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Members Blog Update 10/3

6 weeks out abs 10/2/2012
oct2ab Members Blog Update 10/3

6 weeks out abs 10/2/2012

In my members blog I have been posting my daily workouts.  Tonight I just added my cutting diet that I just started today to prepare me for my upcoming shoots in November.  Currently I'm 6 weeks out and I'm very anxious to shoot!  It's not going to be an easy 6 weeks by any means but all of the sacrifice will be well worth the end result.  I'm treating this as if I'm getting ready for a bodybuilding show so I plan to look FREAKY.  I am determined to be a walking anatomy chart.  I've NEVER been able to take myself to that level of conditioning and I can't wait to see what I'll look like with perfect lighting and some photo shop icon wink Members Blog Update 10/3   Every rep of every set of every workout counts!  Even though you might not be "getting ready" for anything you still want to keep that in mind to maximize your possible results.  Every time you step in the gym hit the weights aggressive with the hunger for more!

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