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Gotta keep at it gotta stay focused

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Nothing much different is going on right now and I apologize for not posting much lately.  Since the Wednesday before Thanksgiving I havn’t taken a full day off from training until Friday.  I spoke with Hany on Thursday and he let me have Friday off.  It was a slow day for training my clients so I did a lot of laying around and playing MW3.  I got my ranking up to 41 on online multiplayer and I can’t wait for the new maps to be released soon because there are some that  I just don’t care to play.  Training has been going great even though some mornings I just don’t feel like doing my cardio I suck it up and tell myself that the hard work will pay off.  On that Wednesday before Thanksgiving I weighed 217lb on an empty stomach and 3 weeks later I weigh 212lb and still have not lost any strength.  My energy definitely fluctuates on a daily basis.  Some days I feel great and don’t need to take any naps and others I feel like shit and take naps between clients and workouts.  I’ve been watching a lot of bodybuilding dvds before I hit the gym to get me hyped up to attack the iron.  I preordered the new Phil Heath – Becoming Number 13 and Hany Rambod’s – FST-7 Refined.   I suggest having some visual motivation before workouts it’ll get your mind in the right place that it needs to be and that is on YOUR workout rather than having your mind on other things that might be going on in your life.  Block it out for your workout and have tunnel vision.


I made a posting last week that there will be some new videos coming soon.  I’m waiting until after next week since I’ll be getting a new HD camera for Xmas.  Next videos will be crystal clear quality and I’ll start knocking them out again.  I’m looking forward to putting videos out again to help everyone out.

This upcoming Friday I’ll be leaving for VA!   I can’t wait to see my family and friends again!  I’ll be training with natural bodybuilder MM Pro Matt Liller on Friday and Ben Bowles and Brook Arrit once again for the remainder of my trip.

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Some quick tips since we are in the holiday season and with that means lots of food and cocktails for the majority of people.  When you are at parties stick with finger foods that are healthy choices. Raw veges,shrimp,nuts are all perfect choices.  Drink choices should be a clear liquor mixed with diet soda if you plan on having several or if you are a light drinker a glass or two of wine will be fine. Just make sure that your getting up the next day and hitting the gym.  This is not a time to get lazy. Now onto the big feast days.  Try to limit it to one day either Xmas eve or Xmas.  I will be enjoying food on Xmas only.  Just like I said about Thanksgiving have your one day and move on.  This time of year many people will put on weight because they continue to make poor choices day after day.  This happened to me around this time last year because I had went to NYC first weekend of December in good shape and after Xmas and new years I let myself get out out of shape from over indulging in food and drinks.  Don’t let this happen to you!  Most importantly make sure you hit the gym hard after Xmas and enjoy the benefits of all the carbohyrates,fat,sugars and get a ridiculous pump….because I know I will be icon smile Gotta keep at it gotta stay focused

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