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10/27/2011 - Nashville

If you have been following my blog then you'll know that the plan still is filling out (bulking)  for the next three weeks while still improving condition slowly.  I'm currently weighing 222lb on an empty stomach and around 228 in the afternoon/night.  I have not weighed this much since 2006 and back then my body fat was  A LOT higher than it is now at this weight.  My condition is still improving weekly as I see new lines and veins coming out more.   This time last year my focus was on being lean with a possibility of "fashion" modeling still in mind.  I was doing a lot of high intensity work.  Lots of boxing,sprinting, almost all of my weight training workouts were super sets and giant sets and high reps.  I was weighing around 200lb.  A year later I'm doing what I've always had in my heart to do with no one telling me how I should look (agencies).  My body feels great right now and I know that my frame is meant to carry a lot more muscle then walking around at 200lb year round.  Everyone have a fun and safe Halloween...I'll be dressed up as myself this year most likely in gym clothes lounging around the house.

Hard work ALWAYS pays off.

228 224x300 228!

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