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8 Weeks Out!

sept19 8 Weeks Out!


Damn that seems like such a long time away but the weeks are actually going by pretty fast for me now.  It's either the older I'm getting time is going faster or the fact that I've been very busy lately which I LOVE.  This week my workouts have been INSANE! Compared to last week it's a totally different story.  If your interested in following my exact workouts leading up to my shoots I've been posting them daily in the members section blog.  I'm never doing the same workout twice.  It will be 8 weeks worth of different workouts.  I changed up my split a bit to from what it was in Phase 1 and Phase 2.  I also start my "cutting" process in about 1-2 weeks and you can follow my diet on my members section as well.  It's strange but I'm actually excited about getting started even though I know my cals will drop and I'll most likely be feeling like a walking zombie at times.  I've been able to maintain 5% body fat this whole time so I can't wait to take myself to a whole new level of condition and look freaky!  Going on my third week of no cheat meals and it feels good.  No cravings whatsoever and I've never been this focused.  5 or so weeks down the road my attitude my be totally different lol...cranky, dick head, etc etc hah...I doubt it though..mentally I'm in such a different place now and I havn't felt this good about EVERYTHING in  a LONG time!  Everyone keep at it! HARD WORK PAYS OFF IN MORE WAYS THAN ONE!

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