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TMT The Blueprints is all finished up and will be coming out in a few days!! 43 different workouts are included in this book!  It has a beginners, intermediate, and advanced program!

After taking some time off from being robotic with my nutrition and cardio through the months of November (after my shoot) and December I officially started back on a meal plan this past Sunday.  I also took 4 weeks off from any type of stimulant based supplement and the only things that I continued to use was some aminos, vitamins, and whey.  My weight for my shoot on November 7th was 202lb and for the past couple weeks I was steadily holding onto 225lb on an empty stomach.  By the end of the night I was weighing 230lb.  I could easily get heavier if I wanted to and get caught up on the number the scale says (as I did in my novice years) but I would start to look sloppy and that is not a look I'm going for.  Too bad everything we ate didn't turn into muscle because I have a ridiculous appetite and the more muscle I've put on the hungrier I seem to be.  So right now after only being back on a nutrition plan for 3 full days my weight has dropped down to 219lb.  This first initial quick drop in weight is a bunch of water.  I tend to hold onto water like a camel and day by day my condition will harden back up.  I started cardio back up last week and did 4 days of 20 minute low intensity post weight training stepmill.  This week I've done 3 days of 30 minutes empty stomach AM cardio on the stepmill and will do 2 more.  Depending how my body responds to everything will depend on what I'm going to do with my nutrition and cardio regimen.  Right now I'm doing 7 meals and that will stay the same.  My goal is to eventually reach that same or better condition I had for my shoot but be heavier (more muscle) once I compete.  So far I'm leaning towards doing the Derby Show in Louisville at the end of April as my first physique competition.

jan6chest2013 Back at it!Member Section Updates:

  • New Chest Training Video added Sunday
  • Food Prep Video added today
  • Meal Plan Update


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