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Questions – 10/16/2011

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10/15/2011 - Nashville

Tyler- I just started weighing out my food i wanted to see what my actual portions were. Do you recommend i weigh my food before i cook it? or after? i usually cook my chicken breasts in bulk so weighing it after would be easier. If you had any input on this matter perhaps what you might use i would greatly appreciate it. Thanks a lot, -Kris
16 October 2011

Tyler - That is great that your going to start measuring your foods out.  I measure everything cooked.  Just remember that a cooked weight is about 2oz less than raw weight.  The nutrition facts you see is for raw weight on meats so keep that in mind so you will meet your protein requirements still.

I have been taking Jack3d pretty much every workout for the past 5 months. Its effects have definitely dimished, but I still notice a difference to the odd days where I don't use stims. I want to keep using stims because they give me an extra edge (I guess that's what caffeine does!!), but I was wondering if you think I would get the same feeling I got on my first dose of jack3d if I switched to another stim like super pump or 1MR? I know your somewhat against stims but I still wanted to ask thanks
14 October 2011

Tyler - The reason the effects of the stims have gone away is because you have been taking them way too long.  Your adrenal glands are not working properly now.  Do not switch to another stim right now. You need to take a minimum of 4 weeks off of any type of caffeine and give your body a break.  Your going to feel lethargic and edgy for the first week or so but it'll be worth it because once you start taking a pre workout again you'll feel like it's the first time you've ever taken a stim.

Daniel Ruiz
Hey Tyler, how did you make your way into the modeling industry? any tips on making a good portfolio. I'm thinking of doing that besides being a personal fitness trainer. . . And your really inspiring man. It's amazing, makes me want to keep moving forward even more.
13 October 2011

Tyler - It depends on which part of the industry your wanting to get into.  If it's the fashion side of things I suggest taking some basic digital pictures and sending them to all of the top agencies in NYC.  If  fitness is what your wanting to do then look into competing at a show.  I did Universe Weekend in Miami and a manager from NYC was there that approached me.   NPC Physique division along with WBFF are also great ways to draw attention and spark up some interest within the industry.

Dan S.
Hey Tyler, I've been meaning to put this post up for quite some time. I remember a few months ago you purchased some big back grips and I can't recall if you did a review on them. I purchased a pair a few weeks ago and I enjoy them. However there are a few exercises that I'm still not sold on using them. What's your view on these grips? Do you still use them? Which exercises do you like them for and which do you prefer without them? Thanks!
12 October 2011

Tyler - I don't use them anymore.  That lasted about 2 weeks for me lol.  I think they are good for any type of pressing movements for the extra padding on your hands but as far as pulling for the back exercises I'll always just stick with the traditional straps.

Ty, if I want to put on size in with certain muscle groups, say back, but I want to cut up and tone a certain muscle, say arms... Would I do straight heavy sets for my back and moderate weight supersets/Trisets for my arms?
12 October 2011

Tyler -  You can give it a try and see if it works for your body.  I've tried techniques like this in the past and it yielded results.  Just keep in mine diet and cardio is what is going to "cut up and tone".

Hi Tyler Im jealous of the new gym it looks great!! I need some help with my nutrition in take im currently taking in for breakfast 6:40am 4 eggs,, meal 2 10am: Smoothie ( 1 scoop of whey protein, handful of strawberrys, blueberrys,rassberrys, half a banana) and a hand full of nuts,, meal 3 1pm: Grilled chicken breast + mixed salad ,, meal 4 4pm: Protein shake, handful of grapes, handful of nuts,,, meal 5 6:30pm: Protein shake + Creatine ,, meal 6: Protein shake + Creatine , Meal 7 9pm: 1-2Cod or salmon Fillets and baked potatoe and vegetables. I'm Wondering if this Diet plan is good for my college days since im in from 9am to 6pm most days and I travel far for college so im up at 6am every day I'm Quite tired throughout the day even though I go to bed early I was wondering if you got some recommendations for me!! Thanks and sorry about the previous post
10 October 2011

Tyler - I really don't know what to tell you since I don't know what your goals are. What your weight is.  What your current body fat is at and how your metabolism is.  If your seeing results with this then don't question yourself.  Do what works for you but you have to be patient and give it time as well.

Hey Tyler, I was wondering if you could help me understand "the cutting phase" a bit. I do the whole low carb intake for the day with a good amount of protein and low fat intake. The only time I really take in any carbs in during breakfast because I workout early in the morning, have my whey protein drink then about an hour later breakfast. Lunch consists of spinch with steamed broccoli and some tuna, sorta the same thing for dinner except I eat grilled chicken. this happens for me everyday of the week (I'm currently away from the states right now and food choices are limited, especially making anything), but on Sunday I guess you can say I treat myself to a good breakfast but throughout the day I maintain low carbs after that. Is that the way to go for carb cycling? If this helps I'm 6ft weighing in around 150 with I think 5%-6% body fat.
7 October 201

Tyler -  That is pretty much just low carb all the time.  If your 5-6% body fat then congrats to you! That is schredded! If you feel good then I would stick to what your doing.

Is EVP or Cell KEM a nitrous oxide supplement? Ive been taking Superpump for a while and was wondering if ill still be taking an N20 supp if i switched to the EVOGEN Stack.

Tyler - EVP has arginine in it so no you will not need to take any thing else besides the Evogen stack.  It has everything you need for Pumps,Recovery,Strength, and Mass gains.


Questions – 10/6/2011

Tyler McPeak photoshoot by Pat Lee 01 300x200 Questions 10/6/2011

Pat Lee - shot in Columbus,OH at the Arnold Classic weekend 2008

Tyler, how did you injure your shoulder a long time ago? Recently i was heavy bench press and was getting a spot by two guys, one on each side. The on guy on the right gave me too much slack when the bar was coming down and as a result, i feel like i did something to my front delt. The pain doesnt feel so much liek a pinching but rather someone is pushing down with a 1" diameter rod. This pain is right where my trap, front delt and collar bone tie in. I only feel the pain when i do any type of frontal lateral movements. DB presses feel fine. Any ideas what i did and what i should be doing/avoiding to help? thanks in advance!
6 October 2011

Tyler - I injured my shoulder by trying to lift to heavy all the time. 1 rep maxing almost everytime I was doing squats, deadlifts and flat bench.  My injury was a strain of the rear roator cuff.  I had to get a cortizone shot and luckily that took care of it along with lifting smarter.  However I do remember one time I was doing overhead military presses and I heard and felt something pop right near my collar bone which sounds similar to your pain.  I had to take about a week off from the gym and made sure to ice it every night for a couple of hours. 20 minutes on 20 minutes off.  I took advil as well to help with the inflamation.  My suggestion is take a week off from the gym until you fully recover.  If your not fully recovered go see a doctor about it.  Don't get in the mind set that if you take a week off it's going to screw up your progress because it's better to heal and recover now rather than pushing through it and injuring it even worse which could potentially put you out even longer.  Hope you get better soon!

Hey bud! Man I was doing upright rows the other day and totally felt a sharp stabbing pain up my back. Been sore for a week, hardly able to move. Ever encounter this before?
6 October 2011

Tyler - I have had my fare share of back injuries.  Most of mine came from deadlifts when I used to go heavy all the time.  My suggestion is the same above take time off until it heals.  I would always use a heat pad on my back when it would get injured like this.  If it doesn't get any better go to a doctor and get it checked out.  Hope you get better soon!

Ty, I'm just coming off a "cutting cycle" in which I've been supersetting and dropsetting alot. If I want to put on mass, should I be doing straight sets without these techniques?
6 October 2011

Tyler - Yes if your trying to add mass just stick with straight sets. Workout to workout you need to be pushing yourself to get stronger without sacrificing form. Getting stronger each workout doesn't necessarily mean more weight. It can be more weight but it also can be the same weight but you get more reps than the previous week.

Hey Tyler, how come you only take 1 scoop of glycoject? Thats around 25g carbs i believe... wouldnt you want more then that since you 200+? Do you eay a pwo meal consisting of high carbs instead?
6 October 2011

Tyler - I do 1/2 scoop pre workout and 1 scoop post workout

Do you think its okay to do Barbell Squats and Deadlifts in the same day? Im trying to put on mass and putting a workout schedule together, but i have a difficult time doing deadlift on back days cuz my lower back is trashed by time i get to barbell rows.
6 October 2011

Tyler - Not at all.  You need to seperate the two.  Depending on what your weaker muscle group is (legs or back) will determine where you should be training that during the week.  Also try doing the deadlifts as the last exercise of your back workout so you won't have to worry about having a fatigued lower back through out your workout.  You won't be able to use as much weight but that does not matter.

Tyler, I have been consitantly lifting now for about 2 years and I have always hated legs and avoided them at all costs. I have now noticed that I am no longer seeing the results I am seeking despite a decent diet and good training program. I want to start hitting legs hard and consitantly to jump start growth in the rest of my body, and I was hoping to hit legs twice a week. Is there a 5 or 6 day per week split that you would suggest in order to hit legs twice in one week and still give them optimal recovery time?
5 October 2011

Tyler - If you train them right you will only need to hit them once a week.  Hard and heavy.  I would train them as your first workout of the week to get them over with since you don't like to train them.  If you insist on training them twice a week what I would suggest is split it up into quads at the beggining of the week and hamstrings 3-4 days later.

Ty, i'm looking for lose fat and gain muscle at the same time. What dou you think about my supplements stack: multivitamin, whey protein, pre workout, glutamine, creatine, bcaa, fish oil. ???
5 October 2011

Tyler - Looks like you've done your homework to me.  Make sure to get good quality though and avoid the cheaper route because you do get what you pay for.  I suggest looking into getting the evogen stack that I'm currently taking.  That will be everything you need except the whey and fish oil.  Check it out at evogennutrition.com and you can purchase it at bodybuilding.com for cheaper prices.  These are by far the most superior supplements I've taken that gives me ridiculous pumps and the best recovery time.


Hello Tyler ! what is the rate proteine/carbo/fat you use now in your new diet plan with the second phase of Hani’s program ?? in your old diet it seems to be a 6/3/1 rate ? did you change for a new one ?? thanks for help and to be day after day for and with your fans !
5 October 2011

Tyler - I've never payed attention to my ratios and most likely never will.  I just follow the plan and don't have to think about anything.

even if i just use the whey with water. i am worried i will take in too many calories if i start having tons of chicken ins tead of whey thanks
5 October 2011

Tyler - Your going to be better off with getting the majority of your protein from whole foods.  When you do have your shakes you should always mix it with water though.


Questions – 10/4/2011

Hi Tyler.. Ive been trying to put on some mass for the past 5 weeks and am having trouble gaining any weight..I,m 22 and weigh around 172lb and eat 5 to 6 meals a day of high protein and brown rice..where am I going wrong or do I need to do less cardio or increase calories for my metabolism..any advice much appreciated..
4 October 2011

Tyler - Stay with 6 meals everyday. You should be taking in 258-344g of protein each day.  Try adding a few different sources of carbs such as oats and potatos and you can't forget about having healthy fats too. They are essential to add mass. Keep cardio in your program but minimize it to maybe 3 days a week. If you start to notice more fat gain than your muscles filling out add another day in there.

ty, i have some problems with strias that i have in my pectoral/shoulders union. i hate it, you have some too? what i can do?
3 October 2011

Tyler - not sure what Strias means? I googled it and nothing came up that has to do with pecs and shoulders?

Thanks again, lastly I notice you've been taking Waxy Maize, how do you like it versus Dex? Advantages?
3 October 2011

Tyler - GlycoJect is a karbolyne based product which doesn't bloat at all. In the past when I've tried waxy it bloated me everytime I drank it.

hello Ty ! Agry with lionel !! You have to visit Paris and France (where I live too ! ) you'll love the city with your girlfriend !! ;o) thanks for your site, your advices, your kidness and your dreaming body !
3 October 2011

Tyler - Thank you and your welcome!

Are you takng your whey with glyco/cell kem post workout? Or just glyco with cell Kem pwo?

Tyler - I'm taking it about 30 minutes after my glyco/cell kem post workout


Questions – 9/25/2011

jpg Tyler Davin 67 172x300 Questions 9/25/2011

An old digital from 2008 during my one and only steroid cycle - Roanoke VA at the BAC

what do u think about completely limiting carbs if i want to get my body fat down which is my #1 goal while preserving muscle
25 September 2011

Tyler - Good luck preserving your muscle mass with eliminating carbs.  That is going to be very hard to do.  I've done extremely low carbs and zero carbs before and it made me have no energy and my muscles were very flat.  I would get light headed just by standing up a lot of the times.  My suggestion is to keep you carbohydrates moderate.  Eat them with your first meal and then around your workout and make sure to do cardio.

Loving the site. I wanted to ask if you were still including brown rice in your diet and what do you think about purchasing a rice cooker and storing/using it for a wk???
25 September 2011

Tyler - thanks Ken! i am still having rice. I don't use a rice cooker though but i'm sure it's a great option. I just cook mine stove top 2 cups (dry) at a time.

what is a good way to measure body fat? i have heard of bodpod, but it is expensive.
24 September 2011

Tyler - there are some decent inexpensive digital ones.  Fattracker is believe is what one of them is called. around 50-60$. 

Also, what do you think of using whey right before doing cardio on a fasted stomach? thanks
24 September 2011

Tyler - Keep the whey for directly when your done.  If your worried about losing muscle mass in that fasted state have BCAA's before you do it.

Hi Tyler. As a female, how do I gain some muscle definition?
24 September 2011

Tyler - The same way males do. Proper nutrition, proper weight training and cardio regimen, and last but not least proper rest and recovery.

I am doing weights for 45 minutes, then an hour of HIIT (spinning) and eating really clean (2x a week a bar of chocolate), but can't seem to get my abs to pop like a Men's Health cover model or something equivalent. I am guessing it is that I am eating too much and not burning enough calls. What is ur take or is it genetics as well?
23 September 2011

Tyler - Focus on your nutrition.  If your working out that much..and you didn't state how many days you were.. you should be seeing fat loss.

Tyler, first off i want to say thanks for your site and everything. I have been coming on quite a bit and you have pretty much become my fitness role model. My question is i have been running a lot lately trying to lose some body fat but i dont feel like i am seeing great results. I also feel and look bloated a lot and im not sure why. My diet is also pretty clean but could probably be a little better. Thanks a lot for all your help
22 September 2011

Tyler - I think you answered your own question.  Focus on your diet.  Running will not make you bloated.

How do you work the pelvic muscle to get that v shape to pop out?
22 September 2011

Tyler - any type of leg raises.  hanging,lying floor, bench leg raises. but remember you can train abs as much as you want but if your not eating properly you'll never see them not unless you have a very fast metabolism.

Hey Ty, how much cardio would you say your doing now, while trying to build strength? I carbed cycle for a while and have been doing cardio after my training, but now im ready to put on some size and strength. I'm not sure how much I should cut back on cardio, if at all. I'll definitely be eating more and I'm not an ectomorph by any means. Currently at 13% bf.

Tyler - If your trying to maximize size and strength I suggest splitting up your cardio from weight training if your schedule can allow that.  You definitely don't want your body fat to get any higher than 13% because you will just make it that much harder on yourself once you decide to cut all the fat off.  Still keep cardio in your program at least 3-4 times a week.


Questions – 9/21/2011

Ty Davin38 209x300 Questions 9/21/2011

Men's Exercise - 2008 NYC (I was sick with a head cold when I shot this and had medicine head)

Kristopher Shook
Love the cardio on an empty stomach article you posted. When I need to lean out my trainer has me do this and it works, though I have one question that wasn't addressed in the article. What is recommended for time (30, 45, 60 mins)? What is considered too much? For example I was doing level 7 to 9 on the Stairmaster for 60min. After a while I really saw the last of my abdominal fat melt away, though at times my muscles looked flat. I disagree with my trainer and think 60min is too long. So what do you recommend for time on a doing cardio on an empty stomach before it starts to eat away at muscle?
21 September 2011

Tyler - I suggest starting off with 30min for the first few weeks and see how your body reacts.  Your muscles could be feeling and looking flatter from not enough food.  Slowly build your time up on the cardio and that will lower your risk of any muscle loss.  I also suggest taking aminos before hopping on there to ensure no muscle will be lost.

hey ty. i am 6'4" and slim. i would like to bulk up so i have a body that is just a bit thicker than a beach body but not like a bodybuilders body. an example of the kind of body i want is someone like jared padalecki or alexander Skarsgård. What kind of split, excercises, number of reps and sets, and types of lifts would i need in order to reach this goal. i also have a fast metabolism.
19 September 2011

Tyler - Even though you don't want to look like a bodybuilder I suggest you still follow a basic bodybuidling routine.  There is several different ways you can make your split.  Take digital pictures of yourself and study them and look at what you need to improve on the most.  Put those muscle groups at the start of the week then the ones that are your strong points at the end.  Take at least 2 days off during the week to ensure proper rest and recovery. 8-12 rep range on everything.  As far as types of lifts. Definitely stick to basic heavy free weight movements for your bread and butter.

hy Tyler ! in your post of nov 19 2010, you said to use Retin A cream for skincare ! are you still using it ? have you see a very good changement of your skin aspect since that time ? thanks
19 September 2011

Tyler - I still do use retin a cream.  With the amount of sweating I do it keeps me from breaking out for sure and also has given my skin a fresher look if that makes any since.

hello tyler... I'm a new follower..lol.. well I honestly want to be where you are at "fitness level". any advice? tips? and I will email you, so I hope you get to read it.
18 September 2011

Tyler - thanks for following! check out my youtube.com/tylermcpeak channel along with any of my old workout logs and nutrition logs.  That will be a good start for you to make progress! also I offer online training if your interested contact me [email protected]

Do cheat meals do more damage based solely on their calorie count? For instance what is worse: a large pizza or a meat buffett rich in protein, high in fat and calories? With the pizza its less calls, and meat has more, but at least with the meat you are getting a ton of protein? Which would you choose? Thanks
17 September 2011

Tyler - What I have came to learn is that a cheat meal should simply substitute only one meal.  The portions should still be close to the same as you normally eat.  One appetizer (shared), one entree and one desert (shared).  Cheat meals should not be an all out binge not unless you want to add unwanted bodyfat.  I've also learned that it's better to cheat on something that still has good nutritional value, burgers, pasta and red sauce, sushi.

Hey Tyler, I have been working out regularly for the pas 4 or 5 years and now trying to shift over to a more toned look instead of pure mass. I was wondering if you had some suggestions on quick workouts and quick meals that are good for maintaining my size while toning. I work full time and I go to grad school full time as well, so my schedule sometimes does not lend itself to convenience
16 September 2011

Tyler - Check out my workouts in November 2010-January 2011.  All of those workouts are superset and drop set based.  Great for leaning down burning fat while still holding on to what muscle you have.

Hey bud. Been following your site for awhile now. Really digging to value you briing to people by taking the time to answer questions and give a good look into the whole BB world. Gotta ask, what do you eat when you're out with buddies, late night and hit up a dennys, or late night eating? Salad? I notice alot of the food out there is so filled with fats, sugars and high sodium levels, it's so hard to get clean food. Thoughts? Thanks again.
15 September 2011

Tyler - In the past I was terrible when it came to the late night eating.  I would get drunk just as all of my friends and we would end up at a 24hr diner spot and I would feast on whatever the hell I wanted.  That was doing nothing but slowing my progress down.  If your goal is to stay lean and continue burning fat stay away from the late night eating all together.


Questions – 9/14/2011

photo66 225x300 Questions 9/14/2011

EVP sounds great! Glycoject also sounds good seeing as how there is karbolyn in it as well as other goodies. Im not quite sure i see the use for Cell KEM though... care to clarify?
14 September 2011

Tyler - Check out the supplement profile I just posted about Cell K.E.M. it's definitely keeping my muscles fuller

How do people who eat a lot still stay ripped? I always thought that to be ripped u needed a calorie deficit.
14 September 2011

Tyler - It all depends on your metabolism.  If you have a very fast metabolism then you will be able to eat a lot more than someone who has a sluggish one.  To stay ripped all the time though you have to have a clean and healthy nutrition plan.

Tyler, how is EVP as a pre workout stimulant? I understand it's great NO precursor, but does "wake you up" like say, superpump? Also, are you taking gkycoject before and after, or only after? Thanks
13 September 2011

Tyler - So far I love EVP!  It gets me focused and I'm getting extreme painful pumps.  It doesn't have any stimulants in it so the good thing about that is there is no crash afterwards.  If you like the tweaked out feeling that stimulants give you then this wouldn't be the route to take.  I would consider myself a stimulant junkie for years I've always used stims pre workout  to put some pep in my step but I have to say so far I feel like I don't need it and I'm getting better workouts than ever.  As for the glycoject I'm taking it pre and post workout

What do you think the main difference is in your new workouts vs. old? For the people that were following your workouts before, do you reccomend we still follow your old routines? thnx
12 September 2011

Tyler - I'm paying more attention to gaining strength right now.  Trying to improve weekly.  Before I would do several drop sets,supersets,giant sets all the time which is a great workout but right now Hany wants my physique to fill out a bit before my upcoming shoots.  I definitely recommend still using my old workouts as a guide but if your trying to gain strength and build mass faster I suggest doing straight sets and not doing drop sets for a little while.

What kind of carbohydrates need use with the post workout shake if i want lose fat???
12 September 2011

Tyler - I'm currently using glycoject by evogen nutrition.

Tyler- Why do you train chest with biceps, or back with triceps? A lot of other people train complementary muscles like chest with tri's etc. I was trying to find a good answer online but cant seem to. As always thanks for your responses, and good luck with your new training regimen!
12 September 2011

Tyler - That was my old split but I used that for years.  It all boils down to personal preference.  I prefer to do biceps with chest so I can hit a fresh muscle group afterward. Triceps get taxed through your whole chest workout so by the time you get to them on a chest day you wouldn't be able to hit them as hard as you would on back day.

Hy Tyler ! Following you on new supplements, I ordered the Evogen one you're trying just now !! Are you following the proconised use written on the box, or Hani did a special scedule for you ? thanks a lot again !
12 September 2011

Tyler -That's great let me know how you like them! I am following the supplements as directed on the bottle. 

11 September 2011

Tyler - Try different techniques with arm training such as partials and negatives.  Also make sure your not trying to use too much weight that your not getting a strong contraction at the top of each movement.  To hit the peak the best exercise I've found that works would be concentration curls.  Start your bicep workout with these every time and alternate week to week by doing them standing (arnold style) or seated on a bench using your inner leg as the support.


Questions – 9/11/2011

zink1 300x198 Questions 9/11/2011

Zink Magazine Editorial - NYC 2009 Winter

Hey tyler, I've been looking into the Dorian Yates "Blood and Guts" workout to mix things up a bit however there is a strong emphasis on intensity over the typical bodybuilding volume approach (3 to 4 sets of 8 to 12 reps). Was wondering what your opinions were on that type of approach if my ultimate goal is a pyshique similar to ours. Thanks!
11 September 2011

Tyler - I suggest giving it a try.  I've tried this style of training along with "dog crapp" training which are similar.  I personally didn't like it.  I like to fill the muscle with the maximum amount of blood and it's hard to do that when your just going balls to the wall for 1 sets after doing 1-2 "feel sets" or "warm ups"  I've found for me that volume and pumping the muscle works best. But like I said give it a try for a month and see how your body responds and how you like it.

Hey Tyler, I know the importance of taking protein shakes and supplements on workout days, but do you do anything different on rest days, as far as what you should still take and when you should take it?
11 September 2011

Tyler - Right now out of the new supplements I'm using  (evogen - evp,cell kem, glycoject) the only one I take of my off days (wednesdays & sundays) is the cell k.e.m.

Hi Tyler, I found out about you on simply shreddes top 20 physics. First thing is thank you for the website, all the food/training tips are all great. I am struggling to stick to my diet. how do you do it and keep motivated? Also really interested in your modeling side. How do you keep the right shape for modeling with out getting to big? Thanks
11 September 2011

Michael - Your welcome! thanks for checking my site out! The diet/nutrition plan is the hardest part.  As you may have read I've had my fare share of battles with food.  One thing that might help you is to make yourself a plan. Type it out and place it on the fridge.  Have your meals always planed and prepared so you will know exactly what you will be eating at around the same times every day.  Allow yourself a cheat meal every week of something that you enjoy but don't overdo it.  I suggest having it as your last meal at the end of the week so you can have it be done with it and be ready to get right back to your plan the next day.  My motivation comes from wanting to always be better and never being content.  I have NO interest in doing fashion modeling anymore my full focus in the modeling side of things is FITNESS.

hey ty. my biceps are not very thick and they are short (there is a space between my bicep and elbow when my arm is extended. What can i do to help thicken and lengthen my biceps while following your routine? Any tips?
11 September 2011

Tyler - Do DB Hammer curls every week (to thicken your arms).  As for the length make sure your always doing a full range of motion.  Never go down to wear your elbow is locked out though.  Always go down to just a slight bend where the bicep is fully stretched then go back up to the contraction.  Another option you can try is training arms twice a week.  I've trained arms up to 3 times a week before

how about oatmeal right after a workout at night along with a chicken caesar salad? i read no carbs at night, but is this true?
10 September 2011

Tyler - If losing fat is your main goal I'd stay away from the high cal/fat/sugar dressings.  If your workout is at night and your post workout meal is oats and a chicken salad that is fine.  If your workout is during the day then yes no carbs at night

When is the best time to cheat? Right after the workout?
10 September 2011

Tyler - I suggest having your cheat meal as your last meal of the night so you won't have the urge to continue cheating and make it a cheat day rather than just one meal.  If can control that urge then directly after a workout would be a good time to cheat.

Kristopher Shook
I see you are taking new supps. Are you going to stay with any of the old supps you were previously taking besides Whey? Would you recommend ZMA and HMB while taking your new supp plan?
9 September 2011

Tyler - Nope just going to be using the new ones.  I've taken ZMA in the past and I felt it helped with getting deep sleep.  I've never tried HMB before.  I've read articles on it and was going to try it out until I seen the price tag.

Tyler I'm having trouble gaining muscle on my chest, I had exams for two and started back on Monday trying to gain some muscle but my chest is so flat any recommendations? I tried lifting heavy on it or using squeeze movement exercise but no luck, I also started using Creatine monohydrate to help with my gains
9 September 2011

Tyler - I would stick with the heavy basics for 8-12 reps.  Always start your workout with 2 presses. Week to week switch it up from starting off with incline or flat.  Also keep it switched up as to using a db and a barbell.  After your get done with your heavy presses move onto a stretching movement such as db flys and finish off with pec dec.  On the stretching exercises you still want to be using a decent amount of weight but don't lose focus on the stretch and contraction of the chest. 

Ty, I was wondering, in your video it seems that you are always training to failure on each set. true? also seems to be no rest between sets what so ever. is that your recommendation?

Tyler - I do take every working set to failure.  I rest in between straight 45 seconds to 1 minute except on legs I rest as long as I need in for squats and leg press.  When doing supersets or tri-sets or giant-sets there is no rest in between each exercise until the whole set is complete.


Questions – 9/8/2011

tyler davin00 226x300 Questions 9/8/2011

Rick Day - 2008 Summer NYC

Hello Ty ! Thanks for all ! your site 's amazing and you become to me a model of life ! how many time you spend daily at the gym for workout ? i'm trying to follow your workout program (weights + cardios) and it's difficult to me to spend less than 2h to do everything ! In that your timing too ? watching your videos you seem not to take very few time between reps! thanks a lot
8 September 2011

Tyler - if your spending 2 hours in the gym in one session that is way to long to be in there.  shorten your rest periods in between your sets and avoid conversation etc.  all of your weight training shouldn't take any longer then 45 minutes to 1 hour max. as for cardio it depends on what your goals are and where your bodyfat is currently but if the only time you can do cardio is after your weight training start off with 15-20 minutes for the first couple of weeks and see how your body responds.

Hi Tyler, first off thanks for the amazing website that serves as a source of motivation, knowledge and determination for me and many, many others. I was just wondering if you had any advice on working out without a pre-workout supplement and not losing any progress. I have been using stimulants like Jack3d and No-Xplode for about 3 months and I decided to stay off them for a couple of weeks and my workouts so far have been much less productive. I know you have just took time off supplements so I was wondering if you had any tips for getting ready and pushing out the extra reps without supplements?
7 September 2011

Tyler - I think your doing your body a huge favor by giving the stimulants a break.  Stimulants exhaust your adrenal glands which can cause Adrenal Fatigue.  Adrenal Fatigue can lead to muscle loss and catabolism of skeletal muscle.  Strength and or endurance loss from adrenal fatigue wouldn't allow you to train at your best.  Over training is a great sign of adrenal fatigue symptoms include the sensation of being "burned out",lack of sex drive, impaired attention, depression or anxiety, and insomnia.  All of that being said it sounds like a mental game for you right now.  I would take a few days off (or even up to a week if needed)  let your body rest and you'll be wanting to get back in there and tear it up without having to use a stimulant.  Also another suggestion would be to up your carb intake pre workout and that will help give you more energy.

tyler...any advice on approaching photographers. i would like to try modeling and cannot figure out how to find the reputable ones.
7 September 2011

Tyler - there is a couple of ways you can go about it.  first would be to seek them out yourself. find which magazines you would like to work with and get the contact information from there and I would try to contact them on facebook as well.  second would be to get with an agency and they will set you up with all the shoots you need to build your portfolio.

Hi Ty ! during the last modifications of your training program, you decided to stop supplements for some weeks excepted proteins of course ( it was in August, I think! ) ! do you decide to reschedule supplements with the Hani's program and if it is, what is your new routine ? thanks a lot for advises ! you're the best !
7 September 2011

Tyler - I will be taking Hany's supplement company's stack.  evogennutrition.com - I'll be taking E.V.P.,Cell K.E.M. and Glycoject.  I'll let everyone know how it is once I start to use it.  It should be coming in the mail today.

Hello Tyler ! happy to know the last training program you schedulded before the Hani’s adventure was the good one ! In this program when you say wendesday and Sunday are days OFF, does that mean you don’t do any workout at all ? neither wheigh nor cardio one ? Or do you do some cardio session however ! thanks for advise and I wish the best for your new training process !
7 September 2011

Tyler - This week I did 1 cardio session on Wednesday and no weights.  Sundays are a full day off of nothing but REST.

Hey, what are your thoughts on the P90X program and its effectiveness for gaining lean muscle?
7 September 2011

Tyler - I've never tried the P90X program out.  I think if your trying to lean down and not get any bigger and have a athletic look this would be a good program.  It's very high intensity.  If your main goal is to build lean mass and add muscle then I suggest sticking with a bodybuilding style routine.

it could be psychological, but do you ever notice that you look more ripped in the mirror than when you just look at your body?

Tyler - It's most likely the difference in lighting.  Start taking weekly or every other week digital progress pictures in the same lighting and same spot at your house so you can monitor your progress.


Questions – 9/6/2011

21 Questions 9/6/2011

Rick Day - Summer 2008 NYC

if i need lose 5/6 % bodyfat, you think that i can do hiit, 15 minutes 5 days a week? can you give me an example of how it is do correctly??? thank ty!
6 September 2011

Tyler - you can do all the cardio you want but if you don't eat clean you wont drop that body fat.  so to answer your question and i'm assuming that your diet is clean yes you can lose body fat doing that but your going to have to experiment and see if that amount will work for YOUR body.  a couple of examples would be stepmill 3 minutes of step rate around 100 followed by 2 minutes of 50-60 step rate. or you can go minute for minute.  Also you can keep things switched up and run 1 mile on a treadmill for speed then do the remainder of your cardio time jumping rope.  there are lots of different ways to do high intensity cardio. i suggest keep it switched up so you won't get bored and it'll keep your body guessing and you will reach your body fat goals.

could u please give some perspective on online training and nutritional consultations? how can it be as effective as in person training and consultation? i noticed you offer it and I am assuming your new program you're starting with Hany is online/phone as well
6 September 2011

Tyler - first off i want to say that you have to already have the drive and determination to reach your goals before signing up for online training.  the reason that it's just as effective is that everything is mapped out for you. there is no guess work for you.  all you have to do is follow instructions .  like i said you have to already have the drive.  how my program works is that based on your current body fat,weight, and goal is how i would design a nutrition plan for you. as for the training that would depend on your goal as well.  i feel it's easier to follow a nutrition plan and exercise plan when it's mapped out for you and your doing something on a specific day etc.

Hello Ty ! thanks a lot for your site ! What is the method you use to estimate your body fat level ? Impedance ? anthropometric ? Skinfold ? heigh and circonference ? other ? I’d like to use the same one to follow my progresses ! thanks for help !
5 September 2011

Tyler - I do not get my body fat taken. I havn't had a skinfold test done since 2007.  I monitor my progress by taking pictures, and looking myself in the mirror.

Hey Tyler, just wanted to say thanks for the time and dedication to make this awesome website! You put a lot of time here answering are questions and i'm sure i'm not the only one that is thankful! Keep up the good work! You have always been an inspiraton to me and my buds since we saw your photos! Thanks again
5 September 2011

Tyler - thanks Mike!

Tyler, what's you opinion on using a weight belt? Do you only use it for heavy squats and deadlifts? It not when do you use one? Also what brand/kind of belt do you wear?
4 September 2011

Tyler - I wear a belt on everything that I do.  I feel like it keeps my waist small and tight and keeps me conscious of keeping my abs tight when doing exercises. I have a hardbinger belt but looking into getting a sheik soon.

Hi, I work out at home..I have all the needed equipment except a workout bech with a backrest..can i still workout the shoulders without a back rest.? Thanks man..
4 September 2011

Tyler - of coarse you can! the first year i worked out in my parents basement with very basic equipment.  you can do standing overhead press for shoulders, standing or seated lateral raise, db front raises, barbell front raises, upright rows. bent over db laterals for rear delts. also you can do the shoulder presses seated too you just won't be able to go as heavy but it will build core strength.

Hey Tyler, I'm wondering, how long can you not workout and maintain body mass (of course not making any gains) but while eating pretty healthy still, any ideas?
4 September 2011

Tyler -  I really don't know. I'm sure it's different for everyone.  The good thing is muscle has memory and it will respond quickly.  I suggest not taking any longer then a week off from working out though.

Tyler, When trying to build lean muscle Is it essential to take a BCAA product around your training sessions? And when is the best time to take it (before/after/during)? Other then that, thanks for all of your training/slash nutrition advice it is all really helpful!
4 September 2011

Tyler - It is essential if your trying to build lean mass.  I've taken BCAA's between my meals, pre workout, during workout, and post workout.


Questions – 9/4/2011

tylermichele2 Questions 9/4/2011

Michele Levesque and I after competing at the 2008 Universe Weekend in Miami,FL

Can I still get six pack abs if I over drink once a week or so in the club?
4 September 2011

Tyler -  I know a lot of people will most likely disagree with this but yes you still can.  I'm not promoting to do so but anyone that has followed my site knows that I like to party on the weekends.  However I DO NOT think you can reach your physiques full potential by drinking on the weekends.  Just make sure not to do the late night eating that happens a lot of the times over drinking comes into play and make sure your up the next day getting a good workout in.

Ty, hiit, how many times you think is appropriate after workouts? 20 min? more?
4 September 2011

Tyler - It depends on where your body fat is and how your body responds to it.  Experiment with it but if you have a lot to lose 20 minutes minimum 4-5 days a week.  If you have a fast metabolism and only have a little bit of fat to get off I would start off with 10-15 minutes 4-5 days a week.

What is ur opinion on intermittent fasting? It did not seem to work well for me as I tried it yesterday, but my body is not used to it. I could literally not lift a single weight and felt tired. Had to stop after 20 minutes. But I know people who say it works. Maybe if I used a stimulant like Jack3d I would have had more energy to work without food.
3 September 2011

Tyler - my opinion on fasting is that it's bullshit.  If your goal is to BUILD your physique you cannot do that by fasting for hours and not feeding the body then having very large meals .  I tried warriors diet and lean gains and it did not work for me at all.  my workouts were horrible because i had no energy and my physique was not progressing.  I suggest stick with 6 meals a day.  As far as Jack3d..I'm not a fan of that either..I love stimulants but every day after I took that I would crash badly and have to nap.

Do I need to lose weight to get a six pack? Can I maintain my muscle and still lose fat around my abs? I am 70KG and about 5 foot 7. I don't want to drop below 70KG particularly. Thank you
3 September 2011

Tyler - In order to see your abs your going to have to drop body fat which most likely means you will lose a little bit of weight.  If you do it correctly and be patient you won't have to worry about losing muscle mass.  As long as you weight train hard and correctly and eating the proper nutrition plan you will be fine.

tyler, what kind of diet you had when you take your first photos, like in the new that you posted??? 2008/2009?
2 September 2011

Tyler - I remember that my diet for the Rick Day pictures in 2008 summer was something like this

  1. as soon as i woke up 50g whey shake, 1 banana
  2. 30 minutes after - chicken,1/2 cup oats (ate dry w/ splenda mixed in)
  3. pack of tuna fish or chicken, 1/2 cup oats (ate dry w/ splenda)
  4. same as 4
  5. workout
  6. 50g whey shake, (gatorade or waxy maize)
  7. chicken,steak,tuna fish, and veggies

For the David Vance picture in miami in the summer of 2008 my girlfriend at the time Michele Levesque did my diet for me and got me ready for Universe Weekend where I placed 9th out of 100 guys.  I really can't remember my exact diet but it was chicken,boiled egg whites,asparagus, oats, sweet potatoes, all very similar foods that I've always had.

when are those pics from june going to be available?
2 September 2011

Tyler - Paul Reitz just texted me the other day and told me he had just gotten back from Paris and was going to work on more pictures.  I've posted a couple of the ones that I've gotten back so far. 

Hi Ty, it's great for you to follow the Hani's programm ! a new adventuree and and a new steop of your achievement. On your bodyspace links, your body stats wern't updated since Nov, 2010 ! would you please give us your updated figures in order to follow yours evolution during your new training and diet program ?? Is your ulitmate goal still 4% bodyfat ? thanks a lot ! you're the BEST
2 September 2011

Tyler -  I will make a post of this with current digitals and all of my updated stats.  My goal is to still reach 3.5-4% bodyfat for my upcoming shoots.

hey ty. since you wont be posting your workout routines that i follow, where would be a good spot to start from to get the same results you have?

Tyler - Try out any of my workouts that are on this site as they all have contributed to creating the physique I have.  If your going for more of a thinner/athletic lean look I would try a lot of my workouts I was doing in November and December 2010.  If your trying to build more lean mass while still keeping your body fat low I would try more of my recent post for the past couple of months.