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If it’s not BROKE don’t FIX it…

December1 300x140 If its not BROKE dont FIX it...

December 1 2010

At the beginning of January if you followed my website you would see that I started experimenting with a lot of different varieties of foods and nutrition plans.  I even convinced myself that fasting was the best thing since sliced bread.  Through all of my experimentation, about a week ago I made the decision to go back to what I KNOW works best for my body and what has given me the best results.  After going back on my website and looking at my old progress pictures from right before I left for NYC to shoot in the first week of December, it was very clear to me that all the other bullshit that I'd been trying was not working.  I'm a firm believer in experimenting and trying new methods as long as you're documenting your progress with pictures and writing stuff down so at times like this you can go back and realize where you were and what you did to get there.  In a nut shell, I know I said I was tired of measuring out everything and the smaller meals led to more cravings but I've learned that I never was taking in the correct amount of nutrients.  Deprivation is what leads me to the cravings and feeling like shit.  Now I'm not knocking down Lean Gains because I still think it's a great approach but I built my physique over the past 7 years with basic bodybuilding nutrition.  That's why I say if it's not broke don't fix it!

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