Tyler McPeak

26 Days Out

Never again will I add a bunch of unnecessary body fat!  It's so easy to put on and yet extremely difficult to get off.  Once I strip down all the fat 2 cardio sessions a day will no longer be necessary and I'm hoping that I'll be able to just do a few sessions a week.  This is crunch time for me and everyday counts.  What I want each and everyone of you do to is make each day count!  Whatever your goal might be take each and every day and use your time wisely in order to make progress toward that goal.  At the end of the day take a few minutes and review your workouts in your head and figure out ways to improve.  I know some people might get overwhelmed by the amount of hard work and dedicationstandard1 225x300 26 Days Out it takes but if you take it day by day and focus just on that day then it makes things easier to process in your mind.  After all is is a mind game.  Your mind is going to fight you and tell you that you can't do something or that your too tired but in all reality your body will be able to push through and you will be thanking yourself in the long run.  That being said though and I've said this in previous posts that there is a clear line between being lazy and listening to your body when it needs a break.  Be smart and give your body adequate rest days so you won't burn yourself out. With summer just around the corner here in the states I know a lot of people are going to be getting beach ready etc. but they do everything wrong and it back fires on them and they end up right where they were when they started their process.  A big screw up that I've done in the past while trying to get in top shape was not eating enough and starving myself.  That only leads to wanting to eat enough food to feed a family.  Not good! and if you get into the habit of eating less during the week and feasting on the weekend you will never progress that way either.  Stay balanced and train your ass off and enjoy the many benefits of being in shape!

My new website is being built this week!  I'll know more details today!

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