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First off I want to say Happy 4th of July everyone.  I hope that everyone is enjoying themselves and living life to the fullest! Quick tip if your going to drink make sure to stick with a zero calorie beverage.  Clear liquors w/diet soda or other zero calorie mixers are a good choice.  One thing that has held me up in the past is drinking then late night eating.

sidetrijuly3 259x300 HAPPY JULY 4TH!!

July/3/2011 - Nashville,TN

Just remember that late night drunken junk food eating will lead to FAT GAIN and slow your progress as it has done to me.  Also a couple pointers about my nutrition plan.  I weigh my red meats before cooking.  So it is 6oz uncooked.  My chicken and turkey are weighed cooked. Tonight my drink of choice is Ciroc Vodka with Diet Coke & Lime.  We are all headed to a block party here in East Nashville.  Everyone have a great and safe July 4th weekend!!  NEVER GIVE UP FOR WHAT YOU STRIVE FOR!

Here is a picture I took today.  Getting closer to where I want to be.  Still have some more fat to drop.

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  1. Happy 4th! True about the drinking/late night munching! Can’t see where you need to drop any weight, but it’s your call of course! Take care!

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