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Screenshot from an upcoming Arm workout with my boy Ben Bowles
armdayscreenshot5 300x168 Members Section COMING SOON!

Screenshot from an upcoming Arm workout with my boy Ben Bowles

It's now Thursday morning and I finally feel like I've caught up on rest from my VA trip.  I think the combo of going out and drinking on top of the 7.5hr road trip was a shock to my body and it's taken me longer than I thought it would to get caught up.  My metabolism is crazy fast right now and I LOVE IT!  I woke up this morning at 6am because I was starving had my meal 1 and went right back to bed until it was time for meal 2.  Last week I started to add more food and I'm acclimating my body into a maintenance phase right now.  I did my weekly assessment yesterday to keep track of everything and my body fat is still at 4.91%.  At this point I'm extremely happy with where I'm at (body fat wise) so I've decided to maintain this look for a while.  I feel healthy and my workouts have been ridiculous.  I'm pretty much ready to shoot right now and I want to keep it that way since I still do plan on doing some new shoots very soon!  There would only be a few changes that I would have to make over about a 2 week period to look dry and shredded.  Well I'm coming close to the end of my 12 week training program TMT-PHASE ONE and it has been one hell of a journey both mentally and physically.  I hope everyone is still enjoying each cycle because I sure did.  I'm in my last Cycle 2 week right now and since I started this program I've kept having constant DOMS after each and every workout.  Like I've said in past posts once you reach a certain point it's hard to get DOMS all the time but this program has allowed my muscles to consistently get sore..and that to me means growth and improvement!


I have an exciting announcement that I wanted to make! I changed my mind and have decided to do a members section here at tylermcpeak.com!  I can't say an exact date because Brian my webmaster will kick my ass lol but it will be very soon.  This time it's going to happen..no bullshit.  All of the training ebooks will still be made but I decided against doing a nutrition ebook and instead do what my original plans were and have the members section.  In my members section it will be a separate blog and you will have access to my daily diet that I'm currently doing.  I will have a section of my previous diets as well that will include my bulking diet I did with Hany Rambod and my cutting diet that I've been following up until this past week when I've switched over to a maintenance.  My food logs will include how I specifically prepare each meal to make it very tasty along with pictures. It will contain all of the same info that I planned on putting in the book. The reason I've decided not to do the nutrition book and offer the nutritional side of things this way is because my nutrition will continue to change throughout the years and I want you guys to be able to see what I'm doing continuously rather than just have one or two specific diets and instead of paying 29.95$ for a nutritional ebook you will have access to my nutrition for a very cheap monthly subscription.  Also within the members section there will be a forum where you can ask me any nutritional,supplementation, and training questions etc.  There will be a "workout of the month" where I'll post a fully detailed workout from whichever TMT-PHASE that I'll be in as well.  All of this and more will be available to you very soon!

Upcoming Youtube Videos:

  • Cycle 3 Quad Training from TMT-PHASE ONE
  • Back Training with Cris Edmonds
  • Leg Training with Cris Edmonds and Brook Arrit
  • Arm Training with Ben Bowles
  • Various Exercise Descriptions

    july14progress 300x300 Members Section COMING SOON!

    July 14 2012 - Lancerlot in Vinton,VA

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