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Rick Day - NYC 2008

I am extremely excited to announce that I'll be training with the top guru Hany Rambod!  For the past couple of months I had been contemplating whether or not to hire someone.  It has been a dream of mine to receive the guidance from Hany.  I had contacted him about three years ago but at the time I could not afford him.  The reasons for me wanting guidance is that for one I'll be the first to state the obvious that I've never been able to reach my full potential on my own.  My best condition to date was when I went to NYC the first weekend of December in 2010.  I liked my body fat that I achieved however I looked thin and my muscles were flat and stringy.  Every time when I prepare for something I'm always questioning whether or not I'm eating correctly or doing the correct amount of weight training and cardio.  Also another one of my downfalls is the final week of the shoots to peak my condition the day of.  Words can't describe how excited I am right now.  I contacted Hany on Sunday was filling out my paperwork by Tuesday and I'll be speaking with him on Friday to get started on my program.  So for the next four months I will not be posting my daily diet or daily workout logs.  This is out of respect for Hany and I hope you guys that follow my site will understand.  I will still be doing daily updates along with videos and answering everyone's questions along with my progress as I take myself to a whole new level.  I'm fully dedicating myself to this program and will be giving it 100 percent which means no more partying and bullshitting around.

*The program changes that I just posted a few days ago will NOT be what I'll be doing.  That is the split I did follow this week however I did not do the high intensity cardio because I'm waiting to see what Hany will have me doing.*

Hany's websites - fst-7.com

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Hany Rambod

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