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Chest/Bicep Workout Video!

prof Chest/Bicep Workout Video!Sunday Funday! Today's chest workout targetted the upper pecs right from the start with three different movements. The 100lb db's felt smooth like butter on the incline presses. As you can see with the incline barbell movement this was done with light weight slow on the negative pausing at the bottom feeling my upper chest stretching then squeezing the chest on the way up. After the 3 upper pec movements I moved onto 3 mid to lower pec movements. I started incorporating db pullovers again in my chest workouts last week because I'm wanting to improve that lower pec/ serratus area. All exercises today was 3-4 sets with rep ranges 8-15 resting 60-90 seconds between sets.

Preworkout - 3 scoops of Adrenol8
Directly postworkout - 8 Performance BCAA caps
about 20 minutes after - 2 scoops Pure Whey (Chocolate Brownie)

Champion Performance ‪#‎riseabove‬

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Arm Day with Brook Arritt

One of my best friends Brook Arritt came down to Nashville last week to look for places to live since he got accepted into Lipscomb University for graduate school. It was a hell of a week worth of workouts! This workout we supersetted a bicep exercise with a tricep exercise back in forth. Reps were anywhere form 12-30. We will be doing a lot more training, nutrition and random bullshit videos once he moves down here. Stay tuned and in the meantime subscribe to my channel!


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My Story

For anyone wanting to get to know me more and hear my story here it is. This is the second installment of my video series and I explain why and how I got started weight training, personal training, the modeling industry, my battle with an eating disorder and more!

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Bicep Curl 21′s

photo1512 Bicep Curl 21sWant to get a quick pump in your biceps? Give this a try! This is one of my favorite bicep exercises that doesn't take much weight at all and it fills your arms up with blood quick! After chest today I did 4 rounds of this!


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April 26 VLOG

photo1412 April 26 VLOG

215lb April 26 2013

APRIL 26 VLOG - I give some news on what I have upcoming along with what I eat, supplement with preworkout and a little clip from today's workout!


More Videos!

Crunchy Chocolate Pure Whey Puddin'

Upright Rows done as a triple set

Deadlifts - 495lb for 4 reps!

Tricep Cable Pressdowns is an exercise I see done incorrectly often. I explain and demo proper form and execution.

Triple dropset on SQUATS!

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McPeak Fitness Video Series BACK Workout

This is the first training video of my new series. I take you through one of my back workouts and explain how to properly execute each exercise. Make sure to subscribe for more updates and videos coming soon!

Filmed and Edited by Cody Kern


VLOG #1 Post Workout Nutrition

videos9 300x12013354 VLOG #1 Post Workout NutritionTake advantage of the anabolic window directly after your workouts to ensure you are feeding your muscles the proper nutrients to cause GROWTH!

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Shoulder Warm Up for Injury Prevention

videos9 300x12013353 Shoulder Warm Up for Injury PreventionMake sure to to take the time to properly warm up your shoulders before EVERY upper body workout!

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Rest Pause Technique!

videos9 300x12013352 Rest Pause Technique!Here is another intensity technique that I like to incorporate into my workouts. Rest Pause technique is a great way to take your muscles to failure! Give them a try!

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