) once I compete.  So far I'm leaning towards doing the Derby Show in Louisville at the end of April as my first physique competition.

jan6chest2013 Back at it!Member Section Updates:

  • New Chest Training Video added Sunday
  • Food Prep Video added today
  • Meal Plan Update